Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


Goodnight moon

Katie and I experienced a magical moon one morning not so long ago. It wasn’t quite full, not anymore, but like a flower that’s just past it’s prime it was still beautiful.

The sun, emerging from sleep on the opposite horizon, made the clouds surrounding the waning moon glow in pinks and purples.

And then the clouds began to overtake the moon.

I watched as it silently slipped behind the curtain.

And just like that the day began and the moon slid into an early slumber.

Goodnight moon.


Moon over Michigan

This morning I was out early, thanks to Katie the Sheltie-girl, taking pictures of the moon.



Were you out in your yard looking up at the big full moon this morning too? I wondered, as I stood, feet in the damp grass and a bit of chill in the air, how many other people were out just as the sun was beginning to tip the tops of trees with golden light, all staring up at the beautiful moon shining down on us.

I was busy fiddling with the camera when I heard a flock of geese. I lifted my head just as they flew overhead and thought to myself….”Well..THAT would have been a great shot.”

Noisy moon watchers

Noisy moon watchers

Turns out I got the last couple of them, though I didn’t know it until I looked at the photos long after the sun came up. What you can’t see is that the underside of each of them was rosy with morning sun even though the moon was still hanging low in the sky.

But if you use your imagination you can see it in your heart.

Good morning moon.

Good morning moon.