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WordPress photo challenge: Spring


While I still seem unable to follow the WordPress photo challenge series, I am grateful that Heather sent me this week’s challenge.  Especially because the topic is spring.  I’ve been encouraged by the signs of spring around here in the last couple of weeks.  It’s still cold though, and today the 46 degrees (7.77 C) is augmented with rainy drizzle and clouds.  It didn’t feel much like spring, but it wasn’t winter either, and after all…anything is better than this past winter, right?

So I headed out on a photographic adventure.  I just drove a bit and thought about what things make me believe that spring is finally here.  Of course the red-winged blackbird arrival signals spring, as does the goldfinch changing from olive drab to brilliant yellow.  But I’ve shown you those before, and I wanted this to be different.

I hadn’t gotten very far along the road when I saw a bit of yellow green far off among the still leafless hardwoods.  And I knew.  Spring can sneak up on a person when they’re fully involved in their lives, commuting to and from work, filling the weekends up with chores.  And then one morning as you’re driving you see a simple willow tree turning yellow green long before the rest of the trees bud out.  And there it is.  Spring.

So this morning I headed out to a local park, hoping I’d find what I was looking for; the brilliant green of hope set against the dark trunks of tall trees still hanging onto winter.

It wasn’t long until I rounded a corner and found it.

Imported Photos 00694

I spent a wonderful few minutes just enjoying the quiet and the water and the green.  Then I explored deeper into the woods and found more hints of spring.

But that’s another post.

Imported Photos 00702_edited-1

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

30 thoughts on “WordPress photo challenge: Spring

  1. Willows along the river–gorgeous!


  2. Doesn’t it make you smile when you see that green starting to appear. You might also want to check out a group on Flickr – they do a weekly photo challenge too


  3. Beautiful! A few more weeks, and its going to look lush!


  4. It seems like I’m bringing spring with me as I travel north. I hope I can bring some warm weather with me all the way.


  5. I gotta agree with you on this – nothing shouts spring with more cheer than the willows! I would love to have a huge weeping willow in my yard. When I win the lottery, that’s what I’ll get.


  6. lovely and I really like your header image


  7. What a beautiful picture. I love the reflection of the trees back into the water. I can almost smell springtime!


  8. beautiful – so serene


  9. What a beautiful and appropriate scene.


  10. So beautiful! Perfect representation of spring. I found myself missing that slow progression into spring that we had in NE Ohio. Everything happened so quickly here, and now it’s summer with heat, humidity, bugs, and snakes.


    • Wait! It can’t be summer already, I LOVE spring! 🙂 Wouldn’t want to miss it. But it’s been so slow this year I’m afraid summer won’t arrive till August.


  11. Really nice, Dawn. Great post and a great picture showing spring’s very slow arrival this year.


  12. Gorgeous green.
    What a great photo, Dawn! xx


  13. There’s a weeping willow not far from us by a small lake where we like to walk. It’s fun to watch the progression of the newly-greening tree. I could sit by the lake and relax for hours, but I’m usually walking around it for exercise…also fun and sometime interrupted by having to stop to take photos with my phone. 🙂



  14. Nothing can compare to that new yellow-green, huh, Dawn? I wonder if folks in other parts of this country (parts where winter isn’t quite as harsh) look as diligently as Midwesterners do for the changing of the seasons?


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