Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Technology frustration


It’s my own fault. I don’t like technology, I feel like I don’t understand enough, and I avoid figuring stuff out until stuff breaks and I’m stuck having to do something.

I feel like I’m half a generation out of step with the world. I can read instructions, and think I know what I’m supposed to do, but I can never quite execute it. That’s how I ended up with an A- on a coding class I took my last semester of grad school. I spent hours slaving over the homework, and got it all turned in, but each assignment was a marathon of agony.

She was showing off her best side.

Thank goodness the final grade was based so heavily on homework and not the final hands-on exam which I managed to get my name on but not much else.

Anyway. I’m still without Lightroom, my editing software. I’ve used up the 20 GB alloted storage just since last July when I purchased it. I don’t even need their stinking storage, I store all my photos on my laptop. Which had to be updated because I used up all the storage on my previous laptop too.

I think I have purchased the wrong version of Lightroom. There’s one called Lightroom Classic that doesn’t put your images into the cloud. So there would’t be a limit. But that’s not where I am.

Nom, nom, nom.

So my options are to delete the library in Lightroom, which also deletes those images from my files on my laptop, or buy more storage.

Of course as I explore these options I note that I can’t even figure out how to buy more storage. I’ve followed their links several times trying to find out what the next steps in storage might cost and I get absolutely nowhere. I’ve even followed the links through their help buttons and end up in the same nowhere place.

Just because this shot makes me smile. And I could use a smile.

I could start over and purchase Lightroom Classic…and just let my current version sit there, but I have to keep paying each year to keep what I have. Otherwise I guess they delete me. And my images, which deletes them from my files on my laptop. This infuriates me, as they don’t own those images.

But I digress. I could look for something entirely different that is more user friendly. Though I am not sure it’s not just me and I might struggle with any editing program. For example, one of my readers suggested a free program she uses called Fotor. I looked that up and there are versions for different Windows operating system. I don’t know what I have. So I tried to look that up by googling “How do I know what Windows I have?” and the explanation was so complicated I couldn’t even get through it.

This week in Michigan.

Which leads me back to this post. Any ideas or suggestions, preferably written in Grade 4 English, would be appreciated. Meanwhile I’ll keep adding photos straight from the camera to my posts.

It’s the least I can do in appreciation for your support.

Thanks everybody, sometimes mama just needs a little help.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

38 thoughts on “Technology frustration

  1. Your honesty is refreshing. And boy do I get it. I used to have photoshop and did pretty well with it…to a point. As with that and my camera I use a small percentage of the capabilities. Have you thought about doing a Lightroom tutorial. Or calling them and saying I got the wrong version and it’s really infuriating that it deletes my photos. I know what you’ll say…there isn’t anyone to complain to or get help from. That’s the most frustrating of all.

    So the most I can offer is “good luck.” 😉


    • I took a 2 day class from a local photographer for Lightroom, and one from another photographer in conjunction with night photography a few years ago. I think we’ve figured it out (my husband spent hours last night sorting through things). I’ll let you all know!


  2. When I tried to comment through the weird comment section on the web page, I struck out. You might look into Photoshop Elements which I used for several years a few years back. Otherwise, this is what I tried to post: This whole comment section is very weird. Anyway, I used to know how to find the Windows version info until Windows 8 drove me to Apple, but somewhere in the Windows control center there is an option that leads you to “about this computer” or similar. Sorry I’m not really any help.


    • I wonder what weird comment section you get? I think you are right about the “about computer” thingy that will tell me what version of Windows I have. I think knowing would be a good thing, even if I don’t need it to fix this particular problem right now.

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      • Comment section- no idea how I got to where I was, but the block for commenting was teeny tiny, and it made me jump through hoops then wouldn’t post my comment. Second try took me to where I wanted to be.


  3. I feel your pain when it comes to technological issues. I get so frustrated at times. I wish I had something to offer you other than empathy and sympathy. Believe it or not, I am still using Photoshop CS2 and Picasa (which no longer is supported by Google and probably doesn’t exist anywhere else in the universe at this time…lol!). I do have some new version of Lightroom on the laptop I use when traveling. I don’t know if that saves stuff on the Cloud or not. I don’t concern myself with it since I don’t use it much (and I have a backup for the images).

    Oh! I do have a suggestion, after all. I can’t help you with the learning part, but you could get an external hard drive and use that to backup your images. I have one that has an incredible amount of space (terabytes… 5, I think). They are not terribly expensive and they are really easy to use. The one I have now is Elements. My old one (which I did fill but doesn’t have nearly as much storage because it’s an old one) was a Passport. They are both plug ‘n play which means you just plug it into a USB port on your computer, and start copying stuff over. That way, Adobe can delete all they want and you don’t have to worry about it (or pay for extra storage). All that said, I’m told an external hard drive will not last forever so maybe you’d rather have your images on the Cloud? I don’t keep my external hard drive plugged in and only use to backup my images (or anything I want to save). I’m not sure how long they last. I’ve had the old one for a long, long time and it’s still working just fine.


    • P.S. I think your images straight from the camera are beautiful.


      • Thank you. Yes, we are in the process of doing a backup of my entire laptop, especially the photos. The thousands of photos, which I really should cull. Then we will decide what to do about Lightroom, but husband found something interesting last night and I think we may be on the road to resolution! Thank you for your help!


  4. You nailed it.
    In this house the word technology is a curse word. And nothing puts fear in my heart more than my mother saying, “I need help.”


  5. Sorry to hear about your frustrating experience with Lightroom. I hope you find a satisfactory solution. Your photos from your camera to your blog look great.


  6. Thanks for your honesty and I’m no help. I don’t even have a nice camera just my phone camera so I don’t edit anything. So y’all have to suffer with my photos I share as I love to take and share them!! That’s where I want you to know that I love what you share, even the ones that you aren’t using a photo editor. ❤️ However, I totally understand and feel your frustration as I’m technology challenged too, and your photos that you’ve shared that you edit are truly amazing and beautiful so I would be so frustrated in your situation. I hope you can figure out a way to either store your photos on a external drive so you can clear out Lightroom? Or find another photo editor. Now you have me wondering if I could use a photo editor on my photos from my phone camera. But I don’t know if I have time to go thru and edit them…. It’s all I can do to find the time to write and put together my blog posts. And continue reading and enjoying everyone else’s!! ❤️


    • Thank you for the compliment! I have to say phone cameras these days are pretty amazing. There are some situations, like evening low light, or nighttime in the city, where my phone does a better job than my Nikon!

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  7. I asked my husband to read this as he retired from the computer field. He agreed with Robin–external hard drive is the way to go. I have a 2 terabyte drive for my computer. He got mine from B&H (about $60), but Best Buy sells them, too. I don’t save anything on the cloud, Dawn. I almost got in trouble here on WP. In my effort to save space, I went back and began resizing my existing photos saved in WP. That came to a grinding halt when I realized that not only was it saving my newly resized photos, but also my original. Same as the cloud is doing with your photos–saving the original and your edits. My husband uses a Nikon program online to fix his photos. I just crop/resize mine on my computer, then import them from my computer to WP. I’m too cheap and not smart enough to figure out Lightroom!
    To find out what Windows system you have, R click on the start (Windows symbol) on the bottom L of your taskbar. Then click on Systems. If you scroll down to Windows Specifications, that will show what Windows system you have. I have Windows 10 Home. Hope things work out for you, Dawn. But, please know that your photos are beautiful as is!!


    • Thanks Lois (and husband too!) We have backed up the laptop, photos especially. And last night while my husband was bopping around within Lightroom (he got way further into it than I’ve ever managed) he found what program I’m on, and guess what? It includes Classic!!! We just never downloaded Classic. And this was confirmed by Mike’s comment (below), so I think I have found a solution…that I always had and didn’t know.

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      • Isn’t this great with so much help from everyone?! Especially with all the new stuff WP keeps churning out, I would be lost without help from my fellow bloggers. You got wonderful tips!

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  8. I can’t offer anymore than good luck either. Keep us posted!


  9. Hi Dawn… the options I found for storage upgrades are at the following link:

    You will need to login to your Adobe account and navigate to Account -> Plans -> My Plans -> Manage Plan

    I use the Photography plan ($9.99/month) which allows me to use Lightroom (cloud based, which I don’t use), Lightroom Classic (desktop based) and Photoshop (desktop based). This plan comes with 20Gb of storage but I do not use it.



    • Thanks Mike, you have confirmed what we finally figured out last night. I have the Photography plan too, but I had no idea it included Lightroom Classic! So I think we will be downloading that and that’s what I’ll use going forward, so my 20Gb of stored photos (the originals and the edited ones) can sit there in their library, and that way I can keep them in my files too. Thanks for the confirmation, I really appreciate your help!


  10. It’s such a nickel-and-dime business. You want the technology to do something, buy it, then it only does part of what you want it to do. SO there you are. I feel your pain, understand your irritation, and can’t help you avoid our technological overlords and their devious ways. But I get it!


  11. I hear ya!
    I have Photoshop Elements, which is pretty simple to use (but most of my editing is just cropping and adjusting exposure). I don’t import my pictures into its organizer. Elements doesn’t have a subscription and isn’t too expensive to buy. Not sure how to save your current photos though.


  12. I hear ya too! I’m taking a Tableau data visualization class that is supposed to be fun. I’m spending more time trying to figure out all the programs idiosyncrasies than i am on my Accounting homework. So frustrating.


    • Oh man. I spent hours, and I mean, sometimes 14 hours per homework, because though I understood the concept of the classwork, I didn’t know anything about the basics on how to start anything. It was SOOOO frustrating ,and time consuming. And accounting homework takes hours as well. I wish you loads of luck tryig to prioritize!


  13. Dawn, you might want to take a look at SmugMug.

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  14. I have two Simple Saves full of photos that are not compatable with my new Imac…so I use Jump drives to transfer photos…I can get Lightroom on my Mac it costs so much a month…My daughter does it that way. Right now I am just using the software that comes with the mac:)
    I have been going back into the Simple Saves deleting extra photos….that is a chore:)


  15. I hope you’ve figured out what works – I can relate to technology issues. I simply use Windows Photo editor. It suffices for what I do and it’s free with Windows. PS – Your photos you share always look wonderful.


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