Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Just call me a mountain dog (but don’t call me late for supper)


It’s really pretty up here mama!

Katie here!

Guess what? Yesterday I got to climb Smith Mountain with my mama! I told her it was about time cause she’s already been to the top of the mountain twice this trip and I haven’t been up there at all!

Come on with me, this is a cake walk!

Why last year at this time I’d already scaled that mountain three different ways! But mama says I’m slower this trip and besides it was sort of warm out and she worries about me you know.

I’ll wait for you right here mama

So we took it real slow and every time I looked at her she was offering me water. Which I took by the way, I am not a foolish sheltie, no siree.

Let’s get into the shade mama!

Still, I had a really good time and we spent a lot of the climb in the shade, hiding among the long leaf pines and the big rocks.

Mama just loves these big pine cones. I have no idea why. I thought they were sort of boring and not worthy of my time.

Do these look at all interesting to you guys?

We finally got to the top and there were lots of young people there, and a couple dogs too. All the dogs ran up and down the stairs; obviously they are not royalty. I made mama carry me.

They’re trying to get a selfie. The boy dog would rather look at me. Of course.

We found this place that used to be the picnic area when the mountaintop was a ranger station. Can’t you just imagine the rangers out here in the evening roasting something yummy for dinner? I checked out the fire pit area very carefully and unfortunately there were no leftovers.

What do you mean you forgot our picnic mama!!

I thought this rock was interesting too and mama asked if I’d sit on it, cause it (and I) was pretty. I said no way mama, and even when she put a treat up there I wouldn’t get on it. I have my limits you know.

I’ll smell it but I’m not getting on it. Nope, not happening.

Finally we got to the top and mama took the obligatory picture of me with the tower just so you all know I really went all the way up there. Not up the tower you understand, just up the mountain. Mama said no way no how was she carrying me up that tower. She said I wouldn’t have liked it up there anyway. She’s probably right.

People would believe me without proof, mama.

Then we started back down the mountain but I didn’t want to go! I liked it up there! So we sat around a bunch more and she took some pictures of pretty things that were not me. Like this orange rock.

Not getting on that rock either mama.

And this crowfoot violet. Mama says that her mom used to look for these all the time. Mama says she’s seen quite a few this year and they make her smile. Whatever mama.

Reminds mama of her mom.

Once I got her moving down the mountain we made pretty good time. Near the bottom I was even trotting. It was time for supper don’t you know and I have a rule: Never delay the supper of a Princess.

Get a move on mama!

Signing off for now, your mountaineering Princess Katie.

Next time let’s go in the morning when it’s cooler mama!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

21 thoughts on “Just call me a mountain dog (but don’t call me late for supper)

  1. How gauche to not be royalty. No wonder that other dog would rather look at you, Katie! You have a pretty good mama to take you on these special trips. This looks like it was a lot of fun.


  2. That brought back pleasant memories of my mom, my aunt, and I picking violets in the woods in Michigan when I was a little girl. Thank you Katie!


  3. This is so adorable, Dawn. You had me laughing out loud, especially the part about the pine cones and the rock! So funny. What an adorable dog Katie is! 🙂


  4. Katie, I’m not surprised you wouldn’t go up in that tower. I might not have wanted to either (and no way would I carry Dallas up all those stairs!)


  5. That was a wonderful adventure Reilly liked that fire place area too….must be some remnant smells there


  6. I wouldn’t go up those stairs either, Katie, although I would liiie to. It would be like the stairs in a lighthouse which I don’t do either, because my heart cries. A lot. But if there was an elevator, we could both go up to the top and see the other side of the mountain.


  7. Glad you got to climb a mountain, Katie. Sarah will probably be left home if her mom gets the chance soon!


  8. these photos are gorgeous and I LOVE your smile!!


  9. That attempt at a selfie really made me smile


  10. What an adventuresome Princess.
    I have a patch of crowfoot violets under a tree. I keep shooing the guys away when they try to drive over them. Men.


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