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…but change is certain.

I bet you miss me


Katie here. I know it’s be quite a long time since I’ve visited my mama’s blog. It’s not that I haven’t had plenty of stuff to talk about. I’m a sheltie. I always have something to talk about.

Wonder what’s over there?

Nope, it’s all mama’s fault. See she got a new ‘puter and she’s been trying to figure it out. Mostly she’s had a problem getting her pictures to download to the new laptop, and mama said I couldn’t talk about our latest walk in the woods unless she could add the pictures she took.

Of course.

After all, what’s a blog post without pictures of me? What? You say you’ve seen plenty of posts that weren’t about me? Huh. That just boggles my mind.


So a couple of weeks ago mama said it was nice and cool outside, maybe in the 50s (10 C), and did I want to go for a walk in the woods? Silly mama. She keeps forgetting I’m a sheltie. Of course I wanted to go for a walk in the woods!

Mama said she was going to drive to the back of the park cause it was a weekend and there were too many people at the front. But the road was closed where she was gonna go, so she parked in a different spot. I should have started worrying right there.

You can rent this cabin. Mama wants to find out how.

We explored a bit and found a trail. Mama figured we’d walk along it for awhile and then turn around and go back the way we’d come.

But it was so pretty, and I was so happy we just kept on going.

And eventually the trail turned back in the direction we’d come so mama figured it would be shorter just to follow it back out to the road and then we’d just walk up the road a bit to where we were parked.

Yea. Good plan mama.

Cause, as you guessed, that trail didn’t go entirely back the way we had come. No it wound around another little lake and up and down hills. Mama thought we were still going in the direction of the road, she was keeping the sun over her right shoulder, but she had no idea how much longer it would be before we saw the road. She did, however, know it was a long way back if we turned around.

Mama likes light on stuff in the woods.

I, however, was blissfully oblivious to the whole dilemma.

Luckily mama had brought me lots of water and I drank it every time she offered it to me. I drank a lot, but mama didn’t, she was afraid she’d need it for me later. She’s a good mama, other then her propensity for getting lost.

Finally, a long time later mama caught a glimpse of the road through the trees and she hauled me over there even though that’s not where the trail went. I tried to tell her we were supposed to be following the trail, but she said she was the mama and we weren’t going that way.

Mama said we were getting our feet wet. I would like to say I did not. Silly mama.

But once we got out to the road mama wasn’t 100% sure which way we should go to get pack to our car. She used the sun again to make a guess, she figured we weren’t that far, and she had a 50% chance of guessing right.

She began to doubt herself after we walked up and down hills, in and out of shade and the road just kept going. She didn’t think we had walked that far in the woods, and she was worried about me walking in the sun. If she had guessed wrong we were going to have to walk all this way back and then who knows how much further. Still…there was no proof, yet, that we were going in the wrong direction.

So we kept on walking. Mama would stop when we got to shade and give me more water. I still thought we were on a grand adventure but mama was getting stressed.

Me sitting on a big log. Cause it made mama happy.

Finally a red car went zooming by, and then came back the other way in a few minutes. The lady driver wanted to know where the beach was. (The beach is way up at the front of the park, and mama knew we were parked way at the back of the park.) So mama told the lady the beach was up where the guard shack was…and then she asked, just to be certain, if the lady was currently now facing the front of the park? The lady said yes…so we knew we were still walking toward the back of the park.

We walked some more, up and down more hills, around more curves, each time mama thought she’d see the parking lot where we parked. But she didn’t see anything but more trees. Finally we came to a fork in the road and she had no idea which way to walk. She didn’t remember driving by a fork when we first drove through the park.

As we were standing there trying to figure out what to do a park truck drove by! Mama flagged that young man right down and explained we’d been walking for a long time and we needed to know if we were going in the right direction, toward the very end of the road. He looked confused, then said yes we were.

So we started to walk again. And do you know what? Around the very next corner, only a few yards away, there was the end of the road and our car! Mama was so relieved.

Me? I thought the whole thing was a big adventure. Mama was proud of how well I did on a long walk. And our way out of the park mama stopped at the place we usually walk and took a picture of the map so she could figure out where we had been.

Yep, we were in the woods for a long time.

She’s been studying that map and she still has no idea. My advice for mama is maybe we should just stay on the trail we already know. And to always bring lots of water. And maybe bug spray.

Just sayin.

Mama says to let you know that her new ‘puter doesn’t have her photo editing software on it yet. So these pictures from our walk are straight out of the camera. And to top it all off WordPress changed their format and she had to figure that out too. So far she can’t figure out how to change the size of the images so they’re all huge!

Mama says it’s almost too much that her laptop and her blog software has all changed at the same time. After all, she says, change is hard.

See you all later. Just telling you about this adventure has worn me out! I need a nap!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

37 thoughts on “I bet you miss me

  1. Hi pretty Katie! Thanks for the update 💕


  2. Katie–I can so relate to your mama….and getting lost. My worst nightmare is to be told, “Just go the opposite way you came.” What??!!! She must have been really happy to have you there with her. And bonus!!–you got in a great walk. ps: tell mama she can switch back to classic editor. I’m not doing that block editor thing! Hope you have a great nap.


    • Well I figured I’d try it, I didn’t think trying it would make me use it…but after my test the new block thing is the only thing offered. I will have to see if I can figure out how to switch it back. I don’t see any advantage at all to the block system.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. When in doubt, blame it on the computer or A KHAT!


    NAK and The Little Blonde

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Katie, after this story, I think I could use a nap, too! My goodness, it’s hard being the mama and having everybody think you know everything when you sometimes don’t. Tell mama best wishes for getting the new computer to work — and figuring out the software, too. You were a real trooper on such a convoluted adventure!


  5. You weren’t worried, were you Katie?


  6. I’ve done that before. Taken a wrong turn and ending up taking the long road home. Glad you had lots of water. It turned out to be a grand adventure!


  7. You crack me up. I’ve gotten hopelessly lost a few times when running in new National Forests. I always roll on the floor laughing afterwards when downloading the GPS data from my running watch to see my erratic movements.


    • Yea, I wished more than once when I was out there that I had started the ‘map my walk’ app so that I could tell better where we were in relationship to the road…and which way the end of the road was.


  8. Oh my goodness, that must have been stressful for the mom. I would have been. That’s the bad thing about hiking in the forest, you can’t see where you are going for the trees.

    Note for the mom. I always resize images to what I want them to be before loading them to wordpress. I go with 800px on the longest side. And ya, I had to get a new computer and it took me a day to get everything moved over. Best of luck with everything.


  9. Hi Katie! I’m so happy to see you are doing well along with Momma!
    And glad you found your way home!

    And I use block editor on my iPad… I do all my posts on my iPad. Anyhoo… there’s a spot where I can switch back to classic editor. Hope that helps.

    Happy Tuesday!


  10. Not always easy to be Katie when mamma doesn’t pay attention, not enough at least.


  11. What a wonderful and amazing adventure. I’m glad Mama figured out where the car was, ‘cuz that’s a big deal. The photo of you on the big log is a keeper, Katie.


  12. Now that’s what I call an adventure! Yay for Katie for doing so well. And yay for you for finding the car. That last picture of Katie is smashing.


  13. Shelties like to talk? Oh that’s why you are a blogger, too! 🙂


  14. Aww, so glad there’s a happy ending as I would be getting so stressed as I went not knowing which way to go but Katie, your a trooper!! Beautiful photos!! ❤️ And I hope you can switch back but I actually enjoy the newer block editor. When I click on gallery whether I choose one photo or multiple, and then I label the photo it writes neatly at the bottom of the photo which I think looks cool. I’m just discovering lots of cool things with it. It has a verse block, so when you want to add say a quote, you write it in that block and it displays it so neat on your blog. I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I’m rather computer challenged so I am trying to make myself learn new things. I’m sure it’s not for everyone! Just thought I’d share what I like about it is all. ❤️😀


    • Thank you for that input. Maybe I will try to see if I can find things I like about it too!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are very welcome! I forgot to mention the most important discovery was they have a video icon or block and when I uploaded a video from my phone of my horses running around, it worked!!! YAY! I’ve been wanting to share videos of my ponies for a couple of years and it finally worked with these new blocks! Made my day! 😍


  15. How did I just know that post was going to end with “Change Is Hard”. We just panic when things like that happen, so we don’t do that anymore. We have ran out of gas on a road where no one was around and no cell phone bars. Glad you made it Katie.
    Sweet William The Scot


  16. Such inspiring and entertaining words you sheltie.


  17. What an adventure! Glad it ended well!


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