Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.



Katie here!  Hey remember last weekend when my mama took me to my park for the first time since we got all this snow?  And how much fun I had even though it was wet and cold?  Well today my mama was sitting on the sofa and she told my dad that it was too bad she was so tired.  Because if she wasn’t so tired she’d take me somewhere fun cause it was really pretty outside.

A trifle windy!

A trifle windy!

And do you know what my dad did?  He said to me…..”I bet you want to go to the park don’t you Katie, go for a ride?  Do you want go GO Katie?”  Dad was pretending not to notice mama’s evil eye.  Well!  I got so wound up that I could hardly stand it!  I began to bark and run to the front door and then run back and bark at my mama and then run to the door….you get the picture…right?

Mama yelled at my dad but she really didn’t have any choice.  So she put me in the car and we went to the park!  I knew that bribe I paid my dad would work and it sure did!  And it was worth every bit of my allowance too!

This weekend there wasn’t any snow left over at my park.  Well, a little bit, but I just kissed it goodbye!

Bye-bye snow!

Bye-bye snow!

We got to walk all the way around the park and my mama let me sniff wherever I wanted.  Except she wouldn’t let me go down the hill to check out the railroad track, I don’t know why.  Sometimes my mama isn’t very adventurous.

Can't we go down there?

Can’t we go down there?

She took a lot of pictures of the grassy meadow and the back pond too.  I don’t understand that, she should be focused on me!  But she’s weird that way and I tolerate it because while she’s doing that I can wander around.  I always come right back when she calls, though, because I love her.  And because she has treats in her pocket.

Pretty country at my park.

Pretty country at my park.

We got to walk around my pond too.  It still had some ice on it, but that just made it more pretty.  Of course it’s not prettier than me, but it’s nice.  In a chilly sort of way.

The water looks cold!

The water looks cold!

It smelled good too.  But I didn’t get too close.  I’m a princess you know.

Hello frogs!!!

Hello frogs!!!

I had a really nice time and even mama got over being mad at dad.  She says she thinks she might have heard a frog which would mean spring really is here.  There were definitely a lot of  birds singing there, and ducks and geese too.  I only chased one robin; mostly I was interested in all the great pee-mail that was left by all the dogs before me.  I left quite a few messages myself.

So anyway, I wanted to say THANKS DAD for getting mama off  the sofa.  I don’t think you should do it again real soon though.  You can trick a mama once, but twice in one weekend would probably be too much to hope for.

I’ve got other ways to get her to take me out for adventures, don’t you know.

We’ll talk later.

love, Katie-girl.




Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

19 thoughts on “Rewind

  1. It was a beautiful day—as spring days go in our neck of the woods. Sounds like you had a fine time despite being pushed out the door. Kind of wondering tho why you didn’t turn the tables and hand the leash to your dearly beloved and stretch out on the couch. Love the way Katie’s hair blows in the wind.


  2. OH those daddys! They can be good allies sometimes.

    Glad you got your mom out of the house Katie!


  3. Peemail — I learned a new word today. Love it.


  4. Be careful, Katie girl, a mama tricked too often might get really grumpy. Although she was probably glad she got out once she was there.

    Sent from my iPad



  5. I think your Mom should have dragged your Dad to the park with you 🙂 Everything is turning green here and it is getting all pretty again


  6. Katie, you ARE a princess, one who knows just how to get her way! Congrats on successfully bribing your dad and getting your mom to take you to the park — sounds like a wonderful adventure! But I’m with the rest of your readers — how come Dad got to lie on the couch?? You know, of course, that Spring really is on the way (though it’s taking its sweet time about it!). Then, whee, lots of walkies!!


  7. Looks like a wonderful adventure, Katie, for you and your mama. 🙂 (Love that shot in the header, Dawn. Awesome catch.)


  8. Doggy daddies are awfully good at winding up the pups! Nice for you that you got your way Katie! 😉


  9. I love that DOG soooo much! xx


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