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Remembering Ricky


Katie here.

Mama said I could get on her blog to tell you about my buddy Ricky who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week. He was one of the original dogs with blogs, and mama found his blog years and years ago when we were all youngsters. There were a bunch of shelties with blogs back then — Ricky and Misty and Miley and Reilly and Ludo and Morgan.

Mama thinks there were more, but she can’t think straight when her eyes are leaking.

Anyway, we noticed Ricky right away because he was such a dapper little man. So much sophistication in such a little package. Mama likes to call him Little Ricky, because he was tiny.

But he had a big personality.

Ricky had fun with agility, but he liked to do it his way. His mom worked and worked to speed him up, but Ricky was his own guy and took those obstacles at a speed he deemed appropriate. Especially, as we remember, the dogwalk where he liked to survey the entire facility as he moved arcross the top. Ricky, always so elegant, never felt there was a need to hurry.

Ricky was really good at learning tricks too, and for a time he learned a new trick every week. His mom posted videos of his latest accomplishments and we were always so impressed! He learned to hold things in his mouth, and spin to the left and the right, to play dead, and so much more. He was so smart, and he made mama and lots of other people smile every week.

In fact, Ricky was something of a celebrity, he had so many people that enjoyed watching him learn new things. I told mama that we should try to meet him, and she said she’d see if she could arrange it. And guess what? I got to visit Ricky two times! It isn’t often that a girl from a small town gets to meet one of her idols in real life, you know?

In fact, visiting Ricky was one of my very first big adventures, cause they lived hours away from me and in a different state and everything! It was on a trip to visit Ricky that I proved to mama that I was a good traveler!

Ricky was such a gracious host. He shared his house and his people and his beautiful yard with me without any protest. He was such a cool dude, we got along great because we ignored each other most of the time. He didn’t even get mad when I drank out of his waterbowl!

He was so polite and nice to me that when we stayed over night at his house I decided to invite him into our bedroom (OK, it was really his room, but he let us stay there) to do obedience with mama and me so that he could get some treats from her too. Ricky really loved treats.

And that first visit he took me in his car to one of his parks! I was so excited! Ricky, of course, was too cool to be excited about a car ride with a silly girl.

It was a very very beautiful park with a little stream at the bottom of a big gorge. We walked and walked, with lots of sniffing thrown in. Wherever Ricky sniffed, I sniffed; he was sharing all the best stuff with me!

And when we climbed back out of the ravine there were beautiful gardens and we sat close to each other on this little wall so the moms could take pictures. He was much more patient than I was with the whole picture taking thing. This was way before I contracted with mama about the one picture, one treat clause, so we ended up sitting for way too many pictures for way too few treats. But Ricky never got upset.

He was such a special boy.

I visited him a second time, and by then he had a little sister who was, of course, bigger than he was. We all went to a park together again and had a wonderful time. Ricky was so patient with all the girls, his mom, my mama, his sister and me.

I am so sad that Ricky had to go on ahead. But I can imagine him exploring the whole place, and finding the best sniffing spots, and where all the good treats are. And I bet he’s found Ludo and Reilly and Denny and Morgan and Misty too by now. Just picture it, all those shelties running and laughing and enjoying snacks. All those sheltie smiles as they play together while they wait for the rest of us to arrive.

It’s got to be one amazing place, over the Rainbow Bridge. I wish he could have stayed here with his mom and dad and sister, but I know he’s happy there too. He may have been a little guy, but he sure shouldered a whole lot of love from all of us who knew him.

See you later, Little Ricky. I’m so glad I got to meet you, and I’ll never forget your friendship. You were and always will be one classy dude.

-Love, your pal forever, Katie.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

32 thoughts on “Remembering Ricky

  1. This made me smile. It also brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely tribute to a dapper yet patient spirit. Beautiful, beautiful dog!


  2. If only their lifespan was longer. Hugs to Ricky’s mom and to you, Dawn and Katie.


  3. To both you and your mama. I’m so sorry for the loss of Ricky—and your other Sheltie pals. But you wrote a beautiful tribute to Ricky. He was beautiful and from your description, a class act.


  4. I’m sure NAR is showing this special post to all at The Rainbow Bridge !

    What a loving way to honor a furiend!

    Well pawed Katie
    Well pawed !

    I think NAR was among our longest term Blogworld pal – How lucky you got to meet and sniff and explore!

    NAK’s Mom


  5. awe RIP Rickie
    and may the legacy linger in the blogosphere as well as in your hearts

    Liked by 1 person

  6. A beautiful tribute to Ricky and Ricky’s Mom … I’m so sorry,


  7. It just doesn’t get any easier ……one by one all out beautiful blog buddies are moving over the rainbow bridge….we know thy are safe and free of pain over there and are so happy ….but they leave behind sad hearts with yet another hole in it. Run free little Ricky.


  8. Lovely but it brought tears to my eyes. I wish Keltic had had a chance to meet Katie.


  9. Your tributes are always so poignantly written. Can’t say anymore, I need to find some kleenex.


  10. Dear Katie, it is a beautiful tribute to Mr. Ricky and we admire you got to meet him not once but twice. We still remember those stories you told us about your trips and funs with Ricky and Ricky’s people though. Hugs to Ricky’s mom, Chris, you and your mom.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Oh, dear….Katie, you wrote a most beautiful tribute to little Ricky. Good things come in small packages. So very true. Rest in peace, Ricky.


  12. Well said Katie! Your Ricky looks very much like our Little Elvis Granddog! I bet he is having a blast at the Rainbow bridge!!


  13. Sorry about the loss of your friend Ricky how old was he? Great pics of you Shelties lol.


  14. Awwww, sniff, brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful tribute, so tough losing furry friends for furry friends and their humans. ❤️ Sending virtual hugs your way. 🤗 💕


  15. He was a Tri, right? And a real beauty at that. Hugs for Little Ricky’s family — I know they’ll miss him for a long time. But the thought of all those sweet Shelties over the Bridge makes me smile — not because they’re gone, but because they’ll one day be reunited with all those who loved them.


  16. What a beautiful dog! I am so sorry to hear but he had a wonderful life. I am sure of that! Hugs!


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