Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


My name is Dawn and I’m an email hoarder

I know I have a hard time throwing things away, especially if there’s even the most remote connection to someone or some event that I enjoy. Just look around my house and you’ll know I have a little problem.

But I’ve just discovered I’m an email hoarder too.

This week I got a warning from the god of gmail telling me that I was almost out of space and I either had to make space or buy more space. I didn’t know there was a limited amount of storage in gmail land, but the notice did remind me that lately I haven’t been keeping up and whole days go by when I don’t read or delete them.

Maybe, if I’m honest, several days of any given month go by with unread and unsorted messages.

Oh I’m not ignoring all of you. Well. I guess I am sort of. I do scan the list of emails daily, looking for a imminent crisis or a class I might enjoy, or an invitation to something fun, or a catchy blog post title.

Even then I sometimes just star it so I can find it later.

So I wasn’t that surprised to look at my gmail account and see I had over 9,000 emails sitting there taking up space. I figured if I hadn’t gone back to read them and nothing terrible had fallen out of the sky to dampen my day I could just delete a few thousand of them without looking.

I find it’s easier to toss things out if I don’t look.

So for the past few days I’ve been deleting, in batches of 100 because I don’t want to delete all 9000 emails – there are more recent ones I might want to read. Really. But then I realized that all of these ‘deleted’ emails were sitting in the TRASH, and my numbers of stored messages wasn’t going down, it was just getting reorganized.

The warning at the top of my email account said one of the ways I might lighten the load was to empty the trash. Sure. But I couldn’t find TRASH in the long list of stuff on the left. And I didn’t have the patience to dink around looking. I remembered from a long time ago that you had to do something more than just scroll, but I couldn’t remember exactly what.

So I kept deleting from the back of my email list and figured eventually the gmail garbage truck would come by and empty my trash.

But this morning I got mad looking at that warning, so I sat down with a cup of tea and a buch of determination and asked the internet – “Where is the trash in my gmail, and how the heck do I empty it?”

That internet is so smart! It popped right up with the answer, as it appears I am not the only one that couldn’t figure this out. I had 8,000 items in my trash which I quickly deleted permanently. The message warning me about space restrictions is gone.

And my tea isn’t even cold yet.

But I have to say if Google wasn’t trying to sell everybody more space don’t you think TRASH wouldn’t be hidden? Shame on you Google. Taking out the trash shouldn’t have been such an effort.

Even for this technically challenged senior citizen.

I put this pretty picture here as a reward for slogging through my rant. 🙂


Visiting Aunt V

Sunday afternoon we all visited husband’s Aunt V.  She’s 97 now and doesn’t get out much unless it’s to visit a doctor.

Yes she's really 97.

Yes she’s really 97.

She was excited to see my sister.

We talked a bit about her last stay in a rehab facility and how glad she is to be home again.  She mentioned that she had called me and I hadn’t called her back.

“Did you leave a message?” I asked.

“No” she said.  Doesn’t your phone tell you that I called?

“Only if I look,” I say…’and I rarely look.”

She thought that was funny.

She thought that was funny.

Husband gets out his smart phone and shows his Aunt.  “She has one just like this,” he says, “But she’s not very good at using it.”

“Look,” he says, “I can post photos of the family on my Facebook page.

Looking at family photos

Looking at family photos

Then he shows her photos of her parents on their wedding day, his sister as a baby, groups of people from years ago.  She recognizes many of them, hadn’t seen some of the pictures before, hadn’t seen others in many years.

At the end of the pictures she grins and said, “That thing is pretty good!”

She’s more in tune with technology than I am.  Guess I’ll have to check my phone more often.

The girls.

The girls.


Sometimes change works out OK

Some of you have figured out that I successfully imported my old blog into this blog.  You got a message that there were over 1000 posts to read!  🙂  I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to read all 1000 again.  Really?  No?  Well…some were led down that path…and have commented on posts from a year ago when we were in California.

San Fran goodness.

I wish we had been able to go back out there again this year, but no, we’re still here in Michigan.

Meanwhile, change is coming  here as well…at least in the weather department.  Not too far north of us they have had snow.  And last night we got our first hard frost which killed the tomatoes and the dahlias.

The last bit of summer.

I’m so glad I cut most of the blossoms yesterday, so they’re in my kitchen now and I’m enjoying the last of their beautiful colors for a bit longer.

Summer glows as it slips away.

The leaves are changing faster and faster here too.  They are absolutely stunning!  I was worried that we wouldn’t get any fall color because we had so little rain this summer.  But once again I was wrong.

Fall arrives with fanfare.

It’s beautiful at work on my lunch walks, and it is beautiful around home too.  I have so many photos.  Every year I think the trees are the most beautiful they’ve ever been and I take more photos.

Waiting for the school bus.

This year was no exception

The air glows gold.