Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Looking for art on a grey day


I wasn’t ready to go home after I visited the Veterans’ Cemetery, so I headed over to a park I don’t get to very often.

I thought maybe I’d wander the trails a bit and see what was there. But when I arrived I was drawn, as usual, to the pier that runs out into the small lake.

It was a cold day, still grey, but I was having fun using the wide angle lens, and that kept me from noticing the cold for awhile.

I took several wide shots of the scenery, but noticed a lot of smaller stuff I thought was interesting, so once I got the big picture out of the way I went back to the car to warm up and change the lens.

Mostly I was interested in the weed and grass reflections in the still, frozen water alongside the pier.

I particularly liked this clump of grass.

And these curves had me too.

I spent a long time out there on the pier, so I didn’t get to the trails. That’s my excuse anyway.

You see, Katie and I used to come here once in awhile and walk the trails…and as I looked toward the woods where we had explored I knew I wasn’t ready to go back without her.

She would have loved the cold, and would fit right in with all the reddish browns I saw that day.

Sure do miss my girl.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

45 thoughts on “Looking for art on a grey day

  1. Looks like another beautiful day at Rose Oaks. There are no dull days there


  2. I love reflections, and it’s interesting what you can see when you really study things as simple as grasses. Great photos!


  3. The grasses and their reflections are beautiful, and I know what you mean about familiar places without a former beloved companion. Hugs! Glad you got out with your camera, though.

    I was just finishing up this comment when I received an e-mail with a comment from you for my blog! It isn’t easy, this grief thing, but we just keep going, one foot in front of the other, day by day.


  4. Doggone it, now my eyes are leaking! I miss Katie, too, and can perfectly understand why tackling the trails isn’t going to come easy. You’ll get there! One day, you’ll be drawn in and the memories will wash over you … and you’ll smile. I know it feels hard now, but grief takes take. Another warm, fuzzy pup will help … but don’t rush that either. In the meantime, you’ve got some great shots (and I, too, would’ve been drawn to the pier!)


  5. You got some great weedy reflections! Katie is still with you just differently:)


  6. I’m smiling just picturing the little Princess reminding us of how pretty she looks and, of course, the ‘one picture one treat’ clause in her contract. Katie had all of us so well-trained. Your photography is outstanding, Dawn. Katie would have noticed that, too. Especially the pictures with her in them. 💕


  7. Absolutely beautiful photos and reflections!


  8. Oh yes, those colors would be a perfect backdrop for Katie~girl.

    These grey days can seem so bleak and depressing, but you always seem to be able to find some beauty.


  9. Aren’t there 50 shades of grey?


  10. I’m sorry to read that Katie isn’t here. Sending hugs and prayers for comfort knowing she loved you too.


  11. Shelties love brisk weather. I like how the colors reminded you of Katie.


  12. I like photo #5 best. Well, except maybe for that last photo. Except I like Katie photos best.


  13. Sometimes the gray day will allow us to see things and notice things we wouldn’t on a sunny day. I love these images. Beauty in nature

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  14. Aww, Dawn, I miss seeing your Katie-girl too. She seemed to enjoy her walks to the very end. My Aero couldn’t handle my past paced walks in his last year, so I put him in the stroller for longer walks, which he loved, or I would take him for a short walk down our street and then hand him back to his dad.

    Your images of gray are beautiful–gray is a great backdrop for art as you say. The image of the marsh with the gray backdrop and white ice is stunning in its simplicity. I added this post to my Sunday Stills white and gray color challenge if you don’t mind!


  15. Dawn, your images are magical. I love the marsh!


  16. The park offered many macro opportunities. I liked the clump of grass, too. Thank you for sharing Dawn.

    I understand the hurt of loss being too raw to walk in the woods without Katie. I miss seeing her here, too.

    It is with great sadness that I share this news. On Dec 29, I lost Gracie. She had been her happy, hoppy, smiling , rambunctious, puppy self that morning. When she was overcome with happiness should would jump straight up on all fours. Gracie had breathing issues late morning. I thought she was having a panic/anxiety attack as we had gone to the groomer that morning. Gracie was panting and trembling – nothing I could do would calm her. I took her to the vet. They diagnosed congestive heart failure. We had just been there for her annual the week before along with 3 other visits since Sep. seeing multiple vets in the practice. Her heart condition was undiagnosed.

    I could have taken her the ER vet hosp…my vet made sure that we could be seen by a cardiologist. However, Gracie‘s situation was so dire that they did not think that she would make thru the night. The ER would have given her oxygen and IV fluids. My vet said that that even that would not make much of a difference and I would have a $4K bill. We decided that I would take Gracie home with meds – maybe against odd things would turn around. Sadly, Gracie was gone by the time we got home. My heart is broken.

    Gracie turned 13 in August and had no ongoing health issues. I am still in shock that things happened so fast. She was fine in the morning…gone that evening. Like Chloe, my first Westie, who passed away at 13 1/2, Gracie left on her own terms, saving me from having to make a decision for her.

    I talk to Gracie as if she was still physically here. She was my little shadow – always by my side or nearby to keep a watchful eye on me. I was so blessed to have her in my life. I know she is here with me – I can feel her presence. Eventually my heart will heal and be ready for a little girl Westie pup.


    • I am SO sorry to read this about your Gracie. How traumatic. Katie had been doing well till the last few months when she’d have good and bad days, so we knew. Making the decision was gut wrenching. But at least I had a few days to memorize her and say goodbye. I’m so sorry. Sending you hugs.


  17. Your post is poignant, especially for those of us who have lost pets recently. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your pictures are hauntingly familiar. They seem so similar to a place in CA that we visited this spring – only cold and gray. I hope you feel better as you keep active as you heal.


    • I’d love to see the California version! Especially if it’s not cold and grey! 🙂 I do try to stay active, though sometimes that’s hard because I end up at places she and I loved, and I see her everywhere. She will always be my girl. Grinning and spinning and leaping to catch snowballs, or walking through leaves that got stuck in her fur, or running with the wind blowing her fur, or cocking her head at me if I forgot to bring her treats. We were a team, but she got to be team leader. Always a princess.

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  18. What beautiful choices and photos….I think they’d fit well with this coming Sundays theme of silence.

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  19. I do believe you did find art on that beautiful day!


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