Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


Tunnel time

Katie here. Yes, I’m still around, someone’s got to supervise the little one, and who better than me, right? After all, I had a hand paw in finding her for mama and daddy, so I keep tabs on her just to make sure she’s following the rules I set up for the household more than fifteen years ago.

Piggy! My favorite tunnel toy!

But I can see that I might have to remind some of you that there is nothing new on earth. All the games that little Miss Penny has ‘invented’ I thought of first.

Penny’s favorite tunnel toy is Blue!

Yep. I heard mama tell the little one that I was the beautiful one, but she’s the smart one. Well. Let me remind you all that I outsmarted mama lots of times. And I have the stories to prove it.

I was also much more patient with mama and the camera than little Penny is.

But today let me share with you that mama kind of teared up the first time she tossed a toy in the tunnel and smartie-pants ran through the tunnel and brought it back.

Way to go little Penny!

Because, you see, that was one of my all time favorite games. And Penny plays it just like I did, even though mama and daddy didn’t teach her.

Piggy in the tunnel!

Well of course they didn’t. I have a direct line to Penny’s little brain and I’m always guiding her. So the next time you all think she’s so smart just remember where she gets it from. Yep, I’m never far away.

And please note that I posed on that spiral in the park first. Just saying.

I was there first.

Now go get mama a tissue, her eyes are leaking all over again.