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Cee’s flower challenge

Check out Cee’s blog where she sports a beautiful sunflower and challenges us to show everyone a flower from our own yards.

Well, you’ve seen many of the flowers in my garden, but this one is interesting.

Will be bright red soon!

Will be bright red soon!

It’s a crocosmia. The foliage is green spiky leaves perhaps 3 or more feet tall which remind me of gladiola leaves. The flowers open up one by one from one end of this bud to the other. This one happens to be bright red, but I’ve seen them in other shades of red and orange. They are stunning.

It’s a perennial so it comes up year after year, and each year there are more. I’m going to have to move some of these to another spot, so if anyone who lives near would like a few for a corner of their own garden let me know! (Click the small photo to see more detail.)




WordPress Photo Challenge: Force of Nature


cropped Katie May 8 2015

Dandelions, those pretty little yellow flowers that so many people work so hard to eradicate from their golf course inspired yards, are incessant forces of nature.  Turn your back on them for one moment and they spring back to beautiful life.

And Katie-girl, a force of nature in her own stubborn, hyper, crazy, joyous way.

The combination is beautiful.

You can see all the other interpretations of forces of nature at the original post.  Or catch a few of my favorites here, here and here.  Each is a totally different take on the concept.

I love these challenges because you see wonderful things from all over the world.  Enjoy.

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