Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.



I heard a helicopter fly over late last night. And the night before. I don’t know why or where it’s going, but it makes me think about the people in Ukraine, and what they’re hearing fly over, or roll by outside their windows. And I wonder how they are sleeping while hiding in an abandoned subway or in an old bomb shelter. And I think about those trying to leave the country, walking miles, standing for hours, the men being turned back to fight, women and children trying to find a safe place to rest. My heart breaks for them all.

Last week I dog sat for a neighbor who was out of town for a couple days. The dog’s favorite indoor game was to retrieve his tennis ball. So I’d roll it under the ottoman fast enough that it would appear on the other side. He figured it out pretty quick, either waiting for it over there, or trying to keep me from rolling it past him in the first place. As he was pouncing on my hand, moving so quickly that it was almost impossible to get it past his big feet and long tongue, I had a memory flash. We used to play “Sheltie in the middle,” with one of us sitting on the floor on one side of the room, and one of us on the floor at the other side. We’d roll her tennis ball back and forth and Katie would try to get it. She usually did. Then she’d prance to one or the other of us and give us the ball to play again. I had forgotten she used to play like that. My heart cracked just a little.

Unrelated heartbreak. It’s everywhere.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

24 thoughts on “Unrelated

  1. Yes, it is. However, I am so moved by the outpouring of care, concern, and grief for Ukrainians that I am seeing everywhere. On this post—so beautifully put. On other posts. On Facebook, where people are displaying Ukraine’s colors. In my own circle. Yes, we humans can be nasty and brutal, but we can also be kind and empathetic for folks who are far, far away. It gives me great comfort to know people like you are out there.


    • We can show our support, and I’m sure that will help the few that have time or resources to get online, but there is so little else to do to help. If I lived in a border town in Poland I’d be able to offer spare rooms to those women and children and old men that made it across. I hear some are doing that, and I applaud them. Hopefully the Red Cross and other large organizations with funds can set up housing for all these people. But then there are those that can’t get out….or won’t.

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  2. It surely is beyond frightening and sad –
    My heart aches as I watch the coverage on MSNBC/CNN seeing them flee and.or stay and battle The EVILness of it all


  3. Well said, Dawn, and thank you for saying it. Such wickedness makes my heart ache. “Sheltie in the middle” is a game Domer and I played with Dallas, and we all loved it. We’re teaching Monkey, too. He’s much faster than Dallas, and he’s able to catch a thrown ball in the air, so the rules aren’t engraved in stone. We’ll figure it out as we go.


    • No rules engraved in my game with the neighbor dog either, except he got to slobber on me at will. Katie didn’t seem to mind that I was cheating with another dog as long as I came home to her. She’s a sweet little one.

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  4. There is heartbreak – but there is also love, and wonderful memories, and still people reaching out to help others. Those things just often get pushed to the back and aren’t reported on as vigorously as the heartbreak is. I have to remind myself of this regularly. Hugs.


    • Yes there is. But I wish there was more we could do to help from here. Meanwhile Katie is still making memories, just different ones these days. Like right now she’s huffing at me because it’s been a millisecond since she got any attention.

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  5. Poignant. You’ve gracefully explained how it comes in large and small ways. Some days it hovers overhead, other days it rolls on by. Still, it is there.


  6. Seeing our pets age so much faster than us is sad.. As is the situation in Ukrainian.


  7. A lovely, thoughtful post.


  8. I can only imagine how scary it is for all the people in the Ukraine, I sure hope other free countries help them out and soon or they will be next:(


  9. You’re such a kind-hearted soul, your words are very touching for all. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


  10. If each of us is NOT contacting our Senators and Representatives in Congress, then we aren’t doing what we say we want to do … help the people of Ukraine. If we aren’t contributing extra money to the Red Cross and such, then we aren’t helping. How else are other people here who read this blog helping? I’d like more options for what I can do to help. I’m already doing both of the above, but I can do more if only I know what to do. Besides the people and the country of Ukraine, there is talk that Russia/Putin is “walking out” and, if not stopped HERE, then they will continue. This could be WWIII, y’all know that right? You may doubt these reports … but are you willing to risk that? Please share what you’re doing so the rest of us can too.

    I live near JBLM, joint base Lewis McChord, a BIG military base south of Seattle. Over the past few days, there have been many explosions, many practice bombings, many huge artillery gunfire, day and night, heard for many miles around. They wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t critical. Please understand this is critical.


    • I’m sure all the bases across the US are getting ready just in case. I think donations to organizations that have a track record of actually helping on the ground works. It’s hard to know who those organizations are though. I haven’t seen anything about the Red Cross being there, though I hope they are. Actually haven’t seen anything about any organization from the US being there to help.


      • I haven’t either Dawn, makes me wonder about the complicity of the USA military and government. 😦 Don’t you bet for one moment that our “intelligence” isn’t doing exactly the same as their “intelligence”. Sigh. This isn’t my idea of a world where people care about each other.


  11. Piece by piece our hearts break with the changes age brings. ❤


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