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…but change is certain.

Barn music


I’m having trouble with my clarinet. Some of it is me having to play through a mask. But most of the problem revolves around sticky pads. For several notes when I move my fingers there’s a delay in the movement of keys.

This farm was the reason I got off the freeway.

In normal times that might not be a huge problem, as I’d be one of twelve or so clarinets. But at Tuesday night’s rehearsal we only had two clarinets so I could hear myself, and it wasn’t good.

These two caught my eye right away.

Wednesday I drove my clarinet to a music store about an hour away. Of course nothing was sticking when the technician checked it out. I told him the problem only becomes noticible when the instrument is warm, after I’ve been playing for half an hour or more.

Snow and red barn.

He nodded and took it into the back room, I guess to give it a stern talking to.

I loved the little dormer.

In a few minutes he brought it back, saying the pads were dirty and he cleaned them. Of course, until I try to play it for awhile I won’t know whether the issue is fixed.

I guess I should get to practicing.

I turned around to get this image.

So where do the barns fit in? Well, I drove through farm country to get to the music store, and had my camera with me. I got off the freeway and wandered around those snowy fields for a little bit before hustling home.

Sitting alone on a corner.

I figured that way I wasn’t wasting all that gas just to get a couple key pads cleaned.



Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

39 thoughts on “Barn music

  1. You have so many barns by you! The one with the little dormer is a sweetheart.


    • We do. I hadn’t explored down south of where I live looking for barns. I’ve always gone west and/or north. There’s really farm country all around me. I was very pleased by these barns, all within maybe 5 miles from each other.

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  2. You are the barn photo queen, you need no excuse to drive anywhere and for any length of time to take photos of barns. We love them! You are the best!
    Yep, get that clarinet warmed up. Some day maybe you could tell us where the word “clarinet” came from, and tell us what early instruments looked like … and what some of your favorite clarinet music is.

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    • I don’t think I know very much about where clarinets came from…but I can try to find out! My favorite clarinet music is someting fun that I can actually play, with notes that are in the lower register because I love that sound. I’m not a fan of the really high squeaky notes.


      • I stopped playing piccolo because of the high notes, I just didn’t like them coursing through my body and my head. I stuck with flute, and then piano for a decade or two, and now I go camping and listen to the wind and the birds. 🙂 If I had it to do over again, I’d go with cello or bass/tenor clarinet.


  3. Not wasting gas at all. What a beautiful set of photos!


  4. Yes, it is always a good idea to multitask! 😉

    Beautiful barns!


  5. You are so lucky to have so many cool barns in driving distance. WOW! Love this so much and I hope your clarinet doesn’t stick anymore when you play! 💞🤩


  6. Absolutely right! I think I can almost hear the barns humming and singing, glad that someone noticed them. 🙂 I hope the cleaning did the trick.


    • I think these particular barns, as beautiful as they are, must get noticed regularly. But maybe people who live there see them every day and no longer notice their beauty. I hope not! I’m going to play some today and hope the issue is resolved as well!


  7. Absolutely right! Always worth a stop fir such beauty


  8. I’ve never seen a barn with a dormer before — how cool!! And it looks like you got just enough snow to “pretty up” the countryside, without making travel treacherous. You’re fortunate in having a clarinet technician nearby. Every time my flute pads get icky, I have to ship it to Michigan for repair and wait for it to return. Only two clarinets at rehearsal? Yikes, where are the others??


    • I live an hour away from Michigan State University, and so there are lots of great places near. I also live an hour away from University of Michigan, and odds are there’s a music store there as well. Where do you ship your flute? Last week, apparently, was a bad day for lots of people. 3 of our clarinets players are in high school and they were studying for exams. But I don’t know where the rest were. Ricky and I held down the fort.

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      • Everybody here sends their flutes to Flute Specialists in Clawson, MI. The map tells me it’s northwest of Detroit. Of course, I suppose beginning band students simply let their band directors mess with repairs, but after you trade up to a better quality instrument, you don’t just let *anybody* fix it! Is that close to you?


  9. I played clarinet in high school. I remember sticky pads. I don’t remember how I got them unstuck, now that I think on it. As for wasting a drive, pish posh. You solved a problem and you took some lovely photos in the process. Win-win


    • Definitely a win-win. I knew I was going to be driving through farm country to get to the music store, so I was hopeful even though the sky was lead and not interesting when I left home. I hope the problem is resolved. I need to practice about an hour to know for sure.

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  10. I hope you got your clarinet fixed. I love old barn pictures its fun to pick a subject and just shoot those pics for a day. Great pics.


  11. More barns! Hurray!


  12. I love that you post barn photos. And that you stick with your clarinet, even during hard times.


  13. Can you even play clarinet in/through a mask? I cannot imagine!


  14. Any excuse we have to send you out to take barn pictures is OK with me.


  15. Red barns and white snow just go together! Way to have your camera along with you. I used to play the clarinet in 7th grade. I bet even with sticky pads your playing sounded better than mine back then! LOL!


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