Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


What to send?

The library here hosts a photography contest every fall. Residents of our township submit up to three 8×10 images which are numbered and affixed to big display boards.


We have the month of September to submit photos. Then they are on display at the library through the end of October.


People get to vote on their favorite. There’s an adult and a kids division.


The only rule is that the images have to have been taken in our township.


I love looking at all the pictures. Lots of times I think, “darn! I’ve seen that exact image and always thought I should stop and take a picture!”


The first year I submitted three images, things I thought were artsy, interesting, technically good.


I realized right away when I saw which images won that the people voting are not judging skills, but rather are voting with their hearts on things that touched them.


So I changed my strategy and tried to see my photos from a casual observer’s point of view.


What would catch someone’s eye? Make them smile or even laugh?


What image would make them come back and look again?


All of these photos are from around my yard. You’ve seen most of them before. I have to pick three.


What’s your vote?