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…but change is certain.

It’s my birthday part 2


Katie here! I’m taking time out from my day-after-birthday-nap to let you know how it went. While it wasn’t spectacular with balloons and cake and hundreds of guests giving me presents, it was nice, and very specific to mama’s and my relationship.

We spent it in the woods.

Nobody out here but us!

You know mama can’t give me anything more special than a walk in the woods, right? No amount of toys or treats….wait a minute…let me revise that. No amount of toys could add up to the joy I get spending time in the woods with my mama. Especially with mama and my treats.

So yesterday afternoon, after I napped outside a good part of the morning, mama took me to two parks! First we went to my park here in town so that I could get a little antsy worked out. Plus she wanted pictures of me with this stupid grass.

Hey! It’s MY birthday, why do I have to sit over here?

I figured since it was my birthday I’d get double my usual fee for portrait sitting. Sounds fair, right? But noooooo. Mama’s new camera has a different sound when the shutter goes off so I didn’t recognize it, and mama got lots more images than usual before I got up and came for my reward.

I have a strict one click one treat contract and mama broke it!

After I got over it (cause what are you gonna do, right?) we went to mama’s favorite park. Again I ask you, if it’s my birthday why are we doing what mama loves?

At first I was all whiny and stuff cause it’s kinda far away and I had to sit in the back seat for longer than I felt a birthday princess should be confined. But I guess mama really does know best, because we ended up at Kensington Metro Park, and in a special spot that looks like nature trails but isn’t really a nature trail. (Cause they don’t let dogs on nature trails.)

I’m so happy to be out here!

Usually when we’re at this park we walk on the bike path, but that apparently stresses mama out because she has to always listen and watch for bikes and joggers headed our way.

I like walking on the bike path, there are tons of great smells!

I like to walk on the opposite side of the path than mama walks on, just on principle, and she’s worried about me tripping up somebody going by. Not to mention my propensity for barking and lunging at all moving objects within range of my mama.

Mama says all of that doesn’t make for a very relaxing walk.

So she found a spot with a track between two picnic areas. It was covered in leaves and smelled really really good. We found all sorts of pretty places, even though the light was ‘dead,’ a term mama used for the fact it was a flat grey day again.

Look at the beautiful color mama! No, not me, silly, the tree trunk!

We walked for a long way through the woods and down by the lake which was frozen. Mostly I got to be off my leash because we didn’t see anyone else there at all.

I’ll sit here, mama, if you want me to, but I’m not going to pretend that I like it.

But mama put my leash back on when we were near the lake. She could just imagine me exploring out on the ice and she has a vivid imagination. Silly mama, she knows I don’t get my feet wet. Still, she says her first responsibility is to keep me safe and I appreciate that about her.

I also appreciate that she’s a treat dispenser.

Did you happen to bring birthday cheese?

We had the best time! OK, mama did slip in the mud and maybe mess up her shoulder, the other one, not the same one she messed up a couple years ago, but I figure she’s a tough old broad….um…mama and she’ll be fine. It did slow down the number of pictures she took, so I was sort of grateful.

Don’t tell her I said that.

Thank you all for the happy birthday wishes you wrote on yesterday’s post. Gee, I got to get on here two days in a row! That’s probably a world-wide record or something.

There’s some green over here!

Mama says I shouldn’t get used to it but I’d like to point out that she gets more comments on my posts than most of her other posts. Combined.

Just saying.

Well, I guess I’ve monopolized your time long enough. Plus it’s time for me to bug mama about making dinner. I know. Dinner isn’t for four hours, but a girl’s got to keep things in line around here, and there’s no time like the present to remind her of her meal prep duties.

Have a wonderful Sunday everybody! I’ll see you around I’m sure. Mama’s got that new camera you know, and who better to capture in imagery than me?!

Talk later, your birthday girl Princess Katie.

PS: Mama says to tell you that these pictures are the way they came out of the camera, no editing required. So far she’s happy even though she hasn’t figured it all out yet.

Got another treat mama?

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

21 thoughts on “It’s my birthday part 2

  1. Oh Katie I am so sorry we missed your birthday yesterday!! Happy Happy Belated beautiful girl!!! I have been online way less and totally unplugged yesterday, going through posts now so I will read yours before the day is out. Love that you spent your birthday in the parks! Happy Happy Belated again Katie! We love you!


  2. Katie–you are too much. Oh, I mean that in a good way. You have a contract? I am going to check with my two felines to see if I accidentally signed something like that with them. Glad you had a great birthday weekend. Christmas is coming soon–ooh, double treats for you, I hope!


  3. We’re pretty sure that’s how those royals in England spend their birthdays too –

    Park – pictures- park – pictures – BARK!

    Happy Happy Katie Day!

    NAK & The Blondes
    PeeEssWoo; KHAKE! Woo khan’t furget the KHAKE/NAK!


  4. Katie, it looks like you had a wonderful birthday. Shasta says she’s a little jealous but since she isn’t crazy about walking too much now – those darn hips – she won’t get too grumpy about it. Mama’s new camera sure does a nice job of capturing the detail of your beautiful coat!


  5. Sorry, Katie, but I laughed out loud at the expression on your face when you were sitting on that slide! Dallas would NEVER sit on something like that, even if treats were involved. And your “stink eye” says you only did it under protest! Your mama is doing a GREAT job with that new camera of hers — and what a photogenic subject she has in you. Happy Birthday once again!


  6. Happy day-after-birthday-day Katie! Wow, I hope you stretch this day-after thing for a long time. Maybe your Mama won’t notice and you can have a day-after-day-after-birthday for a whole long time … shhh, I won’t tell. Nice camera and photos, all the better to adore you with. 🙂


  7. Happy belated birthday, Katie. You look lovely prancing through the russet leaves.

    What camera did mama get?


  8. Wonderful pictures I love them all shes such a pretty dog. What camera did you get?


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