Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Chickens emulate pendemic behavior


This week a number of college campuses opened to returning students. I felt my blood pressure increase as I watched news footage of back-to-school parties. Hundreds of students were partying together, no social distancing, no masks in evidence.

A chicken sorority house.

I realized then that it’s possible I’ll be virtually trapped in my house for months more. My imagination went rogue and I wondered if maybe I’ll be stuck inside for the rest of my life.

I am, after all, elderly.

Hot headed rooster is the first one out of the chicken sorority each morning.

If I am stuck here forever, I have to admit my yard is pretty to look at, and there’s room to get out and walk. Or weed.

Brave zinnia getting ready to face the world.

And at least for now I have my Katie-girl to remind me that not everything is out of control, and there are still pretty things in life.

Complicated things make me sleepy mama.

She says there’s always hope. And maybe someday people will take a moment to consider the consequences of their actions. Though she’s not sure people can think independently any more.

Hens streaming out of the sorority house eager to experience their freedom in the yard.

Still, it irks me to no end to think that irresponsible kids and others like them hold the key to my freedom.

Cranky rooster lords over the freedom of his hens.

And it turns out venting doesn’t make me feel any better about any of it.

Partying chickens don’t do social distancing.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

24 thoughts on “Chickens emulate pendemic behavior

  1. It’s silly …can’t remember which college was that had to close down a week after opening because the kids were all partying and covid was spreading.


  2. Well, cranky rooster is beautiful. Not your chickens, are they?


  3. I loved your “short story” with photos.


  4. There is the offending rooster. He thinks he’s all that, doesn’t he?


    • He sure does. He’s beautiful, but man. He comes running with his head down and his neck feathers all fluffed up and bites pretty hard. You can kick him in the mid section and he just flies up and back and then comes running again.


  5. What don’t young kids get? They are really that invincible? I don’t know, Dawn. I’ve seen on the news that some kids have gone home because college life and the total lack of social distancing was more than they could handle. Big cheer for those kids. That cranky rooster is quite the looker, though….

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    • I guess in any group of people there will be those that can think and do responsible things and those that are more likely to let responsibility fall to others. I’m just so frustrated that all the sacrifices we all made in March and APril and May and June are basically wasted as people stop being vigilent and let things get out of control. I am frustrated that I can stay inside and only go to the grocery store or on solitary camping trips and they get to see their families and friends. I’d like to see my family and friends too. I’d like to go to a concert. I’d like to PLAY in a concert. But I’ll stay home and go to the grocery store and not talk to anyone and skuttle home as fast as I can, washing my hands and covering my face. It’s just so messed up.


  6. Yes, yes, yes. I doubt that you can convince most of the party kids not to party. And I doubt that you can convince the adult anti-mask crowd to wear a mask. So, like you, I anticipate that we’ll be staying at home for a long, long time. People can be selfish, and we are just collateral damage to them.


  7. It is hard to think of being cooped up until a vaccine is available. But what a pretty Katie you have to look at!


  8. I sound like some old crank, but younger people seem only to be about “me”. Entitled, uncaring, unthinking about anyone but themselves. And of course invincible. Adults aren’t much better- a woman was in Staples here last week, she asked another woman to please put your mask over your nose, the woman without the masked knocked her down and broke her leg. This is our world. Hard to believe


  9. You know, it’s not just the kids. Nearly everywhere I go, I see people without masks — in stores or offices that have signs saying masks are required. What part of that don’t they get?? And I’m tired of playing by the rules, just to find out I’m protecting THEM but they’re doing nothing for ME! (Great photo of the Princess snoozing!)

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    • I know. Though I have to say the past couple of weeks I haven’t seen anyone out without a mask on. Not to say I’ve been out much. But at the grocery store yesterday there wasn’t one person without a mask. OK…it was 8 a.m. and there weren’t many people, and those of us that go that early are going because it’s safer then, so we’re already safety concious..but still…

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  10. It’s just horrible! If only people wore their masks! It ticks me off!

    Because of these crazy parties… many colleges who opened then closed and then went virtual. So most kids were sent back home to Mommy and Daddy where they belong. Hopefully and praying they didn’t get Mom and Dad sick.

    I’m thinking we are in limbo until there is a vaccine. And VOTE… it’s a crucial election!


    • Definitely a crucial election. I felt better after watching the Democrat covention…but I don’t think things will get better that quickly even after January, it’s a hard thing to turn around. I’ll watch the Republican convention too…just to see. At least I think I will…may not be able to handle it.

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  11. Oh those crazy ill-behaved pandemic-blind chickens! Smiling…I received an inspirational email the other day that basically said our minds tend to think things will always be the same as they are now. But everything changes, and it will be different eventually. I am going with that line of thinking. I suppose the folks in 1918 thought they would always be wearing masks, but it was only a relatively short time before they weren’t.


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