Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.



Have I mentioned lately that change is hard?

My laptop went through an update. I don’t even know for sure who was doing the updating, and I certainly don’t know what was being updated.

Cardinal on a can

What I am certain of is that I didn’t request the update. It just happened.

So I’m finding, in the process of working on stuff, what has changed. Mostly, it seems, it’s in how pictures are being stored.

And where.

Crow with a snack.

I was feeling pretty cocky when I figured out how to find my images. It looks different, and it’s in a different place, but they’re all there. That was a relief.

But then I went to download images I took yesterday.

Buck looking for love.

WHOA. That process seems to be entirely different.

I don’t know how the images are being chosen to download and even scarier, I don’t know WHERE they are being saved.

Cardinal in a bath.

I used to be able to choose to download only the most recent images and I could pick which folder I wanted images to go into. Now there doesn’t seem to be a choice.

Since I can’t figure out where the images will go, even if I am successful in finding the download link, button or whatnot, I stopped.

Chickadee complaining about having to drink bath water.

I put the card back in the camera and I will do some research before I try again.

Female cardinal wondering what all the fuss is about.

Why do things have to be changed? Was there something wrong with the way we downloaded files before? Or is this some sort of job security for the people that design software?

Couldn’t there be some sort of warning and maybe even some instructions before they do these things?

Bluejay calling his mates to come and get something to eat.

And who is this ‘they’ that has such power anyway?


Woodpecker reflecting on why dinner is not on his feeder. And staring at us inside to make sure we are aware of his discontent.

Change is hard.

(Meanwhile, enjoy some images I had already downloaded but never got around to using before today)

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

28 thoughts on “Change

  1. It is definitely a test of adaptability, endurance, and patience. I find that my supply of each of those things reduces every year. There are times that even Google doesn’t resolve my problem, which is when the steam starts coming out of my ears. Love your photos – thank you!


  2. Yes! “Technology” should be a four letter word!
    But the birds are great!


  3. Nice shots! Keeping us on our heels seems part of the plan. 😉


  4. I am becoming my mother! I didn’t understand how she could fail to grasp the “simple” aspects of technology. Now I get it! Change IS hard!


    • LOL. I’m becoming my childhood cranky neighbor…..”Get off my grass!” PLUS I’m sure he never ever had anything to do with anything technical. I’m trying not to be that old woman…but it’s hard when in reality I am that old woman.


  5. Oh, these images are fabulous, Dawn. WHY do they always have to change what itsn’t broken? WP with their bloody block, updates on computers not asked for causing us more grief instead of giving us something easier to work with.
    I say it’s job security they are creating for themselves!


    • When I used to be a runner it was the same. You’d finally find a pair of shoes that was PERFECT and when you went to buy a new pair they had changed something strategic in your shoe…like a higher arch, or a change in how it laces or something else that totally ruins the shoe for you so you start over again searching for the perfect shoe….I know it was just to make us buy a more expensive shoe!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. My phone did an update. Now if I text a question to someone and I don’t get a response, my phone poses a question to me: “There has been no response. Do you want to try again?”
    The photos are great, Dawn. That last one is so cute. Yeah, little woodpecker, I feel your discontent. **heavy sigh** Good luck with the update. I have never liked those things.


    • Well that sounds stupid…you know there has been no response….I get something like that on emails if someone doesn’t reply in a few days…I guess that’s SORT of handy. But really….I have enough people/things reminding me of stuff I should be doing. I thought I was retired!

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  7. Such lovely birds, and their expressions are wonderful! I’m with you on the updates and changes — probably we all are! I imagine some of the “improvements” are in the guise of security, but you’re right: we should at least have a chance to know why they’re doing stuff, what they’re doing, and have an opinion on whether we want to participate.


    • I think you’re right in that some of it is a security thing…and that’s fine, that shouldn’t change how I download photos! Or where I go to find email. Or even how I shut the laptop down! No one ever asks the users….and if they DO talk to users they are probably 18 year old users! Not the same as us regular old folks who are struggling not to be left behind.

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  8. I completely sympathise. It’s bad enough with any software but pictures are especially scary. For months after an update, my MacBook would not let me move pictures around in folders without dragging other ones I didn’t want to drag too. Eventually they fixed it with an update, but did nobody move a picture around a folder before they ‘improved’ it?
    My saved shortcut into WordPress goes into my stats page then I move around from there. WordPress have just added a weekly summary which cannot be hidden and irritates me. I dare say it is nothing to be irritated by but, like you say, it seems to symbolise that they feel able to regularly go into our online home and move all the furniture around when we’re not looking. Sigh. I hope you soon sort out the new picture routine.


  9. Ugh! I feel your pain. I know my computer prompted me to “upgrade for free” and I opted to keep what I had, thank you very much 😀

    I think gmail is about to go through a change too…..last time you were able to keep the old version, hope that is still true.

    Good luck!


  10. Change is inconvenient, isn’t it? Especially when it comes as a surprise and nobody asks us


  11. I had the same thing happen when I downloaded my photos after some update. It just downloads to “pictures” and I need to go locate them and make a folder. A real pain and so unnecessary! Your photos are so wonderful to scroll through!


  12. Can’t agree with you more. I’m sure it has to do with job security and if you screw up your pc/ipod/laptop/whatever then you have to buy a new one. I wish I lived close to you, Dawn, I’d find those files/images for you. Might be in a “downloads” folder but there may be more than one folder named that on your computer. I’m a retired Microsoft Systems Engineer and it’s frustrating even for me. Windows 11 is crap. Stick with Windows 10.


  13. I completely agree with you, Dawn, and I would go further and say that often change is pointless! Of all the changes on the Blogger platform, I haven’t noticed a single improvement, and there are many difficulties that weren’t there before. On Facebook, I now have to “switch profiles” when I go back and forth between my personal page and my business page. Why? It’s me either way!

    But not knowing where your photos are going or how to find them or even being able to choose them — that would scare me, too! I know you will figure it all out, but good luck!


  14. I dislike feelings powerless, thinking I see powerlessness…it blocks me from that thing that keeps my innards at a peaceful and less emotional swinging place. When I (think/believe) lose, they panic as if life was ending right this very moment unless I (fill in the blank) I rarely notice that the real panic is that I lost my inner peace and stability, that thing that intuitively lets me know what to do next. I often make a mess of things when I cannot sit and wait for that inner space to return before I try fixing things. I tell myself I Love fixing things (sometimes that is a lie too).

    Might I suggest there is a restore point, you might be able to put things back, and back up everything externally while you seek good orderly direction as to what occurred or new directions to get done what you want? SO so scary when Fear dominates me!


  15. I love all the bird photos, and how you’ve captured them in action. I feel your pain in the pictures, it happened to mine too. Change is hard!


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