Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Spring is out there just waiting for us


I’ve been feeling a little mind-numbing cabin feverish after staying inside for days on end. Grey skies, and yesterday’s almost two inches of rain haven’t help.

This morning started out shrouded in fog, but the sun burned it off and suddenly it was a glorious day. Fifty-nine degrees warm, blue skies and big puffy clouds.

On our search for a park to explore.

Katie insisted we go to a park. I thought that was a pretty good idea too. Some time outside would be just the ticket to clear our heads.

So we headed out to find a park without a lot of people. The first one we drove by had four cars in the lot so we kept on driving. We ended up at her regular small park, only one car there so we unloaded anticipating a lovely walk.

At Katie’s park.

Katie was wriggling with excitement.

As we began our exploration the wind began to whip, but we didn’t let that stop us. We were outside and it was wonderful! There was so much interesting stuff to see.

A huge fungus on the side of a tree.

Katie was more patient than usual with me taking pictures of things not her. I guess she knew it had been awhile since I’d been out too.

I’ll wait for you, mama, take your time.

As we turned the second corner I noticed to the west skies looked a little dicey. I left Katie out on the path and walked through some brush to get a clear shot of a pretty stunning sky.

Uh oh. Maybe we better get a move on.

She waited patiently. She’s such a good girl.

I’m keeping my eye on you mama!

I told her maybe we needed to pick up the pace. She told me not to worry and continued her slow nose work. I figured she was probably right.

Because we got so much rain yesterday a lot of the path was either covered in water or a muddy mess. Surprisingly my girl pranced right through both, never once asking to be carried.

Not to worry, mama, I can handle it!

Either she’s matured or she was so excited to be out there she didn’t care.

We saw all sorts of evidence of spring, but the wind was picking up and the dark clouds were overtaking us, so we decided to skedaddle to the car.

Trees are in bud now, just waiting for some warm weather to burst into leaf.

It’s a good thing we did, the wind is really whipping now, and Katie is asleep on the hearth here at home.

Clouds overtake us.

The rain should arrive any minute — I’m glad I followed her advice this morning or we’d have missed our opportunity to enjoy the brief minutes of sun.

You should follow my advice more often mama!

We hope you get out there too, we’re sure it will do you a world of good.

Just let me know when you want to explore, I’m ready to show you around!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

35 thoughts on “Spring is out there just waiting for us

  1. Katie’s feeling all better? As usual, we have skipped spring down here in sunny FL and gone straight into summer. Who turns on their a/c in March?? **raises hand** We have broken records here with our heat, which is gonna break records for my electricity bill this month. But Tuesday the lows are supposed to be in the 50’s so back to semi-normal. So glad Katie got you out of the house. I do love your wide open spaces.


    • Katie seems to be all better from her teeth escapade. She still seems restless, so who knows what’s up with that. Could be we just keep the house too warm for her. Could be she is tired of being isolated. We are still in the 40s and most days it’s rainy or windy or both. We might get to the 50s late in the week. Could use some sunshine here.

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  2. Beautiful photos. I too look for opportunities to get out for walks. It was pouring raining all morning but it’s cleared up now so I should take advantage of the sun while I can.


    • We have to take advantage of those brief sunny moments! A group of FB friends and I have agreed that starting April 1 we will each walk a mile a day. I hope the weather starts behaving soon!


  3. Hi Dawn,

    Katie is probably feeling so much better since she had those bad teeth removed. Being pain free, maybe having wet or muddy feet did not bother her. She was just happy to be with her mama, exploring one of her favorite parks. Katie’s beautiful smile shows how much she loved your outing. The wind gave Katie glamour girl fur – very befitting a princess! Some celebrities pay big bucks to get that look! 😊


  4. Dogs know best. So glad you were able to get a taste of spring. I’m sure you will have more. getting out in nature is vital to mental health.


  5. I’m glad you both got some fresh air and missed the rain. It was a little too fresh on my walk today, but the weather has been unusually sunny recently, almost ironically so. It’s rare for us to get such good weather in March that we don’t need our coats to go out and weird that we have it now when we are rationed to one local walk a day.


    • They told you how many and where your walks can be? Wow! So far that hasn’t happened to us but I think they are talking about no driving except to grocery or pharmacy. That would make it hard for us to get to Katie’s park, but she’s also happy to walk around our yard, which is what we’d be reduced to. She’s pretty flexible, that Katie-girl.

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      • It is more of a request or a plea than a legal constraint for the moment. I do support staying at home as much as we can to get a grip on the virus – it’s the only way most of us can help prevent our National Health Service from being overwhelmed. It’s not so much to prevent us from catching it, but to stop us accidentally passing it along as so many people have no or few symptoms. It is hard though.


        • We’re trying to do the same thing, staying at home so as to slow the virus down. Our system was not prepared for this many people. It’s pretty horrible…and though it’s hard to stay home I guess we will. Looks like it will be for at least 10 weeks…and we’re sort of kind of into week 2 or 3 now. Most of us don’t know what day of the week it is, much less which week.


  6. Such a wise little Sheltie girl! I think they’re so attuned to us and our moods that they just know when we need to get outside and clear the muck from our brains. Glad she prevailed — it’s nice to see early signs of spring! We too are getting those huge winds today — not even a double dose of hairspray would keep a style pretty in weather like this, ha!


    • It hasn’t been nice out since. Rainy and cold, and nothing I really want to walk in. I’m hoping tomorrow will be much better as I joined a group of FB people committed to walking 1 mile a day. Hmmmm…this could be cold.

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  7. Glad you got out for a walk! How l smiled as I looked at the pictures of that bright Sheltie face. Such a darling dog.


  8. Stunning sky shots! And…Katie always looks gorgeous (even with the wind in her hair). 😀


  9. Threatening skies, but beauty all around! Katie looks happy


  10. I was feeling cabin feverish, too. But yesterday the sun came out and today it. is. spring. here. An amazingly uplifting transformation almost before my eyes. Still chilly out, but the colors are a delight.


  11. Hi Katie… your fur looked great blowing in the wind!

    Glad you got out into the beautiful outdoors!

    Stay well!


  12. BEAUTIFUL photos and it’s so nice to get out into the fresh air. Katie looks so happy!! 🥰❤️😀😍


  13. You all look good and happy, Dawn! Glad you could get outdoors. I’m told the coronavirus doesn’t live on surfaces when the temperature gets over 68 degrees! Let’s hope that is true and we can become a normal world again!


  14. Nice walk! We still have mud or snow but soon we can walk through the woods again. Hi to Katie she looks beautiful!


  15. Hope we can get out too. Two days of rain has us all a little stir crazy. Not sure I know a small park that would be isolated like that.


    • I know. Yesterday we just had sprinkles, but it was cold and damp out there, no fun for walking or playing outside. They said sunshine for today, but so far there is none. We walked around the yard and I was freezing. Sure looking forward to a true spring.


  16. Katie is wise as well as beautiful. 🙂 We’ve had a lot of wet weather, too. And cloudy, chilly days. I sometimes think we’ve had more cooler days now than we did throughout winter. It’s in the 30’s this morning.

    It looks like a wonderful walk. I love the dramatic clouds, and I’m glad you and Katie made it back without getting drenched.


    • It was a wonderful walk. Looking forward to being able to take her out on an adventure walk again…if it stops raining. They say we’ll be in the 60s next week, which is really too warm for her, so hoping we can get out before that. We have such a short window that’s comfortable for her and her mama at the same time!


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