Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Weeding? Really Mama?


Katie here.  Did you know my mama had 3 days off work?  I expected a GRAND ADVENTURE because of course it’s all about me.  I am entirely disappointed.

Friday night mama put up the tent and said we were going camping.  I love camping, but it was darn cold out.  A princess does not like to be cold, so after we got all settled in the tent I told mama I wasn’t staying out there and I barked and barked and finally she got smart and we went inside to sleep.  Mama should pay better attention to the weather.  I ask you; does a Princess wear plaid?  I think not!


A little chilly

A little chilly

And do you know what she and dad did on Saturday?  They weeded!  I don’t know what that was all about.  They just pulled up some green plants, but they left other green plants.  If they wanted them gone, why didn’t they get rid of all of them?  I think they are fickle.  I tried to supervise them but it got to be so boring that I went inside and took a nap.

I figured I’d need to catch up on my sleep cause that darn tent was still up and I knew my mama would want to camp again.  But you know what happened?  She went to work after dark!  With a pillow and a blanket!  I’ve never seen anything like it, but she said ‘bye bye baby’ just like she does every day when she goes to work and she went out the front door.  Huh.  I waited by the door a long time but I finally just went to sleep with my dad.  Mama didn’t come back from work till the morning, and she came home through the back door.  She said she slept great, but I don’t know how she did that at work.  I’m smelling a scam.  Yes I am.

Well I figured we’d do something exciting Sunday.  But no way!  They were still pulling green stuff up.  I was disgusted and spent most of the day inside napping.  And it was definitely not fair when they went out that evening and got ice cream and left me behind.

Much better.  No plaid.

Much better. No plaid.

But I did get to camp with my mama Sunday night.  It was a lot warmer and I did pretty good, I only barked a little bit.  And I got my mama up at 5:00 a.m. so she could fully enjoy her Monday off from work.

Monday mama said she was too sore to weed anymore and we spent some quality time out on the deck.  Plus I helped her put away the camping stuff.  Well mostly I just watched, but I’m sure she couldn’t have put it all away so fast without me.

And then this evening mama took me to my park!!!  That was the best part of the entire weekend!


My field of yellow flowers..ummm...

My field of yellow flowers..ummm…

So all in all I guess I got to do some fun stuff.  But my folks need to focus on me more don’t you think?  Three whole days and all I got was one and a half nights of camping and a walk through fluff?

I think you will all agree that I deserve more.

Pay attention mama!

Pay attention mama!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

22 thoughts on “Weeding? Really Mama?

  1. Oh Katie! You got gyped…..definitely you should have been taken out for some ice cream! But I bet you’re going to have a good long nap tomorrow while your mom is at her day job.

    I’m a fair weather camper too!


  2. Totally agree u got the short end of the stick. They better make it up to u on the 4th of July holiday.


  3. Aww, Katie, you’re so cute. Look at you in the flowers! What a pretty baby!


  4. Katie, sometimes the commoners forget what princesses are entitled to. So you have to be patient until you know they just aren’t getting it. Then you let them know all about their transgressions. Loudly and clearly. Like right now Twiggy (who is just a lowly cat) is letting me know she NEEDS this lap.


  5. Katie,
    I love that you go camping w/ your parents…but
    I agree, WEEDING sucks!! xx


  6. Poor Katie — sounds like you failed to get your fair share of attention this long weekend. I’m right there with you — a princess shouldn’t have to wear plaid (but Shelties come from Scotland, so maybe plaid was appropriate??), and watching somebody pull weeds isn’t any fun (though actually pulling the weeds is worse!!)


  7. She got you up at 5 on Monday to enjoy your day off. That’s too funny, well, for the rest of us anyway!


  8. They do the nuttiest things
    Lily & Edward


  9. Don’t bark and you’ll camp more, my pretty. Not buying the cold routine. I’m glad you got a second chance, tho! Weeding isn’t much fun–I’ve heard a sheep can solve that problem. And a sheep might make a nice playmate for you…and then you might be more inclined to sleep a little later! The park sounds fun.


  10. Hmmm, I think a Scottish or Irish Princess would wear plaid. So I think a proper Sheltie Princess would wear plaid



  11. Katie, you are a true princess. It’s very magnanimous that you treat your mama servant so kindly after such transgressions. I hope she’s learned her lessons.


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