Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Dream elevator


I woke up this morning still half in a dream.

I was at the hospital getting ready for some procedure.  The nurse told me to go down the hall to the bathroom to get water and to drink four cups.  I already had one paper cup very full of water, so I walked down the hall in my hospital gown trying not to spill that one.

I couldn’t find the bathroom and someone told me there was a drinking fountain on another floor, so my sister and I (she just magically arrived) got on the elevator, me still holding my cup of water.  But the elevator wouldn’t go anywhere, the door wouldn’t even shut, so my sister got off the elevator and walked around the corner and called back that there was another elevator over there.

So she and I got on that one, the doors closed and it began to move sideways, and quite fast.  Then we were coming out from an underground parking deck and we were in some sort of commuter van, in the next to last seat, with hospital employees in the two rows ahead of us and a driver who was headed across a major street into the employee parking lot.  The people behind us in the last row of seats were also hospital patients who had been trying to find something in the hospital and had erroneously ended up in the van, now across the street from the hospital in the employee parking lot.  All wearing hospital gowns.

So the female driver of the van looked at all of us as we climbed out of the van and told us she had to wait there for a certain number of employees to show up before she could go back to the hospital and we should try to find another way back.

I’m still carrying my cup of water, trying not to spill it and thinking it was very rude of the driver not to take us back to the hospital immediately when Katie jumped on me and announced a new day had arrived.

I hope the dream is not a prophecy as I am going to the doctor this morning, but I’m not expecting to end up in the hospital, nor carrying a full cup of water around with me.

Katie feels she saved me from an even worse ending.  You never know.


Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

22 thoughts on “Dream elevator

  1. What an unnerving dream! I think I would have been happy to have been woken up.

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  2. Dreams are so weird. One time I was dreaming that I was in the hospital and had surgery . No one would bring me pain medication. I kept calling but it didn’t come. Then I woke up. I was having cramps from my period. Lol The sad part was I had to get up and go take some Motrin.


  3. That reminds Mommy…. Mommy had to get a test done this morning and she had to fast overnight. So, she hid the dispenser with the paper bathroom cups. She hid the dispenser in the Bathroom Closet so she wouldn’t be tempted to sneak a drink of water over night. Your dream reminded Mommy that she hid the paper bathroom cups and will have to pull it out from it’s hiding spot.

    Not sure what your dream meant. At least you had that 1 cup of water with you while you had to wait it out in the van.


  4. Don’t you just love wacky dreams …..they leave you pondering all day as what to they mean and why you would dream such odd things.


  5. The part of this dream that is really familiar to me is the looking for a bathroom. I won’t say more than that!


  6. Good girl Katie!

    Dreams are so cool! I love to analyze where they came from. Doesn’t our brain work in funny ways?


  7. Dreams are fascinating — wonder what this one was trying to tell you? Perhaps that you’re trying hard not to “spill” the good fortune you’ve got going on right now??


  8. I hate having dreams like that, that feel so real, but not quite. And not really scary, but wholly unpleasant nonetheless. Hope your doctor visit was nothing like the dream. Hope your cup is still full, too 😉


  9. How wonderful you could remember your dreams and analyse them when you are awake! I always have some blurry dreams ended half way and I can’t recall them when I’m awake and this makes me mad : (


  10. That was some dream! What is it about elevators? I have recurring dreams about them – and thy always go somewhere other than just up or down.


  11. We think Katie was just trying to help you during your dream.


  12. You never know about dreams, do you? I’ve read that only the person having the dream can figure out what it means, although there are some general universal symbols. They say elevators mean something about going up in moods or state of consciousness. Or something.


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