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…but change is certain.

Living large as befits a princess


Katie here.

Welcome to Davis Lake Overlook Park! Or as I call it – Katie’s Park Two.

Boy I’ve been busy; mama says you wouldn’t know I’m going to be a teenager next month. After lolling around all summer I’m now all energy and bark. Maybe too much bark, but it gets me what I want so I’m not going to stop.

Even when mama calls me “KATE!”

Stop lolly-gagging around mama!

So when I kept barking and getting under her feet, mama gave in and took me to a local park. It was a beautiful, if a bit windy, day. Mama said that worked in our favor because no one else was out there.

The wind is taking down the last of the leaves!

She was intent on taking pictures of these yellow trees out in the wet swamp.

It was such a pretty day!

She does this every year and every year she gets her feet wet. I chose to stay up on the hill and wait for her; I haven’t forgotten how I got my feet wet following her last year.

I’ll wait here.

Then she started focusing on the light shining through this young oak tree leaf. I was bored and figured she should be focused on me and my treats, so I photo bombed her shot and she got the message. After that it was all about me.

Which is more pretty? This stupid leaf of me?

Still, this was just a local park and I thought I deserved a bigger adventure. After all, this year I’ve spent weeks and weeks at ‘camp’ and she feels quite guilty about that. I milk it for everything I can, so I kept bugging her to take me somewhere more fun and guess what?

Whatcha going to do for me next, huh mama?

She made a date with another sheltie and her mom down in Ann Arbor at Nichols Arboretum!

Meet Abby!

Abby is going to be 12 soon. She is a very elegant lady.

Mama and Amy’s mom have been Facebook friends for a long time, and it turns out Ann Arbor is sort of halfway between where we each live, so we met there yesterday.

Isn’t Abby pretty? She has a regal air about her don’t you think?

Abby and I got along just fine, mostly because we ignored each other. If I’m honest I sniffed her behind a couple times, but she was polite and didn’t try to sniff mine at all.

Abby’s mom didn’t bring her any treats, and she still posed when asked. I, of course, demanded payment after each shot.

At first we weren’t too excited to pose too close to each other, but almost right away we recognized if we just did what they asked we got to go off and sniff sooner. And there are so many good smells in the woods there!

This is Abby’s mom Shaun.

Since I had been there before I showed Abby some of my favorite places. There was one spot with lots of pretty leaves on the ground.

Abby didn’t mind hanging around getting her picture taken at all.

Then mama saw this tree. Well. You know we had to pose by that!!

“Does she always make you stop and take pictures on your walks Katie?”

We walked for a long time, but Abby and I didn’t get tired at all, mostly because mama was always stopping for more pictures. You know how mama is.

I think Abby had a good time too!

On our way back to the car I asked Abby if she wanted to come back sometime and explore more. She said she was definitely interested!

“I think this was a good idea, Katie!”

It’s a good thing we went for that walk yesterday. Cause this is what’s happening today!

Oh yea, Fall is over!

So, as you can see, I’ve had a pretty good time lately. I didn’t even tell you about the new park I explored last week with my friend Deuce!

Me and my friend Deuce as the sun set on another perfect day.

Yep, mama’s keeping me pretty busy. She says she’s trying to get me to sleep through the night. Yea. Like that’s going to happen.

Talk later, your park advisor pup, Katie-girl.

I always have fun with my friends.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

28 thoughts on “Living large as befits a princess

  1. Hi, Katie – I agree that your mama should be focussed on you, your treats and providing enjoyable outings for you. Don’t settle for anything less! After all, you are not only a princess…you are also a fantastic writer!


  2. Hi, Katie!

    When you photo bombed your mama’s picture of the “stupid leaf”, you made me laugh! You really are a smart girl, knowing just what you need to do to get your way. Thank you for sharing your parks and arboretum with us. Having a friend tag along helps pass the time while mama takes her pictures. It was very nice of you to show Abby your favorite places at the arboretum. Have fun in the snow, pretty girl!


  3. You do that windswept look so very well. The photo bomb–ha! Good one, Katie! Oh, Abby….I think the words you chose–‘elegant’ and ‘regal’ are so befitting. The two of you look lovely together.


  4. Beautiful pictures of leaves, trees and dogs. Looks like you all had a great time. Our leaves are starting to fall but its always a gradual thing so we do not get all the color like yall do.


  5. So crazy all that snow! But a beautiful blue sky in those shots. Amy and Katie are so cute together.


  6. A fun day and such pretty pics of it. You do live the good life there, princess.


  7. I’m pretty sure Katie has a more active social life than I. I love all the pictures of the Princess and what shall we call Abby… the Queen.
    I’m jealous of all the snow. We’re expecting a low of 26′ after all this rain passes today.


  8. Katie, you still look like a young’un, and I love the windswept photos as well as you in all that snow. How FUN that you got to meet Abby and Deuce and share walkies — time flies when you pass it with friends. We got 3.5 inches of snow, and it was six degrees outside this morning, brr!


  9. Oh Katie what FUN! Your friend Abby looks quite nice! Mom laughed at this part “Abby and I got along just fine, mostly because we ignored each other.” that’s how we Shelties roll! We like other dogs who ignore us! Barks and licks and love, Dakota


  10. What lovely photos of you Katie! Such pretty surroundings too…well not the snow one:)


  11. It looks like such a fun outing, Katie. Looks like you are really enjoying that snow! 🙂


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