Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Last one of the season.


I picked Katie up from camp on Monday. Can you believe the people there say she never barks at all? Me either.

She made up for it by telling me off the entire thirty minute drive home. And then barking at her dad and me off and on the rest of the day. She was pretty wound up. So after one restless night at home we set out for one last camping trip in the north.

Since it’s after Labor Day here in the United States, most people don’t think about camping and campgrounds are pretty empty, especially during the middle of the week. But it was going to be a beautiful couple of days, with highs in the 70s (23 C) and lows at night in the mid 50s (11 C). Plus the skies were supposed to be clear, and better yet, there would be no moon.

Perfect to make another attempt at taking pictures of the night sky.

I made one attempt during our drive across the Upper Peninsula last week, when we stopped along the way at an Inn right across the street from Lake Michigan. My husband was good enough to go out into the night with me even though he was tired from driving.

Natural and man made light brighten the night sky.

Turns out we had fun, though I didn’t get exactly what I was hoping for. My Wordless Wednesday post was one that I thought was sort of successful with it’s Milky Way high in the sky and the grasses in the front. Not entirely right, but not bad. And the image above was the best of what I got during our walk along the boardwalk.

So I was hoping for another opportunity as Katie and I headed north on Tuesday. Conditions should be perfect, and I had a sweet little lake in mind. With fewer people camping I had a better chance at getting a camp site right along the lake, and Katie and I scored a great site.

Do you see the little doggie back there?

There were only three other couples camping, each spaced far from the other. The weather was perfect. Katie and I went on several walks around the campground after we set up the tent. She was thrilled to be there, prancing along with her nose to the ground.

“Hey mama! There’s still wildflowers blooming over here!”

And then as evening arrived, we sat on the shore of our little lake and enjoyed the fading light.

It was a peachy kind of evening.

Still, it was a long time until the stars came out, and Katie got impatient and restless. I ended up going to get the car and parking it at the boat ramp so that she could nap while I worked. She was good with that.

Finally, after nine p.m. the sky was a midnight blue. I was hoping to get some images of stars reflected in the still water, but that didn’t really work out. I wasn’t high enough above the water to truly see many stars reflected. And the milky way wasn’t over the lake like I had hoped. But it was still pretty.

It was a pretty spectacular night.

I think if I had waited around a few more hours it might have moved on over the lake. But Katie was sleeping in the car and I wanted to be sleeping too. So after an hour of attempting to get the image I was envisioning, I settled for what I had and we went back to camp. None of the images were perfect. This one shows the tremor from me pressing the button to open the shutter. I can’t find my remote clicker thingy. And I think my tripod isn’t stable enough for this. Or maybe it’s just me not tightening it up enough.

Anyway, once back at our site, surrounded by tall dark trees, I looked up. It seemed like there were more stars right above my tent than all across the entire lake. I had to set the camera back up again.

Could have looked at this all night.

Even Katie seemed impressed. She waited quietly next to my feet as I clicked away. Sometimes she knows it’s not all about her.

And in the morning, after checking out the misty lake, watching a bald eagle snatch a fish out of the water, and happy with my nighttime experiment, we packed up and headed home.

A beautiful morning.

It was going to get warmer, and Katie’s not so good with heat these days. Plus sleeping in my own bed seemed pretty enticing. Katie did not agree and turned her back on me as I was taking the tent down.

“If I don’t look at you then it’s not happening.”

She tried to protest by refusing to get in the car after everything was packed.

“I’m not going with you mama!”

But when I asked her if she wanted a treat…well….she decided she’d come along after all.

“Well OKAAAAAY then!”

Yea, she’s a good girl, my Katie.

“No star is prettier than me mama!”

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

20 thoughts on “Last one of the season.

  1. Don’t you know that Shelties reserve their barking skills for their OWNERS??!!! (wink) At the Vet and Groomer they always say what a perfect gentleman Dakota is, at home, he is NUTS……….and he also only barks at home 🙂 Love that Katie!


    • I do know that at the vet, at least, she’s terrified and doesn’t make a peep. I sort of hoped she settled into the boarding place and let her true character shine through. I’m sad if she’s quiet all the time there because that does mean she isn’t comfortable.


  2. What an amazing sky you captured, Dawn. Looks like such a peaceful and wonderful trip. That back shot of Katie made me laugh


  3. I think your pictures are terrific! I love the photo you took at Lake Michicgan too.
    We all know the way to a girl’s heart is treats – furs, diamonds – no? Okay, puppy treats. Today I made some chicken jerky for Shasta. In a couple of days I’m going to do sweet potato treats.


  4. Ha! I love how she pouts. Only a princess….


  5. I love your night-sky photos! That’s one thing hard to capture unless you’re out in the open country. Glad to see the princess unable to “punish” you for long, too!


    • Around here it’s hard to find the combination of no interfering light from houses or businesses or cities in conjunction with a wide open space. And then of course somewhere I feel safe being out in the dark.


  6. A Sheltie that doesn’t bark?? Hope she is back to normal now…Katie is in charge! She sure is a beauty! 🙂


    • Oh yes, she’s definitely back to normal….and she’s definitely back in charge. Her dad is out of town so it’s just me and Katie-girl, 24/7. She is demanding all sorts of attention, all the time. And she’s never more than a foot or two away from me. Sometimes I go to the grocery store just to have some private time.


  7. Tell Katie that she’s making think of selling everything and heading up North.


  8. What treasures … both Katie and that night sky. 🙂


  9. This really looked like fun interspersed with beautiful photography


  10. So I’m a bit late in getting caught up on blogs, but thought I’d mention the solution for tripod shake. Just use the timer on your camera. The 2 second delay usually is enough to let vibration dissipate from pressing the shutter button. Though I have bumped my camera when removing my hand and 2 seconds wasn’t enough delay, so 10 seconds is safer.


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