Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

The weekly smile is buried in snow.


Trent hosts a collection of smiles each week. People post on their own blogs, describing things that made them smile that week, and link their posts to his. On Mondays, a day when we could all use a few smiles, Trent posts a recap so that we can all visit everybody else. It’s a nice way to start the week.

So this week, in Michigan, we got snow. Record breaking snow, more snow this early in the season than we’ve ever received in the history of our weather.

Sure it was pretty, but nothing to smile about.

Did we smile?

Well, not so much, not after the first “Oh it’s so pretty” wore off. My husband went out three times during the day to clear the driveway. And then he went and bought a bigger snowblower.

We all wanted to fly away.

To add more drama to our lives, this week we’re having drywall put up in the garage, so the car had to stay outside. In the accumulating snow.

Is this supposed to be fun mama?

I took his truck with four wheel drive to my morning physical therapy appointment. Driving in blowing snow, through snowdrifts, and finding out, after the appointment, that there was no snow scraper in the truck meant I was still not smiling.

My feet are cold. This is not fun.

And Thursday and Friday we had painters doing the inside of our house. Katie and I were relegated to one bedroom with the door closed so she didn’t end up a painted dog. She wasn’t smiling.

Camping makes me smile, but not in the snow!

And when Katie is unhappy everyone is unhappy. So most of Thursday and some of Friday she and I explored her parks.

About time you found me a park where they plowed the path!

And then the sun came out. Which made us all smile!

Now this is perfect weather mama!

After two long days of exploring cold, snow covered parks, we spent last night playing hide the sheltie-girl.

You can’t hide from me mama!

And the smiles continued.

What made you smile this week? Share it with us! Those of us up here in snow country could use more smiles.

Adventures always make me smile mama!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

40 thoughts on “The weekly smile is buried in snow.

  1. You turned it in to a smile 🙂 It does look beautiful, but that is a lot of snow to get at once! Your dog is very beautiful, what a great friend to have.

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  2. We didn’t get snow, just the bitter cold. But it does look pretty 😉 I also made sure there is a scrapper in my car a few weeks ago and have used it on the frost once. I think it was in 2003 we had a storm on October 30 that dropped over 3 feet of wet, heavy snow! Luckily I’ve seen nothing like that since. And yes, we are going to need a bigger snowblower 😉

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    • I think my husband took the snow brush out of the truck and put it in the car for me, and then I took the truck. We have one in each now…and so far no more new snow. Maybe we’ll get through the rest of the winter without accumulation. Yea…right. 🙂

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      • I have a spare brush sitting in front of me that I need to put in my car so that doesn’t happen to me – I often have three by the end of winter, just to be safe. And, yeah, I’m sure we won’t get any snow either 😉


  3. Sarah was unusually cuddly last night, snuggling up between us on the bed and being so adorable that we paid more attention to her than to the movie we were supposedly watching. We also had sunshine yesterday and today. Dog and sunshine — what’s not to smile about?

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    • Katie has been very playful too, since this last snow. She wants to play more at night than she has in recent years. And she’s practically a puppy when we’re walking in her parks and it’s cold out. But then she sleeps the entire ride home. I know she’s old(er) now…but I like to think she’s still a puppy.


  4. Katie’s comments always make me smile. That is some kind of snow on the birdhouse–but a gorgeous photo with the cardinal providing such beautiful color.

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  5. Your photos made me smile, despite the snow.

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  6. You had me at your opening photo — and held my attention all the way through. So beautiful!!

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  7. I agree with Donna! Wow – that’s a lot of snow already! Yikes. I wouldn’t be smiling. You did great working through it though. I love the bird photos – Cardinals look so stunning in the snow. Great shots!! Katie looks pretty in white too. Best wishes on your projects, sounds like they are moving along well, despite the weather!


    • Cardinals DO look great in the snow, and this one happened to have morning sun on him too! Sometimes Katie gets jealous of my watching the birds. If I pick up my camera and walk (even slowly) toward the window she races over, jumps in the chair and scares anything out there away. Sigh.

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      • Yes, they do. You had perfect timing for that shot. My little dog gets excited when I grab my camera too – he likes to go outside with me, he explores and sniffs everywhere while I try to catch interesting shots of things. Dogs do like to chase birds. Katie is much bigger than my little dog, so I bet she does a great job of scaring the birds away.

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  8. I think that snow is beautiful. I also think that a lot of snow is not so beautiful if you have to live in it. Especially record-setting snow. Thank goodness for spouses with snowblowers–that seems like a smile right there. And I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the first photo of the birds on the feeder with a schooner-full of snow sitting above them cracks me up! So, thanks for all the smiles.


  9. We only got 3.5 inches, but that was enough winter for me — guess I’m a Southerner at heart!! Dallas, on the other hand, loves being outside when it’s cold. And your photo of Katie playing hide-and-seek under the towel made me laugh — there’s something so smile-worthy about a furry Sheltie wrapped in a towel (and yes, I’ve seen that a LOT on my end!)


    • Yep, 3.5 inches a year would be about perfect. Katie loves it outside when it’s cold too. We’ve been to a lot of parks the last few days because we’re having the inside of the house painted and she could either go adventuring with me or stay in a bedroom. She chose (mostly) adventuring. She’s pranced around in the cold enjoying herself, but when she was back at the car she’d fall straight into sleep. Silly girl doesn’t know she’s a senior.

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  10. That is a ridiculous amount of snow this early in the season!!Love the pic of Katie in the road… looks like it should be an ad for something!


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  12. I usually find those early snowfalls the most beautiful of all.


  13. I like the photo of the bird feeder with the snow on its roof. Now that’s something to smile about. If it’s going to snow, them best take a few fun pics.


    • You’re right, not like complaining about it will make it go away. When I lived in the UP (Upper Peninsula) where we got lots and lots (and lots!) of snow I learned how to snowshoe and cross country ski out of self defense, so I had something to do to get through those winters. Now that I’m back down in lower Michigan I just complain about the snow.

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  14. You have shared some amazing photos of the snow though. I do love them.


  15. I smiled all through your photos on this post, but I truly laughed out loud when the photo of “hide the sheltie-girl” popped into view. Ha! What fun. (-: Who says dogs don’t smile and laugh?!


    • I’m glad you smiled! She makes us smile just about every day. Not always smiling in the early morning when she’s raring to go…but most of the rest of the time. She loves the towel game, and I agree, dogs definitely smile and laugh!


  16. Woof woof – and tweet tweet for smiles today ❄️❄️❄️


  17. Your post made me smile… at the end of a long day! Love,love, love your pictures.


  18. Our friends in cyberpaw space, the dog park, family, friends and the vets office. A lot of folks have been so kind to us, it amazed Dog Dad. That makes us feel warm inside.

    We read about Denny and left a comment behind. We didn’t realize Reilly was so sick. We will have to stop by and visit our friend the Cow Spot Dog.

    Thanks fur letting us know and all your kind words.

    Dog Speed,

    Gemini & Dog Dad


  19. The pics are all so cute. The snow makes me cold lol.


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