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Extension of summer, the last camping adventure


Katie here! I just have to share my end of season camping adventure!! I can’t believe that mama and I got to go so late into September!!!

(Hmmm…mama says I need to cut out the !!!!!! all the time. Not everything I say is exciting. She says. Little does she know. Ahem…)

What’s up there mama?

I’ve been telling mama that it was going to be warm this week and that we shouldn’t waste weather like this hanging around in our house. And she finally listened to me. For once. She booked us a site up at Hartwick Pines State Park, and we ended up in the exact same campsite as last year!

Mama liked the site OK, but this year what she really noticed about the park was the grasses up front as you drove in. In the evening the sun touched the seedpods on top and made the grass shine silver…

The light shines on me. As it should.

…and in the mornings the grasses looked red.

The morning light shows off my coloring, don’t you think?

Mama and I walked out there every morning and every evening just to see the light on the grass. I got sort of tired of sitting next to it in all different light, but that’s the price I pay for mama taking me camping! Apparently my role in every camping adventure, heck any adventure at all, is to be the photogenic element.

No problem mama. I’ve got that down.

We had company one afternoon — mama’s friend Gerry and her dog Sadie stopped by. We went for a walk but it was oh so hot. Mama and Gerry wanted to keep going but Sadie and I decided it was just too much so we both turned around half way down the path and pulled our mamas back to our shady campsite where I could hang out on the cool earth under the table. Sadie dug a nice cool hole to settle into while the mamas talked.

Sadie was proud of her work.

The mamas talked a long time, but Sadie and I were fine with that. Especially when treats were handed out. That’s the only time we really wanted to hang out too close to each other.

We were polite and each ate only our own treats.

Treats trump personal space in my book.

Mama tried to take me on quite a few walks down beautiful trails. She tried early in the mornings and late in the evenings.

This is probably a pretty trail mama.

She tried paved trails and pine needle covered trails. She coaxed me with treats and she tugged on my leash.

These trees make me feel small mama!

But each time I only went a little way down the trail and then I turned around and tugged her back to the car. I just didn’t want to go for a walk! And what I don’t want to do, we don’t do. It’s a rule of mine.

Evening light and me.

Mama says she doesn’t know what was going on. Maybe it was the heat, but she remembers a walk she took me on, earlier in the week, where I did the same thing. We started down a cool woodsy trail and I only went a little way and then pulled her back the way we’d come. Yes it was a hot day, but deep in the woods it was nice.

Anyway, she drove me to see a couple of beautiful lakes that we would have come to if Sadie and I hadn’t protested on our walk that day. I didn’t even want to walk down the short path to see them. Mama pulled me along, and once I was there I had fun sniffing the water.

Let’s get back in the shade mama!

I didn’t like the docks though cause they moved and made noises when we walked on them. Once we got out to the end it was OK, but I’d rather not do that again mama!

Our last evening at camp there was a big wind storm and thunder and lightening. Mama was busy trying to pack everything up before it rained, and I was busy barking. Finally the thunder got so loud mama hustled me into the car and we both waited it out in there.

We never did get any rain, and after the storm blew over we ventured out to see what was what. Of course we headed back to the front of the park where it was open so mama could see the sky. And the grass.

The world through rose colored glasses. Only I wasn’t wearing glasses!

Man, the sky was pink and the grass was bright red! Of course mama made me sit right in the middle of it. She couldn’t stop taking pictures. I was bored, but since she brought treats I figured I’d stick it out and not go on strike.

The next morning mama finished packing up our site. I was sad, but also ready to go home. It was so hot even though our site had lots of shade. I looked forward to our air conditioned house!

The end of another adventure.

After the car was packed mama took me on one last walk on a trail across the street from our site. It was wide and shady and it was the only walk that I had any enthusiasm for.

I like THIS path mama!

I would have walked further but mama played it safe and we only walked a little way down the road. It was still pretty back there and mama took a few (hundred) photos. I got a few treats and posed a little, but mostly I got to be off leash following my nose.

Maybe that’s why I was happier on this walk than all the others we tried to take. I like going at my own (mama says slow) pace. But mama wasn’t rushing me the other times either. So who knows.

The ferns were all brown. They matched me!

Mama says she’s worried because we’re going to go visit Little Ricky in a little bit and one of the best parts of visiting him and his sister Callie is going on walks with them in their parks. Mama says she hopes that I decide to participate.

I’ll think about it.

Mama says she’ll do another blog to show you all the beautiful things that she found, all those things that don’t involve me. Imagine that; something is beautiful besides me! Hard to fathom, but I guess I’ll read it. A girl can always expand her horizons.

Even a princess.

Signing off for now – Princess Katie.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

21 thoughts on “Extension of summer, the last camping adventure

  1. It was nice of your mama to let you show us around and tell your side of the story first, Katie.


  2. Katie–what a perfect post!! The light shining on you as it should–absolutely! And between you and me, mama doesn’t quite have handle on ‘!!!’, does she? The more !!!, the merrier, I always say! Indeed, I do.


  3. Katie, I love the photo of you in the pink light and the one with the light shining right on you. It sounds like another great adventure. Poor Dallas’s white feet are all a grayish brown, thanks to how dry it’s been here. And the heat — ugh! Nobody should have to go outside wearing a fur coat, he says.


  4. Pretty Katie, I love reading about all of your adventures! My favorite picture was “rose colored glasses”.


  5. Its hard to know where to look with Katie in the picture but I have to agree that the grasses were definitely worth 2 trips a day to catch them in their morning and evening glory.

    I guess we’re getting the same weather as you. Summer finally arrived in Ottawa about the 2nd week of September and today we reached the warmest temperature we’ve had all year. I’m not complaining. Winter will be here quick enough.


    • Agree that winter will be here too soon. Last year we didn’t have a bad winter, not that much snow and cold…but who knows what this winter will bring. The weather has been so strange. She’s looking forward to it being cooler that’s for sure. Me too actually!


  6. I think sometimes when dogs pull back like that and do not want to go that they sense something whether it be a snake or something else. Love the pictures.


    • I wondered that the first time it happened, in the woods here at home prior to going camping. So I didn’t think too much about it other than it was very not her to not want to keep going on a walk. And so soon for her to want to stop. But up north it was every walk I tried to go on, she didn’t want to go. Either she’s not feeling well or it was just too darn hot.


  7. Love your Katie! I have two aussies…thanks for visiting my blog the other day…am trying to follow yours but can’t find the button! Will keep digging 🙂
    For now I am checking off the notify button below…thats what following is anyway, right? lol


    • I hope there’s a ‘follow’ button somewhere, I don’t think I can see it because it’s my blog. I’ll go look. Your two are adorable! I’ll go back over to your blog and check it out!


  8. You look beautiful as usual, Katie. Your Mama took some stunning pictures. I don’t like to walk or hike in the heat, either. 🙂


    • I’m hoping it was just the heat that made her protest all activity. It’s cooler (finally) today and she seems perkier. But we’ll see. This weekend it’s going to get downright cold (50s maybe!) and I’ll take her to the park and see if she wants to go for a walk. That will be the true test.


  9. Hot, cold, winter, summer or spring, my dogs would rather be walking in the woods than doing anything else! And if there is a lake at the ed of the trail, so much the better – there is nothing in the world than can keep them out of the water!

    I missed this post, but saw reference to it in today’s post, so decided to come back and take a look.

    Liked by 1 person

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