Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

It’s National Sheltie Day!


Katie here. (What? You were expecting someone else to tell you about my national day?)

Mama woke up this morning crying and she’s not sure why. Maybe it’s because of all the bad news lately. She’s quite sensitive, my mama, and things like protests turned violent, and people dying, and stores being burned down on top of so many people sick and dying from the virus, well, sometimes it’s just too much.

Let’s celebrate mama!

Lucky for her today is National Sheltie Day! Of course the only reason she knows that is because it turned up in her Facebook memories from last year. To be honest, she’s not even sure there really is a National Sheltie Day, she has suspicions that it’s all made up by someone short and furry in her household.


But I assured her this morning that it was real. I am very persuasive, so she said she’d take me to one of my parks to celebrate and I was all excited. We went to a little park not far from home and I was so happy when I got out of my car!

I sniffed my way up and down the smaller hills at the beginning of the trail.

Yep, something very interesting walked here not long ago.

But when we got to the top of the first big down hill (and uphill on the other side of the creek) I stopped. I looked at mama and she looked at me. She asked me if I wanted to keep going and I wouldn’t move, even when she gave my leash a little tug. She asked me if I wanted to go back to the car and I wouldn’t move, even when she gave my leash a little tug in that direction.

I don’t know, mama, that looks like a really big hill to come back up!

She said we could just stand there awhile if I wanted to. So we did. We stood at the very top of that hill and just listened to the birds and watched a chipmunk scurry in the underbrush. Finally mama asked me again which way I wanted to go and I turned around and headed back to the car.

I saw mama look one last time over her shoulder at the trail. She said her eyes weren’t really wet, she said a bug just flew into them. But I know the truth.

The truth is that it was 62 degrees outside (16.6 C), too hot for this little sheltie girl to want to wander up and down big hills. The truth is that I’m 13 and a half now and walks have to be shorter then they used to be. The truth is that even though I get excited at the thought of an adventure, the actual adventure sort of wears me out.

Thanks for understanding, mama.

Mama and I both know the truth and that was no bug in her eye.

But I’m still smiling, I had a very nice, though short, walk in the woods to celebrate me and my National Sheltie Day. And when we got home mama gave me a frozen banana and peanut butter treat and that made me smile even more!

No matter what, I’ll always be your beautiful girl, huh mama.

Signing off for now, it’s time for me to take my power nap, your elder stateswoman, Katie-girl.

Whatcha done for me lately, mama?

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

27 thoughts on “It’s National Sheltie Day!

  1. Well darn, Katie, now I have a bug in my eye. You have a way of doing that to me.
    And tell your mom I was crying this morning too. It’s all pretty sad. But tell her I saw good news too, people of all persuasions coming together to clean up the riot mess, a sheriff walking in solidarity with peaceful protesters, a black woman hugging a white police officer. There’s so much good that will win out over the bad. We just have to keep hoping and praying and being people and dogs of the light. Tears of compassion for others heals us and others. Thank you Katie and your mom for such sweet posts. I love your smile and it made me smile.


    • Awww Martha, yes it is all pretty sad. But we have to hope that tomorrow will be better. And that there will be fewer bugs to end up in our eyes. Katie says she’s enjoying the air conditioning today, it’s in the 80s! No walks for us!


  2. a happy sheltiew day to the smartes breed of slice earth ;O)


  3. Katie–you are such a sweetheart. Happy Sheltie Day to you!


  4. We all slow down with age sweet Katie …..but we also get to spend more time just enjoying the little things


    • Yes, we sat out in the back yard under a tree for a bit today. It was in the 80s so too hot for a walk. She enjoyed being outside as long as I was sitting near her. Silly girl.


  5. Well, I googled it and there WAS an “INTERNATIONAL” Sheltie Day and from what I can see it was only maybe 2 years? (I thought I saw only 2014 and 2015) but…………..we know that it’s SHELTIE DAY EVERY DAY! Looking beautiful sweetheart!!


  6. Katie-girl, you know we ALL slow down a bit as time goes on, but we sensitive mamas find more bugs in our eyes thinking about it. Don’t fret — slowing down gives you more time to sniff the interesting things … and for your mama to take pretty pictures. I must confess, I didn’t know there was such a holiday as National Sheltie Day — now, I’m feel guilty for not celebrating that with Dallas. He, by the way, would have loved a frozen banana and peanut better treat, followed by a power snooze!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well I still think she made it up…but I’ll play along. The banana treats are a big hit, especially when she comes inside on a hot day. I just smashed a very ripe banana, and put that in the bottom of a silicone mold, then spread a little peanut butter on top and put it in the freezer. I think I could eat them too!

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  7. Some days the bugs get in the eyes more often and sometimes it’s because people are mean and stupid and sometimes it’s because our babies can only do shortwalks. And sometimes it’s both of those things.


  8. You made me smile, Katie girl. I’ve been feeling sort of invisible, like the whole world is going on without me but I’m grateful that I have it better than so many. Today I went grocery shopping, I bought plain yogurt so I can make the boys some doggie ice cream. I think they’ll like that.

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    • Sometimes we feel that way too, Helen. Especially when mama goes out to the grocery store and sees that the roads are just as crowded as they always were, everyone is going somewhere and she’s just getting groceries and going back home. It feels like no one is taking this seriously any more…and now that all the rallies and violence is happening the virus isn’t even on the news any more. We don’t know what to think but mama says we’re just staying home until things are more clear. I’m fine with that…it’s too hot out there anyway. I hope you guys are doing OK…you’re not invisible cause mama reads your blog and posts all the time!


      • I feel the same- and those bugs have been getting in my eyes an awful lot lately. The walks at dawn when the world is quiet help some. Katie knows staying home can be a good thing, those long walks can just be too long sometimes. I remember the first time I came home and my Sammy did not look up from where he was sleeping- a sign of time passing, he never heard me come in. He too was a teenager then.


  9. Awe, Katie it’s hard getting older. Why just last night at my work my right knee started hurting and it’s slightly swollen! Darn it all… But at least you still get out and about. I’ve gotten bugs in my eyes with my beautiful pups over the years as they age, just knowing what lies ahead. Stay strong Mama and Katie girl is the most BEAUTIFUL sheltie I know!! Happy National sheltie day! ❤️


  10. Hi, Katie!

    Happy National Sheltie Day! I’m glad that you and your mama went to one of your parks on your special day. 😊 💕

    I understand why your mama woke up crying and gets sad sometimes. We have lost the comfort of our old “normal.” Add to the mix civil unrest caused by a minority of bad actors, with the majority of good people demanding change. As much as we try to manage our anxiety, at times it is overwhelming. That is when tears flow. Maybe that helps – a bit of a release? I will burst into tears at times, too. This worries my little girl Westie. She needs to make it better. Having her sit on my lap so I can pet her helps relieve stress for both of us.

    Darn bugs in my eyes right now… Dawn, it is such a wonderful gift to have a pet to love. They love us unconditionally – no matter what. Seeing them slow down as they age pulls at our heartstrings. I understand – sending you **hugs** take good care.


    • Katie and I say thank you Denise! Sometimes it’s hard when you think ahead, but we’re trying to just enjoy each day and not worry too much about the future. Once in awhile that is hard to do as the future seems to be so clear. But mostly we just do something fun every day even if it’s just a little something. She’s such a good girl.


  11. Ah Katie time seems to go by without our notice then suddenly we all walk slower and a shorter distance. Then it just becomes a joy to sit in each others company. Lee and I sit often these days.
    We can sure understand your Mama ‘s sadness we hate the new normal, we hate the evil, we feel so isolated. I wonder if there is a Scottish Terrier Day. Happy National Sheltie Day bless you Katie.
    Stay safe
    Your Friend
    Sweet William The Scot


    • I’m sorry you feel isolated Lee…I know Sweet William is a lot of help with that, as Katie is here. We sat out under a tree in the back yard this afternoon. It was too hot to do much more. I bet there IS a Scottish Terrier Day somewhere in the world! Or you can make one up, as I suspect Katie did!


  12. Happy National Sheltie Day, Katie-Girl!
    I’m glad you had extra treats. Big hugs to you and your momma!


  13. I hope Katie had a good National Sheltie Day out.


    • I think she did. Every day is pretty much a good day when you’re Katie. Minus the days at the groomer. Or the vet. Or the kennel. OK, so maybe every day isn’t a good day, but National Sheltie Day sure was!

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