Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Fun, interesting, or stupendous things that may or may not have gotten done these past two years.


Back in 2019, instead of making a list of resolutions, I made a list of stuff I thought would be fun to do. I even ended up doing quite a few some of them.

So in 2020 I moved a few of the not done 2019 things to a new and improved list, and added a few more fun ideas, thinking about all sorts of exciting adventures and explorations.

And then covid.

2020 was brutal and I rarely looked at the list, though I did manage to do a couple of the fun things. But at the end of 2020, with the loss of my brother-in-law to covid, and so much overwhelming bad stuff happening, I never even made a 2021 list.

The 2020 list has been on my bulletin board ever since, reminding me that there are still interesting, fun and stupendous things to do, I just needed to figure out how to do them.

Here’s what was on that list, hanging on the bulletin board for the past two years and how it all turned out:

*Camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. — DONE the summer of 2021, two separate trips!

*Travel to Florida to meet the baby sheltie boys.–Not done, and they aren’t babies anymore.

*Purchase a set of extension tubes for my camera and explore macro photography. –DONE in 2020

*Make more vegetarian or vegan meals, goal being a least one per week. — Fizzled out

*Take a drawing class. — Not done.

*Spend several weeks in Alabama and invite friends to join me. –Well, I spent a couple weeks in 2021 there, but covid prohibited inviting anyone to come along.

*Walk in at least 3 5K races. — I think I did a total of 2 over the past two years. Both were virtual but fun.

*Improve my night photography skills. — I had an awesome time this past August shooting a meteour shower. I still have lots to learn.

*Spend a week in the Southwest.. –We were there in February of 2020, before we knew about covid.

*Ride my bike on some rails-to-trails around here. — Not done, and I have no idea why not.

*Take Katie camping at least twice this summer. — I tried once, in 2020, but she wasn’t having fun. We are probably limited to camping in the back yard these days.

So. Which of these should I include in my list of stupendous things to do in 2022? Or…should I abandon all of them and come up with some wonderful but wildly different fun stuff to do?

I feel like most of this can be done even in times of covid. But some of it feels stale too.

What would you keep, what would you add? What would you toss?

Inquiring minds (mine) want to know!

Some of your stupendous plans better include me and my park, mama!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

19 thoughts on “Fun, interesting, or stupendous things that may or may not have gotten done these past two years.

  1. I would probably revise the list but include only the things that made my heart smile when I thought about doing them. Time changes things. But – don’t plan on Covid disappearing, because I think he may have decided to hang around awhile longer.


  2. Love the macro! Seems like you could pursue that art class online…


  3. Pursue veggie/vegan for a bit, again? 😊🐷🐥🦆🐟🦀🐇
    It’s a challenge for me these days too.


  4. I would keep them all, but without pressure. If you can get to them and time and circumstances allow then great. Another approach would be to check off just one item on your list per month.


  5. I like the list. I make a few myself that need revisiting from time to time. I’m definitely partial to the photography related items; looking forward to more macros, a trip to the southwest and even Florida would be fun (when it feels possible again) and I might steal the night photography item to add to my own list… 🙂

    I agree with Carol, keep those that will make you smile.


  6. I’d keep anything to do with Katie. Macro shots of her camping with you in the backyard at night would be great. I’m not counting Covid out in 2022–how’s that for optimism–so the less pressure you have, the better. **Did I get it right, Katie?**


  7. I loved that you succeeded in getting your hands on a cello. Did you want to try a different instrument? Kazoo?
    Enhancing your watercolor skills using on line tutorials ought to count for your art class, and it doesn’t seem as though you’re done with that.
    Your bird photography skills have been improving. Where else will you go to find birds to shoot?
    Maybe you can convince a reluctant/chicken college friend to join you camping, or maybe some more wandering adventures.


  8. We love your list.

    Katie?? Camping?? How could woo expect Katie to love camping. Everypaw knows that the only princess that loves camping is Xena, the Warrior Princess. BOL

    Barky New Year,

    Gemini & Normandy


  9. Do what makes you happy and scrap the rest! Happy New Year!


  10. Rewrite your list but only include the things that bring you (& Katie) happiness.


  11. Your list contains some fun and interesting things, Dawn, but I’d scrap whatever doesn’t make me (and Katie!) smile. You know, you might not be so enamored of some of those things after all, since you’ve yet to do them. New year, new list. No problems with that!


  12. I would keep All-Things Katie on the top of your Stupendous Things To Do List. Even if it is camping in your backyard.
    Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!


  13. I do hope you will find time and the right teacher and take a drawing class. You are already so good with your watercolor — you are a natural — that I think you would really love working more in this direction.

    I think it’s great how many things you did in 2021, especially the trips to the U.P. Go, girl!


  14. Oh my, what a question you ask, what a door you open! 🙂 Ok, first off I’ve been loving your night photography. And I think Katie will be #1 on your list this year. I love how you strike out words in your blog sometimes and then add the real words, might try that too on my blog. 🙂 Wow, macro photography, I didn’t even know what it was until I researched it after your comment. Naw, go ahead and eat meat, we’re carnivores after all. My vegan naturopathic physician was dismayed to find that my body tested that it NEEDED meat protein … mostly deep sea white fish (cod, halibut, etc) and venison and lamb, all of which I like. Camping, traveling, walking … yes do all of that. I love that “storm” quote, the one on your t-shirt. Oh, music … do music! Or drawing … you obviously have an eye. I have loved cello music all my life, but played piano and flute. I’ve had “take cello lessons” on my list for three years but haven’t done it. Ok, I’ll move it up to the top. 🙂 Do what you love, what makes you happy, and my love to Katie.


  15. I should make a list of things to do, apart from travel. I hope I get to make my trip out West but I can’t wait until international travel becomes easier.


  16. Come up with a way to merge Truck Safety and your watercolors.


  17. Happy New Year, Dawn. How about starting your ‘to-enjoy’ list with one fun thing for Katie and you together, and one fun thing for you.


  18. For me, I struggled those two years too with balancing the thoughts of what I couldn’t do with what I could do instead. The latter is better. Anything that is new, like your night photography excursions will likely spark happiness. I hope you find many moments like that in 2022!


  19. New year……new list. Anything that feels more like a “should” needs booting to the curb. Interests change…..lists should too. 🙂


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