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…but change is certain.

Mountains and a wedding


Yesterday afternoon we attended the wedding of friends of ours – a sweet wedding in a beautiful backyard filled with friends and family. It was a good day. And the sun shining over the mountains as we left the party made us smile too.

Beautiful clouds on a beautiful day for a wedding.

Today, the weather guy said we’d have more of the same sunny weather so we drove a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway, looking for those beautiful blue ridges undulating off into the distance. We started out hopeful. But the higher we got the closer we were to the low hanging clouds.

The valley filled with clouds.

Until we were swallowed up entirely.

The cloud surrounds us.

The overlooks no longer overlooked anything.

What’s out there?

We drove very very slowly, but there was nowhere to go but on. Sometimes, depending on our elevation we’d get lucky and be able to see a mountain far off in the distance.

See Table Rock Mountain way over there?

The sun worked hard to burn away the mist, and eventually we started to see things. Like this orchard down below…

Apples are in season here now.

…and the beginnings of layering mountains showing their true colors.

And that’s why I love them…

We stopped to hike along some trails to a set of waterfalls. This was definitely worth the walk, the climbing up root covered hills…

Twin waterfalls! Aren’t they cute?

and flights of stairs to get higher…

When we were looking at the twin waterfalls we were standing near the top of this bigger fall!

…and higher in order to see some of the wonders that nature has hidden way back in the mountains.

Can you see the people?

We had a great time hiking through the woods, all the way to the very top overlook.

What a great day for a hike!

By the time we got back to the car and out on the Parkway again the sun was making those mountains glow. Just about everywhere we looked was a beautiful view.

I think I should build my house right here.

It was simply amazing.

Abstract art, but real life.

It was like this around every bend in the road. And there are a lot of bends on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

And now the clouds are pretty accents instead of hazardous fog.

Even though it was a very long drive, I didn’t want it to end.

Goldenrod signifies summer’s end, and the end of our mountain adventure. For now.

Sadly we have to move on to the next thing on our agenda.

But wait!

You say you wanted to know more about the wedding? Well, here’s the happy couple, very much in love. And of course they made us all cry when they shared their personal vows with each other. Plus they had really good food at the party after!

Here’s to many happy years together!

Congratulations Jackie and John!!

The cake was yummy too!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

23 thoughts on “Mountains and a wedding

  1. So happy you got to enjoy our mountains!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks beautiful. I’d love to go hiking there.


  3. Such gorgeous scenery! Love the twin waterfalls. Yes, a house surrounded by all that majesty must be a splendid place to live!


  4. Gorgeous! The world has so much beauty to offer in such a variety of ways.


  5. Those pictures are gorgeous. Pawsome place for a wedding.


  6. I can understand why you didn’t want the drive to end. The views – after the fog – are stunning. I love that your friends are also dressed in blue, like the mountains.


  7. And know you know why I loved living in WNC so dang much.


  8. What a fantastic hike that must have been. And then being swallowed up by the clouds. I am sure you would have preferred sunshine all the way, but often clouds make for more interesting and dramatic times – and photos. Lovely images.


  9. So beautiful! Amazing the shroud that covered the view too!


  10. Yes it does. Comforting.


  11. Such beautiful images, Dawn, even in the clouds and fog. I think I need to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains. I think we may have skirted by them once or twice on our way from Chicago to Atlanta (when we moved from Chicago to Atlanta), but I don’t have much of a memory of them or that area.


    • I think you’d find them lovely on a weekday after the kids are in school and before (maybe) the leaf color tourists…when it’s less busy. We had a perfect time (other than the fog) but I imagine the drive might get tedious if you’re in a steady stream of traffic. Well worth the trip though.


  12. Wonderful scenery, I especially like the first photo of the twin falls.

    Your overlook photo made me chuckle because I have one just like it. My parents took us to Kauai when I was 18 and on one day we drove up to Waimea (sp?) Canyon, the “Grand Canyon of the south Pacific.” As we started up the winding road we could see clouds moving in from the ocean. By the time we got to the overlook we were in the clouds and it was raining. My mom and I were the only ones to even bother getting out of the car and my photo of the canyon is just fog and the sign. I pasted a postcard in my scrapbook next to it to show what we were supposed to see.


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