Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Thank you


The road is long and hazy.

The road is long and hazy.

The Senate and House versions of the transportation bills are going to a conference committee soon to hammer out their differences. Once that is done the final bill will be sent to the President. The Senate version has the 33 foot double trailers in it. The House transportation bill does not. Earlier in the year we came within 1 vote of getting the 33s out of the Senate version; so close, but still a loss.

Now the Wicker motion, which asks the Conference Committee to mandate a safety study on the double 33 foot trailers prior to making them legal across the country, was our last chance of even stalling the implementation of the longer trucks on our roads.

The good news is that we won!

The Senate voted 56 to 31 to approve the Wicker motion. This sends a strong message that the Senate is not happy with allowing 33 foot doubles drive across the country. There are 39 states that don’t allow double trailers longer than 28 feet. The transportation bill, if approved as it is currently written, would override all those states laws and allow 33 foot doubles in all states.

Thank you to everyone out there that contacted their Senators yesterday in an effort to push safety ahead of profits. The opposition argues that 33 foot trailers are safe, and that they will only run on interstate highways. I don’t know how they know the trailers are safe, as there haven’t been any safety studies. And last time I checked we all drive on interstates, so that argument is useless.

So we won this one. But the battle is not over. The bills are still going to Conference, and there’s no guarantee that the safety study will be mandated. Senator Boxer said she would carry the Senate message to conference. We hope she keeps that promise. On the Conference committee are many Senators that voted No to the Wicker motion. And there are many Senators that voted Yes. It’s pretty evenly split, almost down party lines.

I hope that the Senators spend the time needed to really think about the safety of the American public. Safety is not partisan. I can’t stress that enough. Safety has to trump profits.

I might need you to contact your Senators again. Meanwhile, below is a list of the Senators and how they voted on the Wicker motion. Remember a YES vote means they want the Conference Committee to mandate a safety study of 33 foot double trailers. A NO vote means they do not want a study, and instead want the 33 foot double trailers to remain in the bill.

If your Senator voted YES please take the time to go to their webpage and send them a thank you email. If they voted NO, consider sending them a polite email expressing your disappoint in their decision.

And THANK YOU for reading to the end of this, and for caring about safety, and for always supporting me and my safety family of victims and survivors.

We know we do not stand alone.

Results – Vote on Wicker motion:

Y 56
N 31
NV 13

Alexander N
Ayotte N
Baldwin Y
Barrasso N
Bennet Y
Blumenthal Y
Blunt N
Booker Y
Boozman N
Boxer NV
Brown Y
Burr Y
Cantwell Y
Capito N
Cardin Y
Carper Y
Casey Y
Cassidy N
Coats Y
Cochran Y
Collins N
Coons Y
Corker N
Cornyn N
Cotton N
Crapo NV
Cruz NV
Daines N
Donnelly Y
Durbin Y
Enzi N
Ernst Y
Feinstein Y
Fischer Y
Flake Y
Franken Y
Gardner NV
Gillibrand Y
Graham NV
Grassley Y
Hatch N
Heinrich Y
Heitkamp N
Heller NV
Hirono Y
Hoeven N
Inhofe NV
Isakson Y
Johnson NV
Kaine Y
King Y
Kirk N
Klobuchar Y
Lankford N
Leahy NV
Lee N
Manchin Y
Markey Y
McCain Y
McCaskill Y
McConnell N
Menendez Y
Merkley Y
Mikulski Y
Moran N
Murkowski N
Murphy Y
Murray Y
Nelson Y
Paul NV
Perdue Y
Peters Y
Portman Y
Reed Y
Reid Y
Risch N
Roberts N
Rounds N
Rubio NV
Sanders Y
Sasse Y
Schatz Y
Schumer Y
Scott N
Sessions N
Shaheen Y
Shelby N
Stabenow Y
Sullivan N
Tester N
Thune N
Tillis Y
Toomey Y
Udall Y
Vitter NV
Warner NV
Warren Y
Whitehouse Y
Wicker Y
Wyden Y

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

10 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Yay! and THANK YOU for all the hard work you do to help keep us safe. I will write and thank my representatives later today. I received a very thoughtful email from Senator Ben Cardin back in October when I wrote to him about truck safety issues, and have tried to stay on top of things as they come up. Glad to see he voted as I expected after reading his email, and that Mikulski also voted Yes.


  2. Thank you for keeping us informed. I have contacted my senators.


  3. One small step forward – lets hope it keeps going in that direction


  4. Glad to see both Michigan senators voted YES. Now, on to the next step, eh?


  5. Nothing succeeds like success! Well done, Dawn. Thanks for all your untiring efforts. We’ll all have to stay alert that nothing untoward slips through while we’re otherwise occupied!


  6. I wrote an e-mail thank you to both of my (Georgia) republican senators who voted “Yes.” I am sad that both neighboring Alabama (republican) senators voted “No.”


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