Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


Facebook fail

The first of every month my Facebook friend, let’s call her KB, posts a greeting that is unique to her. Yesterday was December 1 and KB was nowhere to be found. I searched my friends list, no KB. Did she unfriend me? Had I done something to offend her?

It’s not likely, if KB doesn’t like something she’s more likely to tell you than unfriend you. But other scenarios I could imagine were much worse. So I checked with another Facebook friend, who was also worried and had been searching for KB too.

I decided to email KB and ask her if she and her family and business were OK. I wasn’t sure I’d hear back, we’re not frequent emailers, I wasn’t even sure the email I had was still good. I considered googling her name, but didn’t want to find bad news. So I waited.

And guess what? KB emailed back almost instantly! She was fine! Her business was fine! Her family was fine!

What’s not fine? Facebook is not fine. She says Facebook ‘assassinated’ her a few weeks ago. She doesn’t know what happened. Maybe she was hacked, but there’s no definitive proof of that. All she knows is that Facebook erased her and all her associated pages including her Instagram.

I add an image of Katie-girl, enjoying the sunset on Lake Michigan, because KB loved Katie too. And because everyone can use a little Katie once in awhile.

She’s been working ever since to get it restored but she says Facebook has virtually no customer service and she’s come to a dead end for every clue or suggestion she’s tried to pursue. She says she’s grieving her Facebook friends, those she only connected with via the social media platform.

And she wonders about others out there, maybe isolated individuals with access to others only through a platform that can summarily dismiss you forever with no options and no consequences to them.

So….what’s the deal Facebook? If KB said something you objected to (and I can’t imagine what that would be) don’t you usually give second chances? Some explanation? Something??

And how come a big company like you doesn’t have adequate customer service? KB hasn’t even been given an explanation as to what happened. Is this the way you run your organization? Giving Tuesday was this week, you’ve done a good job in helping nonprofits raise money for their causes…so you care….right?

So how about caring about an individual who’s fighting to stay connected to her community? Ignoring her is not a good look. Facebook.



Have I mentioned lately that change is hard?

My laptop went through an update. I don’t even know for sure who was doing the updating, and I certainly don’t know what was being updated.

Cardinal on a can

What I am certain of is that I didn’t request the update. It just happened.

So I’m finding, in the process of working on stuff, what has changed. Mostly, it seems, it’s in how pictures are being stored.

And where.

Crow with a snack.

I was feeling pretty cocky when I figured out how to find my images. It looks different, and it’s in a different place, but they’re all there. That was a relief.

But then I went to download images I took yesterday.

Buck looking for love.

WHOA. That process seems to be entirely different.

I don’t know how the images are being chosen to download and even scarier, I don’t know WHERE they are being saved.

Cardinal in a bath.

I used to be able to choose to download only the most recent images and I could pick which folder I wanted images to go into. Now there doesn’t seem to be a choice.

Since I can’t figure out where the images will go, even if I am successful in finding the download link, button or whatnot, I stopped.

Chickadee complaining about having to drink bath water.

I put the card back in the camera and I will do some research before I try again.

Female cardinal wondering what all the fuss is about.

Why do things have to be changed? Was there something wrong with the way we downloaded files before? Or is this some sort of job security for the people that design software?

Couldn’t there be some sort of warning and maybe even some instructions before they do these things?

Bluejay calling his mates to come and get something to eat.

And who is this ‘they’ that has such power anyway?


Woodpecker reflecting on why dinner is not on his feeder. And staring at us inside to make sure we are aware of his discontent.

Change is hard.

(Meanwhile, enjoy some images I had already downloaded but never got around to using before today)