Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

I’m helping mama


Katie here. Just call me helpful, but mama has been a little stressed out. I guess something called a laptop (what the heck is that? I thought I was the only one allowed in her lap??) died. Mama didn’t cry or anything, and I don’t think there was a funeral, but she seems stressed.

I try to distract her by asking her to pay attention to me. Me me me me! Every morning when we get up I get her to make me a big breakfast and then I bug her to take me out, go for a walk, give me a treat, take me out, go for a walk, give me a treat…repeat. You doggies know the routine, right?

That way she’s not so stressed over that stupid laptop. I can tell it’s working too. This morning she took me for a walk in the neighborhood for a long time. Even though it was very very cold out. Now I’m working on getting her to take me to a park. Or three.

I personally think cold weather is good for her, but she says she has to find her gloves. Mama is a wimp.

Mama says change is hard.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

31 thoughts on “I’m helping mama

  1. Don’t be a wimp Mama!
    Good job Katie, but you know, it’s hard for us humans to learn new things so she might be stressed for a little bit. Maybe you could help by sleeping in a bit?
    I know, that was a silly idea.


  2. Grrr. Technology. Thank goodness for dogs and parks and walk among the trees.


  3. There may be hope. Sometimes it is possible to salvage everything from the hard drive. Sometimes it is even possible to salvage the whole laptop, but it will just betray you again. Do you have a clever tech person? The Firefighter is sometimes helpful.


    • I was very lucky that he was able to get everything of the hard drive. It’s now protected on a external drive as we shop for a new laptop. Sigh. I was a bit sad when I thought I might have lost a whole summer’s worth of pictures.


  4. Nothing is more irritating to humans, Katie, than technology that does not cooperate. Or mechanical things that do not cooperate. It’s a good thing we humans have you doggie princesses to keep us on track!


  5. i love katie and how helpful she is!! Not self-serving at all, lol. Sorry to hear about the laptop, I do know how that sucks. Happened to me last year as I was working on my taxes! Hopefully you can get another one without paying an arm and a leg. I just have aa basic HP Stream myself.


  6. Katie, you’re such a good girl for helping distract your mama from the death of her laptop. You should know, however, that laptops aren’t cheap, and it’s a real aggravation trying to find a new one and get it set up just the way she wants. Hang in there, Dawn!


  7. Katie–you are an excellent distractor. I hope your mama realizes that….and learns to give you treats without you have to ask. I mean–what’s up with that??


  8. Katie you are a good girl to help your Mama the way you do. My Mama LOVES the change in temp!


  9. Argh – laptops! I’m “shopping” for one, but the choices and features leave me gasping for mercy. Hope you make out ok.


    • Well we found one…but of course the one with the amount of hard drive I need isn’t available and they don’t now when they’ll get them in. So I have a smaller one for now, but we haven’t loaded everything and I’m already running out of space…so we have to take this one back and wait for the other one. Sigh.

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  10. mam is Not a whimp. she’s smart to find her gloves when the temperature drops every Fall. tell her Hi!


  11. Yap our Mommy is a whimp too. She pulled out the gloves already. Must be a Sheltie mom thing.


  12. New computers are so much faster. My laptop has been used maybe 50 times total and it is at least 6 yrs old. My desktop the geek squad saved me from losing all my stuff and they backed it up and reformatted it for me earlier this year. Its at least 5 yrs old but its the one I use daily. Have fun shopping for a new one and I am so glad you were able to save your pictures.


    • I felt sick when I thought the pictures were gone. Then I thought about people in hurricanes and fires that lost pictures and everything else and I settled down a bit. But then when husband said he had them safe I felt really really happy.

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  13. Glad you’re helping Mum de-stress! I know exactly what she’s going through, I had a network storage drive die and had to have a tier 2 recovery of the data. Cost me $700 but it was worth it to get back all those memories, pictures and videos of family and furkids.


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