Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Fall – it’s my favorite time of the year


Exploring the village of Milford.

Exploring the village of Milford.

Katie here. Boy oh boy oh boy. My mama has been feeling guilty because I haven’t had school for two weeks and I never get to do anything fun. So she’s been taking me out on adventures, mostly consisting of walking through the woods, but I’m not complaining cause that’s one of my most funnest things to do!

Yesterday she said she had a special place to investigate and did I want to go on a ride? Well sure mama! I always want to go on a ride!

We ended up in Milford, a little town a few miles south of where I live. Mama saw this giant pumpkin when she was driving through the town last week and she thought it looked perfect for a “Princess in the Fall” photo shoot.

Did you say TREATS mama??

Did you say TREATS mama??

What do you think? Was this perfect or what? Except for the cars going by right behind mama’s back that needed watching. And the people walking by on the sidewalk; most of whom, might I add, stopped to watch. People don’t get to see a Princess very often so I was the center of attention. Anyway, I kept watching all this stuff and not looking at my mama at all until she hollered “TREATS!” and then my head snapped right back around to stare at her. Two ladies on the sidewalk started to laugh but I didn’t care. I smiled for my mama and got my treat!

Sometimes I have to be reminded that I’m working.

After we did the great pumpkin shoot we wandered around downtown Milford. Everyone we met wanted to pet me and I let them. For a little bit. But really, I am a Princess and I have things to do people! If you don’t have a treat for me then I only have a few moments for you.

Can we eat here mama?

Can we eat here mama?

Mama did make me sit in front of a few other cute fall settings outside stores. I didn’t get to go inside any, even though I walked confidently up to several doors. Mama just said ‘not today sweetie” as if that was going to stop me from searching for treats! I’m sure if she had let me go inside I’d have found people more than willing to give me something good.

I was too busy sniffing to notice this guy.  Mama said he was cute.

I was too busy sniffing to notice this guy. Mama said he was cute.

Anyway, after we had sniffed out everything interesting in Milford mama took me out to Kensington, the big park just south of Milford. It’s mama’s favorite place to go so I figured I could humor her and sit around in the leaves for a little bit.

Hurry up mama, it's cold out here!

Hurry up mama, I want my treat!

Yep, I’ll sit pretty as long as I got a treat after each pose. Really mama, you don’t expect me to just sit there and let you snap away do you? After each click of the camera I expect to be paid, so I get up and walk right up to her to demand payment. I know what a camera lens sounds like when a picture has been taken. You can’t fool me!

This tree is pretty mama.  But I'm beautiful.

This tree is pretty mama. But I’m beautiful.

We didn’t stay a real long time cause mama is a wimp and didn’t bring gloves. Geeze. I didn’t have gloves either and I was fine. She is just disorganized. You know how mama is. She gets all excited about taking pictures and forgets to bring provisions. Good thing she didn’t forget the treats this time! I would have gone on strike! And then where would she have been?

She’d have been up the park without a dog, that’s where! Hahahahahahahaha.


I digress.

We walked a lot and eventually I told my mama that was enough. I mean, really, how many pictures of me does she need? She already has about a gazillion billion. I told her I needed my lunch and a nap.

I need a nap!

I need a nap!

So she loaded me back into my chariot and we headed home to my daddy and lunch. It’s hard to get good help, but I think I struck it lucky when I got my mama. She’s hard at work planning our next adventure now.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

You going to buy me a watch mama?

You going to buy me a watch mama?

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

28 thoughts on “Fall – it’s my favorite time of the year

  1. Love the giant pumpkin and sitting in the leaves photos! Katie, your coloring is perfect for autumn.


  2. My mama loves fall too but it’s too bad that what we have here is always summer. You look gorgeous in the pictures, Katie!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Momma did good – those are some exceptionally beautiful pictures of the princess


  4. Beautiful pictures, the colors are wonderful!


  5. Fall is definitely your season, Katie! Shasta thinks you are very lucky because her mama spends her time playing with bottles of colored wet stuff instead of taking her on walks. Bailey doesn’t mind, because her favorite thing to do is nap.


  6. Wow isn’t it fun when she is home!! Hope you got to pick your own punkin
    Lily & Edward


  7. Katie, you are just tooooo precious! Fall is Dallas’s favorite time of year, too (maybe because you Shelties carry autumn colors in your coats?!) Anyway, your mama took you on a most lovely adventure. Did you pick out a special pumpkin to bring home??


  8. Oh poop!! You KNOW Milford isn’t far from us!! Ugh!! If I hadn’t been sick I would have LOVED to have seen you both! Katie looks sooooooo beautiful and even more beautiful against those leaves!! Gorgeous!!


  9. pawsome pictures. Its good you have your momma trained to give you treats after each picture.


  10. What beautiful photos- it gave me a real feeling for fall. I LOVE the one of Katie in the leaves- gorgeous!


  11. We loved this post Dawn, er Katie, er Princess. Beautiful photos.


  12. What a fun day. Fall is my favorite season too. And Katie looks terrific against fall colors.


  13. Beautiful pictures Dawn, and such a beautiful little Princess!


  14. Princess Katie, you had quite a lovely photo session! Your Mama was the paparazzi, and you were photographed from all your best angles 🙂


  15. She does like to pose. And look cute. For awhile, and then she’s over it. Then all bets are off. Unless mama has chicken.


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