Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


Two photo challenges in one

This week Cee’s black & white photo challenge is to get an image of an isolated object, and Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week challenge asks us to post a black and white image.

So this is a two for one kind of post.

I like black & white images that have clean delineation, almost graphic art. I really liked the light making the wing look like modern art. I thought about focusing more on the goose and less on the background.

I think there’s a way to mask out the goose and then smooth out the water behind it. But I haven’t figured that out yet. Doing that would make this even more like graphic art.

I don’t know though, I sort of like the reflection/shadow that is included in the first image.

What do you think?

Oh, there was this guy out there that day too.


Nancy Merrill Photo Challenge: Reflection

When this week’s prompt showed up in my email on Thursday I knew exactly where I’d find my shot, luckily just a few miles up the road from my hotel room.

A mirror finish on this lake reflected the dock as well as the golden trees.

This is Glory Lake, one of two small lakes at Hartwick Pines. Though there was no sun Friday morning I still gasped as I turned the corner and saw the reflection.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Delicate

While Katie and I were up north we happened across a wildflower garden that had attracted a lot of monarch butterflies.

You may or may not know that the monarchs are endangered and oh so delicate. It was good to see many of them enjoying the garden on the shores of Lake Michigan.

I felt privileged to have been there while they were lunching.


Saying goodbye to WordPress Photo Challenges

I’ve enjoyed doing the WordPress Photo Challenges over the years, but this week, with no explanation, they have decided to stop. The last photo challenge is to post your all time favorite photo.

Well that’s not going to happen. Even if I found the time to sort through thousands of images I’m fairly certain I don’t have an all time favorite.

Broken heart and tears.

So I’ll post an image I took yesterday. It represents my broken heart and feeling of loss.


WordPress Photo Challenge: Place in the World

The photo challenge this week is all about place – where do we go when we need comfort or to feel creatively challenged?

Many of you can probably guess where my place is, whenever I can get there I love to be on the shores of my Lake Michigan.

But sometimes it’s not possible to travel the four hours to get to my lake. Lucky for me I have a park not so far away that provides similar inspiration and comfort. You’ve seen me visit Kensington Metro Park frequently too.

Isn’t it amazing that a person can feel a special connection to more than one place in the world? I feel very lucky.

What’s your special place? Where do you feel most at home? Is it a nature filled place or a city close to family or somewhere in between? I look forward to seeing your place!


WordPress Photo Challenge: Out of this world

I suppose anything, photographed in closeup, could seem out of this world.

And as I walk the backyard here at the lake and step on the sweetgum tree seed pods I notice that many of them look like horrified alien faces.

Can you see the faces in there?

So I gather some up and set them out on the dock in order to take advantage of the late afternoon light.

Does it help if you get closer?

You can’t deny there’s someone or something out of this world hiding in there.

Would you like to see a few other out of this world images? Here, here and here are a few of my favorites so far.

What’s out of this world in your world? Share with us, we want to see!

Don’t step on these with your bare feet!