Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


A little pond adventure

Penny here!

HEY! I know Mom said I should just lay low for awhile cause you guys have seen enough of me, but HEY! I’m right here people, and I’m pretty stinking adorable, and everyone, just everyone says they want to see more, more, MORE of me.


Watching the neighbor and his dog Simon jog past our house.

OK, so maybe not everyone. But majority rules, so I’m going to tell you about my recent adventure anyway, cause I’m the majority and I do what I want. Mom and Daddy have begun to understand that about me.

But I digress.

My first visit to the neighbor’s pond.

Mom and Daddy are still being very protective of me, and decided I couldn’t go anywhere that had other dogs for two weeks after my last set of vaccinations. Geeze. All the other dogs get to go and I’m stuck here at home with a couple of old folks.

I swear, they can hardly get up off the floor after getting down there 5 or 6 times every morning to play with me.

Sometimes I think I should trade them in for newer models, but something tells me if I just wait a little bit longer (say, a week or so) there’s going to be all sorts of fun stuff to do!

My back yard is fun and stuff, but I want to see the WORLD, Mom!

Anyway, Mom decided that we could visit our neighbor’s pond today. It’s just across the street and no doggies go over there, so she figured it would be the perfect place for me to explore.

Mom! This place is AMAZING!

And boy was she right! We found out right away that I’m not afraid of getting my feet wet!

My very first muddy feet!

In fact I loved walking along the shore in the water even though Mom said it was really cold and wouldn’t let me explore near the deep parts.

I thought it was important to taste it too, in order to get the full effect….

Nom, nom, nom.

…but I don’t think I really like the taste. I might have to taste it again, though Mom wasn’t real keen on me drinking from the pond. She says I have nice clean ice cold filtered water at home. I said, sure Mom, but that doesn’t taste like frogs and turtles and fish and muskrats!

Moms don’t always understand stuff until it’s explained to them.


I had so much fun over there. I got water up my nose and got to shake it off, my first real doggy shake. I think this little adventure proves I’m a big girl now, and ready to take on the world, if they’ll just let me!

Nothing that a little shaking won’t fix.

And just to prove how responsible I am, when we got back to my yard I helped Mom by picking up my poop bag she’d left behind and carrying it back to the house for her. I figured it was only fair that I pick up after myself in return for having a great little mini adventure.

Mom says that pond was nothing compared to what I could see if I continue to be a good girl.

Don’t worry, Mom, I’ve got this!

I told her just watch me. They didn’t name me Unstoppable Penny for nothing.

No siree.