Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

It’s hard to smile


This week it’s been hard for me to find something to smile about.

So many families with broken hearts this week.

The news was filled with awful things. The virus killing over 100,000 Americans. The protests and violence stemming from the death that reminds us of other similar deaths.

No, this week I didn’t feel much like smiling.

And then my silly girl wouldn’t sit pretty for a picture and I had to smile…just a little.

Reminding us to stop and smell the flowers.

Yes, this week I looked really hard for something to smile about.

Oh, all right mama. I’ll look at your silly camera. Sort of.

And I found it right here at home.

I hope I made you smile too!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

33 thoughts on “It’s hard to smile

  1. Watching the news last night was a horror show. I didn’t even want to read the newspaper today for a recap on the latest events. That said, how can you not smile at sweet Katie. Yup. You made me smile.


    • It has been horrible. I don’t read a newspaper any more, haven’t since they went digital. I miss a paper paper, miss the ink on my fingers. I miss what I used to do with newspaper too, padding packages, wrapping up stuff, using it to cover a table before a craft project. Anyway, I’ve stopped watching much more than a minute or two of the news. I saw the video of the black man’s murder…once…and then every time it came on I had to turn away.

      But I’m lucky cause I have Katie-girl to make me feel better. She’s an unofficial therapy dog, that she is.


  2. It’s been a hard week to smile, indeed, Dawn. It’s those little things (like Katie) that we need to notice. Have been mostly off Facebook again because it’s just too painful. Along with being off ticks. *smile*


    • Yes, FB has been brutal. I look for a bit and between the sheltie groups who always have a sheltie who is crossing the rainbow bridge and the news articles about the state of affairs in our world…well, I don’t stay on it long.

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  3. Sending you a virtual hug – we all need one these days. I love sweet Katie. I read a quote recently that may be perfect today: “God couldn’t be physically with us so he gave us dogs…note that dog spelled backward is God and they both show unconditional Love!”

    Try to smile, remember smiles are contagious!



  4. Thank you for the sweet smile! Katie is ADORABLE! ❤️


  5. I haven’t smiled often this week and I don’t like that. Life has become so tiring but at least there are sweet dog’s to keep us focused on better things.


  6. She might not have been looking directly at the camera, but that second photo is pretty good.

    Yeah, a tough week. Hopefully next week is better.


  7. I’ve given up watching the news a fellow blogger at because life doesn’t fit in a file folder wrote….”So many conspiracy theories and so much cognitive dissonance.” I am the point where I don’t know who or what to believe, so I keep my head down and focus on the present and what the present means to me where I am. There is so much to be down about, but there is far more to be upbeat and positive about – our health and our present frame of mind. So, I continue to smile at the marvels of nature, the sun rising and setting, and what I can control. Small steps lead to progress… peace and continue to smile.


    • Thanks for the fellow blogger tip. I don’t know who to believe either. I know for sure you can’t believe all or much you see on FB. I learned years ago to make sure you find out the source of anything you read on the internet. Maybe that’s the way it always should have been, even before the internet. Yes, Katie and I try to get out to see something pretty every day. And we keep the TV off most of the time too. I’m not sure I have your blog marked….yet I think I’ve been there? What is the name of it?

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  8. I’ve had to stop watching so much news; it’s depressing. Just trying to live one day at a time. I am so glad for the two furry souls who are isolating with me.


    • I don’t watch much either, but husband is a news junkie. So when he’s home the TV is on. I have to leave the room. I’m grateful for Katie-girl too, though she’s sort of tired a lot of the time these days. She naps and I watch her and wistfully wish I could sleep so deeply myself.


  9. Thank goodness for four-legged friends! And that lovely bleeding heart!!


    • I love the bleeding heart. I have two plants and I look forward to them every spring. I am always sad when they are finished blooming. Katie says she looks good next to anything blooming in the garden but she’d just as soon not have to pose next to every single thing. Mama.

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  11. She looks like she’s smelling the flower.


  12. You have such a beautiful dog.

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  13. Katie-girl ALWAYS makes me smile!! You’re blessed to have each other, you know. It’s been a rough week. Bad enough that we still have this blasted pandemic; now we have to keep revisiting issues we should have resolved years ago with suitable changes in place. My mom is glued to the TV, but I find I can’t watch it much (despite my being a former journalist!). If I get too much of all this bad news, I feel like putting my fist through a wall, ha! Nor can I do much social media these days — everybody is so ANGRY, and the rumor-mill is overflowing!


    • I know. It’s hard to know what is truth anymore. My husband is glued too, so I have to leave the room. I watch enough of the morning news to figure out what’s happened overnight. Way too much lately. And that’s it. Sometimes I watch the national nightly news, but not lately. I have found, during these past 3.5 years that many if not most of my friends are not like me politically and that is feeling really lonely.


      • Isn’t it odd how we can still be friends with people who don’t think the way we do?? If that’s true, I wonder why we can’t as a people do the same thing?? Starts with tolerance, I think.


  14. Katie is lovely. I think she’s smiling in the second photo. I’m glad you and Katie have each other. I took some photos of the bleeding hearts that i see on my walks, too.

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  15. Dawn, that first photo is awesome and I love how you framed your Katie among the flowers. Some of my favorite shots are when people look away instead of directly into the lens – it is obviously true for our furry friends as well.


  16. Think how much WORSE the world would be, how much WORSE human beings would be, if we didn’t have dogs?


  17. Katie posing like that made me smile. How beautiful


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