Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

National Sisters Day


Hey! Katie here!

Guess what? (You’re never going to guess.)

Nothing better on a nice breezy afternoon than a snooze on the deck.

Don’t I look cute? Yes? Well you know what? That’s not me!

This isn’t me either!

Surprise!!! I have a half sister and she lives kinda near me too! She and I share the same dad. She’s twelve years old, and she and her mom have done obedience together, just like me and my mom. Well, not just like, Payton and her mom were much better at it than we ever were!

Both of us hanging out while the folks talked.

Payton’s mom found us when we were listed in the catalog for one of our obedience trials. She contacted mama right away, but for some reason we’ve just never made the time to get together.

Here we are! Surprise!

But, as you know, time keeps marching on and the moms decided if we were going to meet we better hurry up and make a date. So on Saturday mama and daddy and I went over to Payton’s house!

The moms set us up together and than my mama motioned us to come so she could take a picture, but Payton didn’t get released by her mom so she sat still like a good girl. I am smiling because I think I won the race!

I was sort of scared, cause I thought we were going to the vet. The vet is pretty much the only place I go these days, and it’s never good news for me when mama and daddy are both up early and moving quickly through the house.

It’s like I have a mini-me!

I shook and panted the whole way over there (which took about a gazillion hours in dog time) but when we got there and daddy got me out of the car I could tell right away that we weren’t at the vet! It didn’t smell like vet at all!

Who’s got the treats people?

And then these nice people came out to pet me and I liked them both right away, and then we went around to the deck and there was this little sheltie girl. My goodness she is beautiful! (Of course she is, she looks like me!)

Payton got to run her own race for a treat. I told her I’d sit this one out.

She’s smaller than me, but she has a big personality. We touched noses and then sort of sniffed each other and then we pretty much ignored each other. That’s how shelties roll you know.

Isn’t she beautiful?

So the parents sat and talked for awhile and Payton and I mostly napped. Then we all decided to go for a walk on their land. Payton is so lucky! She has lots of acres to explore right there at her house! We walked on a beautiful mowed loop, most of it was in the shade so I liked it a lot!

It’s hard to tell us apart from behind too.

Of course mama had her camera. She kept making Payton and me sit for photos. I told Payton about my one shot one treat contract with mama. Payton doesn’t have any such contract with her folks, but I definitely think she should. She sits still way too long if you ask me. Personally I won’t stand for too much of mama’s photography foolishness, it gets in the way of me smelling all the good stuff.

Payton’s yard is just wonderful! I’d love to walk there every day!

Anyway, after we went for a walk we sat on the deck a bit longer, and then Payton’s mom went and got Payton’s little sister who had been waiting in the house all this time. Her name is Tally, and though she’s younger than Payton she’s a whole lot bigger!

I thought Payton’s mom was bringing out treats, so I went to the door to wait. Boy, I was surprised!

She’s a beautiful Gordon Setter and she’s as tall as the table! It must be fun to be her, she can help herself to her own treats! Personally I think shelties are height-challenged, but obviously we make up for it in cuteness.

Tally has the most beautiful eyes.

Anyway, it was getting time to go, so I went over to Payton’s dad and jumped on him to say goodbye. And to check if he had any treats of course.

Thanks for the great morning, Payton’s dad!

Then Payton and I both checked in with my dad.

We both need a treat before I hit the road, daddy!

It was the best day ever! I haven’t had fun like this since the whole covid thing happened to you humans! Visiting Payton was way more fun then vet visits or the groomer, and certainly better than camp!

Yep, we had a great time together. Especially when there were treats.

Who knew I had a sister? And Payton’s mom says today is National Sister Day, so I knew I needed to tell you guys all about mine! She’s sweet and beautiful and smart, just like me.

Mama sometimes got us confused when we wandered by her. Hee hee!

I sure am glad the moms organized the playdate, it would have been very sad if I never got to meet my sister. I hope I get to go on another walk with her later in the fall.

I think the moms love us very much.

Until then, sister, you keep your folks in line and I’ll do the same with mine. I hope I see you again soon!

I’m telling you Payton, one picture, one treat. You gotta let your folks know who’s in charge!

Love you lots,

your sister Katie.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

17 thoughts on “National Sisters Day

  1. A mini-Katie!! Can it get much better than that?! I don’t think so. Peyton is a beautiful little girl and I am so happy to hear you have a sister! You girls look adorable together.


  2. What a fun day for woo two PrincessKhollie sisters!

    Thanks for sharing –

    BTW, Tally is a beauty too!



  3. Happy National sisters day and what a beautiful day!! So wonderful to finally meet your sister Katie! Tell your mama the photos are all beautiful and WONDERFUL!! ❤️🐾❤️🐾


  4. Wow! You had a really special adventure, Katie!


  5. Oh, this post made me smile! Two beautiful Shelties! Plus a lovely Gordon setter. What a treat to get together with a half-sister.


  6. Two peas in a pod and the Sheltie moms even have similarly patterned shirts!!!


  7. Katie, I just spent a day with my half sister too! And we too had the same Dad but different Moms. How cool is that? My sister is smaller than I am too, but still she’s really cute, almost as cute as I am, just like you and your sister. Isn’t life funny like that? You find out something about yourself and then you find that it’s a really really great thing and brings a lot of joy and love to your life. Sending you and Peyton our very very best from me and my sister Marilyn.


  8. Aw, such fun for the pets and the parents! Playdates are the best medicine for dogs and humans alike. Ah, I could just feel the energy generated by their freedom to roam and nap! Beautiful dogs – and I’d never heard of the other breed – that’s a beautiful dog too! I hope you all get together again!


  9. What fun! An adventure for Katie!


  10. Glad you got to see your sister, Katie. You look a lot alike. I remember when Beckett met his litter sister, Hannah, it was like Luke Skywalker meeting Princess Leia, kind of meh. Keltic though loved Hannah.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Cute, cute. Such fun to know you have a sister and you both have moms who care. I have to say that you both photograph like pros.


  12. Great post Katie! Happy you were able to meet your sister.


  13. What FUN, Katie! Finding out you have a sister and then meeting her in person — and seeing she’s (almost) as cute as you, too! Your parents were wonderful to get you two together. When Dallas was here, his full sister got to spend 10 full days with us while her parents were away (seriously, I thought the two of them were gonna kill each other most of that time, ha!) Glad you had such a lovely experience on National SIsters Day!


  14. Now how fun was that! Loved seeing ALL the photos! Everyone looks happy all united.
    Happy August Katie and parents!


  15. What fun to see your sister! A fun day for you and getting treats too! 🙂 I think you are the prettiest!


  16. I think you two must be related to Chewy somehow as well! (or you must be the same breed or something 😊)

    The extreme fluffiness – oh, it is just the best!🐾


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