Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

That stupendous things to do list from 2019


A few of you will remember that in January 2019 I put together a list of interesting, stupendous and fun stuff to do. Sort of like a list of resolutions but much more relaxed.

I’ll admit I only studied the list on occasion, never put together a process of reviewing it once a month, and never added anything to it during the year like I thought I might. In fact it sat on my dresser for several months and then, as with most resolution type things, it got covered up in the debris of every day life.

But I didn’t forget it, and I thought it might be interesting to see how many of the fun things I actually got to do last year!

2019 Interesting, Stupendous and Fun Things

*Visit the Point Betsie lighthouse in the winter to see the ice formations.
Thanks to a friend who got excited at this idea, got us a hotel room and drove, I headed north right away. It was fun and very very cold! Point Betsie is beautiful no matter what season, and we saw other beautiful things the next day too!

*Camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (not in winter).
While I didn’t actually camp in the UP I did spend some time there this past September. We saw a whole lot of beautiful things before we headed up into Canada for our drive around Lake Superior. And last month I made two reservations for camp sites in the UP for this June. I can’t wait.

*Try acrylic painting.
I purchased a few colors and a few small canvases and I mooshed some paint around a couple times. That was fun. But it didn’t really seem like it was a good try. This year I think I need to make a space to work where I’m not afraid of making a mess. So this will stay on the 2020 list.

*Find someone willing to teach me what it’s like to make a sound on a cello.
This is the stupendous thing that is most difficult for me to explain to anyone. And it’s very dependent on being able to find someone to help me. The bad news is that I didn’t get this worked out in 2019. The wonderful news is that next week I have a date with a cello! One of my library school professors knows someone who is willing to let me hug her cello, and we’re all going to get together in Ann Arbor on Wednesday. It almost makes me tear up, and I can’t explain why. I hope I’ll have words to tell you all about it soon.

*Gain confidence on the new Nikon camera, and figure out what the optimum lens is.
This is another one that I’ve made some progress on, but couldn’t say that I’ve completed. I am definitely better with manual settings; I’ve been experimenting all year. Sometimes I think I’ve got it…and then often I have to figure it all out again. And more good news, I am taking a class from a professional photographer at the end of January that revolves around choosing lenses. I’m excited about that, and I’m sure you’ll hear more on this topic soon.

*Improve night photography skills.
Oh I have a blog post to write about this one. While we were in the UP in September the northern lights were predicted to appear. And we had the perfect location too. But you will note that you never heard about it…even though I have pictures to share. I think about posting them, and then I think….just another failure, and I’ve shown you so many night shots that weren’t what I was hoping for. Still…it makes a really good story and I suppose I should share. I’ll keep trying this year. In fact, those two UP campsites I booked were reserved specifically with the hope I have clear skies during the nights I’m there.

*Spend a week in the Southwest.
This didn’t happen. Mostly because I fell and injured both wrists a couple weeks before we thought we were going out there. And then we ended up traveling so much we couldn’t fit it in…and then I fell at the end of summer and broke my finger and was stuck here doing physical therapy. But it’s definitely on the 2020 list!

*Visit husband’s family in Norway.
This was our big trip of the year. You saw several posts from Norway – it’s a beautiful country and we only saw a tiny part. We’d like to go back and explore more.

*Walk the CRIM 10 mile race in August.
Well, I ran and walked it. I had fun right up till the last two blocks when I fell and broke my finger. I am debating whether to do it again this year.

*Spend a month or more in Alabama, invite friends to visit while I’m there.
It’s amazing, but I never made it to Alabama at all in 2019. The last time I was there was July of 2018. I just couldn’t seem to carve out enough time, between injuries and trips, to get there. But Alabama now a high priority for 2020!

*Look into the purchase of a 2nd kayak for the lake.
I’ve done a little looking but this is something I want to do when I’m down in Alabama, so I’ll just tag that onto the “get to Alabama soon!” bullet point.

*Read 50 books, and try at least one from a genre I don’t usually read.
According to Goodreads I read 66 books in 2019, though I don’t think I read any that were definitely different genres then my typical reading. I read a couple books written by women who had decided to give up coloring their hair and had let it go naturally grey. I’ve decided, after much thought, to do that too. So far I’m 3 months into it and it’s kind of making me nuts. I see my hair person next week for a trim, we’ll see if I’m still going grey after that.

*Ride my bike on some of the rail-to-trails around here, maybe a one day bike trip complete with lunch along the way, maybe with a local bike group.
I never did this. Never road my bike at all. This is very sad. I think I need to move it up in importance for 2020.

*Walk and photograph the Dequindre Cut here in Detroit.
Again, thanks to the same friend who went with me to Point Betsie, we explored the Dequindre Cut last spring. It was so much fun!

*Meetup with sheltie mom(s) for adventure.
In November Katie and I got to go for a walk with Abby, a sheltie-girl and her mom. They live a couple hours away and we met in the middle and had a lovely walk on one of the last nice days of fall. We hope to get together again, and I hope to meet with more shelties and their parents in 2020!

So…I got to do a lot of the fun stuff on my list…and missed getting a few others done by just a little. I’m debating if I should put together an official list stupendous things to do in 2020.

What are you planning on doing for fun in 2020? And do you think I need a list or should I just wing it?

I think you should have more stupendous things on your list that include me mama!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

27 thoughts on “That stupendous things to do list from 2019

  1. That was a pretty long list! I’m starting to plan my trip out west. Looking at a few nights in Tahquamenon State Park in Michigan and in Lewis and Clark State Park in North Dakota. I’ll cross back into Canada to go to a dark sky park in Saskatchewan either Cypress Hills or Grasslands Provincial Parks. Then it will be off to my sister’s place in Airdrie, we might camp for a week before the national agility championships. In October, I’ll be off on a trip to Italy and a Mediterranean cruise.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s a lot to accomplish …I am just happy to make it through one day at a time 😁


  3. I think you did great with your list–so many outdoor things, too! I have to agree with Katie–more adventures with the Princess, Mama!


  4. You’ve been a busy girl, but it never hurts to make a new list – and be sure to include that very pretty dog!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Are you going to add riding a tube down a ski slope and letting the ski lift pull you back up?


  6. I can’t wait for the cello post!! And I’m definitely hoping you’ll get over to visit Bree (maybe with the Princess??) and tell us all about those two cute pups she’s got. And definietly you need to get to Alabama as bad as I need to get to Mississippi (got you beat there, though — it’s been FIVE YEARS for me!!)


  7. Impressive and ambitious list! I’m glad to read you accomplished the things that you enjoyed the most and that you’re on to things for fun this year too. As a gal who endured the journey going gray, it’s a long process depending upon on how long you want your hair to be in the end. It took 18 months for me to be fully transitioned. I chopped most of the old hair off at 9 months and that made the rest of the journey more enjoyable. I wish you well whatever you decide to do. And man…I’m jealous of your 66 books read and that you’re getting help with your camera. Someday I’ll get a new one, I just love how mine fits like a glove :-)! Happy New Year, enjoy all the fun you have planned for 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. My hair is above the shoulders, sort of curly bob-ish. Don’t really want to go much shorter, but she’ll be ‘trimming’ tomorrow so I’m sure it will be shorter again. Doesn’t feel like it’s growing at all since I decided to stop coloring. When I had the roots to worry about it seemed like it grew really fast!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’ve reached the challenging stage. I remember feeling the same thing…why is it growing so slowly. With curly hair it’s even worse. Just trust that it’s growing at a normal pace which is about 1/4 inch a month. I hope you’ve found a supportive hair dresser. I know mine was which meant the world to me. I’m rooting for ya ;-)!

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  8. You had a busy year – apparently your list was longer than the year. I think for most art/craft hobbies, it’s good to have a room in which you can work/play, and not worry about the mess. I’ve designated my unused living room as just that because we always spend our time in the morning room or family room. (“We” being the furry kids and me).
    As to your night photography, I’ll bet it’s a lot better than you think it is.
    List? Well, with a list you can look at it later and see what you’ve done – otherwise, some of those memories will fall through the cracks. Of course, nowadays I need a list for absolutely everything or it’s forgotten.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi – I say make an informal list and hold it loosely like you did last year’s list.
    And reading about how your year went reminds me that whenever we plan we always have to prepare for the unexpected – ((and your blog tag line is all about change – ha))
    But reading about your injuries reminded me that setbacks come and we adjust and adapt. And usually it is right what we needed too – or becomes part of a rich life and never would have been on a list but has so much value.
    Not sure if you know I was in a car accident in June – broke three ribs and they are still healing – well life is normal and I can do yoga and everything – but slight tenderness when inhale in morning and in December was fighting some flu bug off and slept 12 hours and woke with rib pain. That was weird
    Anyhow – that injury changed the course of my year and I did not really complain at the time – the hubs was so helpful – but in the fall I felt the loss of the months! So many things got put to the side


  10. Yes make a new list! I did the same thing with my hair…the first few months of growing out were the pits and my grey is not perfect…but it grows on you and is so much easier than coloring…I didn’t color but did frosted for years.
    I will look forward to reading about your adventures for 2020! My best to your sweet Katie:) Happy New Year!


    • Yes I think I will do a list….hope to get it put together soon! The grey is making me a bit nuts, but if I don’t look in the mirror I’m fine. 🙂 Katie says hello back to you two, hope Far Guy is feeling better.


  11. I am so excited about the cello! You did do so many interesting things in 2019.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I couldn’t read past “the cello” because I teared up too. Oh my heart. I guess I better put it on my list too, Dawn. Keep us posted ok? Oh I can hardly wait to hear about it.


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