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Windy smile


As you know, Trent hosts a weekly prompt over on his blog looking for smiles. And, as you know, one of the things that makes me smile is Lake Michigan – especially Lake Michigan and light houses.

So I picked up a friend of mine, the same friend that went with me last year to Pt. Betsie in -13 degrees with an unimaginable windchill, and we headed on over to Michigan’s west coast. Sunday the weather was better, with a temperature hovering around 32 degrees (0C).

We were very appreciative of that alone.

It was a blustery day on the Lake.

When we got to Grand Haven there was wind, but not nearly as much as we had hoped – the waves were perhaps five feet high. Still it was so pretty. There was a guy in his kayak bobbing among the waves. We thought he was crazy.

Crazy man.

I noticed later when I was reviewing pictures, that he was wearing a GoPro. Somewhere on YouTube there is likely a very cool (literally) video. I should go try to find it. He got out of the water shortly after we arrived, and the rest of our time there we took a few pictures, interspersed with longer periods of sitting in the car waiting to see if the wind picked up.

It didn’t, so we went to lunch, then traveled further south to South Haven, where the wind seemed stronger, but the lake floor was deeper and the waves not as big as we’d hoped.

But the sun came out!

The sun made even the wind a little more bearable.

It was pretty there too, but not exactly what we had envisioned. We drove up onto the bluff to see if we could capture the turquoise of the lake better from a higher vantage point.

A different angle shows off the colors of the lake.

It was getting late, but we decided to stop at one more beach. We drove up the coast to Holland. By then the sun had hidden behind dense clouds again and the wind was howling.

And there we found a wind surfer.

Getting ready to be crazy.

I had trouble keeping him and his sail in the frame. The wind was grabbing me and my lens and focusing was almost impossible.

I missed getting the sail in this shot, but it shows how high he went.

He let the sail pull him high up into the air, where he began doing acrobats, twisting and turning, sometimes feet above his head.

Even the surfers were busy watching the guy with the wind sail.

We both got our feet wet on the beach in Holland as we were focused on the kite and it’s passenger, instead of the waves racing on the sand.

Riding the wind.

But we were smiling so much we didn’t even care.

Fun under a dark sky.

What made you smile this week? Write a post and link to Trent’s blog and he’ll send out a recap on Monday. I’m looking forward to seeing what perked you up this early January week.

South Haven lighthouse enjoys an early winter bath.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

28 thoughts on “Windy smile

  1. Great photos. You have so many opportunities where you live. Would love to visit Michigan.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve done some winter kayaking, even breaking through the ice, but I don’t know about cold surf kayaking! I also see the crazy surfers and wind surfers in the winter. Brrr… Cool photos. Literally 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Never done any winter kayaking, I always wonder when I see these people, how their faces stand it being unprotected. And I understand, even wearing a wet suit it’s still cold. My friend and I were burying our faces in our coat collars just walking out to the shore!

      Liked by 1 person

      • In the winter I will only kayak in the dead calm (or close) – I agree about freezing your face off. I do have a mask, and then with goggles, most of the face is covered, but…


  3. That looks so amazing. I can’t even imagine how cold it must have been for those guys on the water though.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I suppose folks who live in northern climates learn to continue participating in activities (like wind sailing and kayaking) that give them pleasure … regardless of weather conditions. You’ve got some amazing photos here, Dawn, and I find I’m smiling (even if it’s just knowing I’m warmly tucked inside, ha!)

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  5. YOU just made me smile!

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  6. Great pictures! I can’t imagine going out into the water at this time of year, that kayaker and wind surfer were either brave or a bit crazy.

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  7. Windsurfing in that wind? I’d be afraid that I’d be blown the heck out of town! One brave guy.

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  8. Love this post — the colors, the outdoor experience, everything. But I can tell you it scares me to death! I’m just not into waves or airlifting or anything solo, actually! Thanks for posting. I was mesmerized!


    • I agree, it’s good to be scared of the Great Lakes, they are beautiful but also lethal. A 16 year old girl drowned at Holland 2 days before we were there, swept off the pier. Always good to have a healthy respect when you’re out there.


  9. Looks like such a fun outing. I always marvel at the crazy people who get in the water (via kayak, wind surfing, or polar bear swims) in the winter. We have a Penguin Swim here and I’ve thought about it…

    Wonderful pictures, Dawn. 🙂


  10. What a fun day! I enjoyed seeing your photos!


  11. Your photos are lovely, but I feel cold looking at them. I cannot imagine wanting to be on the water when it’s mid-winter up north, but if it’s fun for someone else then I’m rooting for them.


    • Well, even though it was warmer than last winter when we went over to the Lake to take pictures, it was still darn cold, and that wind just made it worse. Still, it was due to the wind that we were there at all.

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  13. I like the contrasting red of the lighthouse with the rest of the photo of the lake.


  14. Wonderful photos. I can almost feel the frigid wind. I’ve seen kiteboarders go high like that and I can tell they’re having fun but I’d be terrified. What a great outing.


    • It was all of that, terrifying, cold and great all at the same time. The kiteboarder and surfers were at a beach where two days before a 16 year old was washed off the rocks. They hadn’t found her yet so she was out there somewhere. It was all crazy sad.


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