Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


Happy Mother’s Day

At the grocery store this week I’ve noticed people buying flowers and cards with pink envelopes. In years past this might have made me sad, these days I’m just happy that people are celebrating moms all over.

Mom to be

Mine’s been gone many years now, but each spring I remember us tromping through the woods, digging up yellow cowslips to drag home in heavy buckets for mom.

They bloom every spring, for moms everywhere.

Last week I turned a corner on a trail through the woods and saw this…

A whole carpet of marsh marigolds made me smile.

…and immediately thought….

You can’t help but smile.

…”Hey mom, look at all the cowslips I found for you this year!”

A busy mom.

Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day to the best mom ever!


Cowslips for Mom

Happy Mother’s Day up in heaven, Mom. It’s been sixteen Mother’s Days without you now. That doesn’t seem possible, it been only moments since I got the news that began the landslide in our family.

But today let’s just remember the happy Mother’s Days, lots and lots of them, when you were here to get our homemade art projects and cards and all the flats of petunias and marigolds we brought home for you from the local nurseries.

This year I found cowslips for you just like we used to when we were young kids. You remember those golden yellow flowers that bloom right around Mother’s Day.

Glowing in the swamps we used to tromp through they were obvious gifts that we lugged home in buckets overflowing with black peat sludge that ran down our legs and into our boots.

We planted them for you along the lakeshore in the backyard. I don’t remember that any of them lived, but it was the thought that counted. Right?

Anyway, this year I found some cowslips for you but I didn’t dig them up. Didn’t even get my feet very wet. I figure it’s easier to send an image up to heaven than a bucket full of mud, roots and blooms.

I hope you enjoy the flowers, Mom. We miss you every day, but we smile, too, with all the great memories.

Sending you hugs, please share a few with Dad.

Happy Mother’s Day.