Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


Be brave

In the past two days, since we moved north and west from Duluth Minnosota, we’ve explored Canadian waterfalls…

Kakabeka Falls

…and a fur trading fort set in 1816.

Fort William

Tonight as I sort through those images there are plenty I’d like to show you. But you’ve all seen waterfall images (though even I think the falls up here are pretty spectacular) and I’ve shared lots of forts in past travel posts.

If you like, once I get home, I’ll post some of my favorite shots from those experiences. But this post will focus on our adventures last night, when we drove to the top of the Sleeping Giant mountain to watch the sun set.

There’s potential for a spectacular sunset.

The road up was almost 6 miles of bumpy, rutted dirt. When we got near the top the road disappeared into pure rock. We were driving on the top of the mountain! There’s a viewing deck up there, but not exactly what I expected.

Not quite the nice wide deck I was expecting.

It’s a metal walkway extending out from the side of the mountain, 100 meters above the lake shore below. The floor is made of wooden slates…

Ummmm…don’t look down.

…that you can see between. It’s a very long way down and it took me a few moments to stop feeling light headed enough to slowly creep my way out toward the end.

It helps if you hang on to the railing and concentrate on the horizon.

But when I finally did, the view was astounding.

Picture perfect.

And to my right the lowering sun made the cliff glow.

The light on the cliff against the dark clouds was breathtaking.

I couldn’t keep from feeling a thrill to be out there…

It was amazing! photo credit to my husband.

…even though there really wasn’t much of a sunset.

Just before the rain came.

It was scary, being so high above Thunder Bay, but I’m glad we went. If you’re ever nearby I recommend you venture out too!

Just don’t look down.

Good night sun!


A little Montreal

Old City Montreal.

Old City Montreal.

I’m getting behind again, I can just feel it. So many photos, so little time. Let me try to give you the abbreviated version of what we saw in Montreal. You already saw two places in yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday; the Notre Dame church and the City Hall, both lit up during the night.

We enjoyed walking around the old city in the lovely warm night air, listening to musicians singing and playing instruments, the notes echoing from the beautiful buildings up into the starlit night.

As we wandered the narrow streets many restaurant and bar windows were open, the customers turning into advertisements for the fare inside.

Waiting for a table or just enjoying a drink?

Waiting for a table or just enjoying a drink?

Evening darkened the square in front of Notre Dame; a horse and buggy team stopped for a rest and a chat.

Break time.

Break time.

We had a wonderful dinner at this restaurant and I loved how the lights were glowing as we walked back out into the street.

Warm light on a warm evening.

Warm light on a warm evening.

Then we wandered down by the river, enjoying the lit buildings as we people watched the other tourists.

More lights.

More lights.

In the morning we walked one last time through the narrow streets. There weren’t so many people out and about as the night before.

Out for a morning stroll...or on their way to work?

Out for a morning stroll…or on their way to work?

We stopped to see the inside of the Notre Dame Church. It’s spectacular.

Awe inspiring.

Awe inspiring.

Then we headed over to the Biospehere, the old Expo 67 United States Pavalion which is now a museum discussing how humans have changed the world’s ecosystem.

Memories of 1967

Memories of 1967

It wasn’t all good news. There are several exhibits including one that snows and rains on you. Another one has designer clothes made out of material that had been headed for a landfill.

Wonder what's in that purse?

Wonder what’s in that purse?

For all my dog friends, this dress was made out of what appear to be doggie bags…and not the kind you get at a restaurant. If you know what I mean.

But the best part about visiting the Biosphere was sitting out on the deck up top and looking at the Montreal skyline through the structure of the sphere.

There's a nice cool breeze up here.

There’s a nice cool breeze up here.

The skyline was pretty….but soon enough we had to move on.

Quite the view.

Quite the view.

Gotta get some sleep. Tomorrow is Quebec.

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