Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.



Apparently I was dreaming this morning.  And this is how it went:

My husband, brother, and I had a meeting with Governor Snyder (Michigan) to talk about truck safety issues.  But the night before I had to sleep overnight at the hospital because I had a blood draw scheduled for early in the morning.  And there was confusion about when the transport van was taking us to the meeting in the morning.

Morning comes after a restless night sleeping on an uncomfortable bed.  I can’t get my husband and brother to get moving and the nurse is there for the blood draw and I’m trying to find out when the car will arrive to take us to the meeting with the governor and she’s busy talking to some other patient.  Finally she takes my blood and tells me the car will be here at 6 a.m. but as its already 7:30 we’ve missed it.

Our meeting is soon, so the nurse drives my husband, my brother and I and, inexplicably, Howard Stern to the meeting location.  My husband and brother somehow got to shower.  I did not as there wasn’t time and I feel messy and unorganized.

We arrive at the meeting site, which appears to be a house with a two car garage that has been converted to a bedroom.  Katie (the dog) is in the house and is coming to the meeting too; my husband and brother go into the house to get her.  I sit in the van with Howard Stern and tell him this is not a media event, it’s a meeting about truck safety, and if I allow him to come he has to be quiet.  He says he’s never met the governor and would like to come.

He and I get out of the car, my husband, brother, Katie the dog, and Howard and I troop into the converted garage. Inside is a television camera, and a reporter that I didn’t expect. The governor is sitting in a chair wearing a mustard yellow shirt and bright green scrub pants. (This alone should tell you we’re in a dream – he only wears blue shirts at events like this, never mustard yellow.)  He hurriedly puts on a navy jacket and stands up to meet us.

There’s a bed in the middle of the room that we have to climb over to meet him.  I note that it’s not made and has grass clippings all over it.  Obviously Katie has been outside on a freshly mowed lawn and has jumped all over the bed.

I shake hands with the governor, others are introducing themselves to  members of my family.  The governor says “Let’s go talk a minute Dawn.” and we climb back over the bed and walk into a storage closet.

He wants to know why Howard Stern is there.  I tell him I’d told Howard that this was not a media event, but I wondered why there was a television camera there myself.  He said he would rather Howard not be at the meeting.

And then Katie the dog jumps on me for real to wake me up.  It’s 5:05 a.m.  I have a doctor’s appointment at 7:50 a.m.  Time to begin another day.

Which is just as well.

Our meeting with the governor wasn’t going anywhere anyway.


Dream elevator

I woke up this morning still half in a dream.

I was at the hospital getting ready for some procedure.  The nurse told me to go down the hall to the bathroom to get water and to drink four cups.  I already had one paper cup very full of water, so I walked down the hall in my hospital gown trying not to spill that one.

I couldn’t find the bathroom and someone told me there was a drinking fountain on another floor, so my sister and I (she just magically arrived) got on the elevator, me still holding my cup of water.  But the elevator wouldn’t go anywhere, the door wouldn’t even shut, so my sister got off the elevator and walked around the corner and called back that there was another elevator over there.

So she and I got on that one, the doors closed and it began to move sideways, and quite fast.  Then we were coming out from an underground parking deck and we were in some sort of commuter van, in the next to last seat, with hospital employees in the two rows ahead of us and a driver who was headed across a major street into the employee parking lot.  The people behind us in the last row of seats were also hospital patients who had been trying to find something in the hospital and had erroneously ended up in the van, now across the street from the hospital in the employee parking lot.  All wearing hospital gowns.

So the female driver of the van looked at all of us as we climbed out of the van and told us she had to wait there for a certain number of employees to show up before she could go back to the hospital and we should try to find another way back.

I’m still carrying my cup of water, trying not to spill it and thinking it was very rude of the driver not to take us back to the hospital immediately when Katie jumped on me and announced a new day had arrived.

I hope the dream is not a prophecy as I am going to the doctor this morning, but I’m not expecting to end up in the hospital, nor carrying a full cup of water around with me.

Katie feels she saved me from an even worse ending.  You never know.