Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Just too much


This morning when Katie-girl woke me at 4 a.m. to go outside I turned on the news to get the latest on hurricane Ida. I have a few friends in the path of the storm.

I watched a few minutes of roofs being torn off buildings and downed trees, utility poles snapped in half, blinding rain. My heart broke. Then the anchor turned to Afghanistan and the thirteen soldiers whose families are beginning their new normal and my heart broke again. And after that were images of the fires in the west. And then Corona virus hospitalization numbers.

After our storm last night.

I turned the television off.

Katie and I went back to bed. She fell asleep instantly, not burdened by worry. I lay there for awhile trying not to get sucked into despair.

But this morning, as I was fixing Katie’s breakfast (boiled chicken, white rice, Royal Canin kibble, green beans and pumpkin) I noted that the air felt fresher, the temperatures cooler than we’ve had in a very long time.

As she ate I went out to fill the birdfeeders.

Early morning of a fresh new day.

A little chickadee flitted around my head, waiting for his favorite feeder to be rehung. A hummingbird checked us both out, reminding me I needed to put fresh sugar water out too.

There was cool morning dew on the roses.

Ripe tomatoes were ready to be picked in the garden.

The sun was coming up and a kingfisher clattered through a beam of light, headed for the pond.

Yes, there are terrible, terrible things going on here at home and across the world. Yes today is a sad day, yesterday was a sad day, all of last week was terrible for so many people. Tomorrow might not be better.

But I am so lucky that when I take the time to look there is usually something good to find, even in the midst of just too much.

Watcha doing, mama?

And that makes me smile.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

35 thoughts on “Just too much

  1. And I smiled along with you!

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  2. I, too, have friends and family in Ida’s path, so I empathize with your fears and worries. And I agree … turning off the TV is often the only thing we can do to preserve our sanity. My mom keeps turning The Weather Channel on and off to get updates — all that yammering, all those grim statistics, and all that horrific video make my nerves rattle. And don’t get me started on overseas, COVID, and everything else. Hang in there, Dawn. (And thank goodness for our pups who model behavior that doesn’t include worrying!)


    • My husband would probably be watching updates if he weren’t busy on a project out of the house. I sometimes let days go by without checking the news, but usually I watch some of it every day. I think I liked the days when we heard the news once in the evening and not 24/7.

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  3. Turning off is a great idea. Gratitude for the things that bring us joy is a perfect antidote. That, and thoughts for those who are enduring all those terrible things. Some times – MOST times, that’s all we can offer.


    • I know it must be terrible for everyone down in Louisiana and Mississippi and wherever else the storm caused chaos. I can’t imagine. I don’t want to imagine. This is why I don’t like scary movies, I don’t want to imagine. But I know a few people down that way, so I have to know something or I’d worry myself to death. Good news is everyone I knew is OK. Though I know not as OK as they were before the storm hit.

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  4. Yes, the world can be a heartbreaking place full of terrible tragedy. But, as your pictures show, it is also a place of beauty, abundance, and as the last picture lovingly illustrates, love. Somehow, we must accept the twining of these two opposites, but it is not easy.


  5. I am having a constant battle with myself. I feel a need to know what’s going on, yet when I find out what’s going on I feel heavy, depressed, weary. So yesterday afternoon I spent some time outside, letting the chickens forage in a part of the yard they don’t often get into. While I was there I checked for tomatoes – the extreme heat in the early part of the summer seems to have had quite an effect on our gardens, because we’re not getting a lot from our plants. And – by the time I put the chickens back in their pen and came in, my eyes were burning – I think the haze I saw on the horizon is wildfire smoke and I appear to be very allergic. So today I shall stay inside, get my joy from the photos you posted, and try to do some things that will reduce the last-minute “oh I need to. . . ” for our move, which we are hoping will happen this weekend.


  6. Yes it is all too much sometimes…you are not alone. The rose photo is quite comforting as is your Princess Katie….pet her for me please:)!


    • I will give Katie a hug from you. If we lived closer we’d drop by for an outdoor visit and you could hug her for yourself. But she’ll accept me as a substitute. Particularly if I have a treat.


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  8. Great post, Dawn! There is always something to make us smile admit all of the sadness and heartache. Your pictures were the perfect thing to make me smile today. Thank you!


  9. Oh that wonderful face! I look at headlines and that’s it- and then like you I focus on what IS good around me. Thanks for the beautiful images


  10. Yes…the compounding bad news feels overwhelming. There is a fine line between staying informed and getting sucked into darkness and despair. I try to limit my news intake to the headlines and don’t need to nor want to watch in depth coverage. Being thankful for all of the good things helps. I am grateful that I have my sweet pup to love & for the birds, bees, butterflies, and animals that visit my yard. I will take sitting on the patio to “watch the world go by” in my backyard over watching the news any day! Sending a loving pat for Princess Katie. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos Dawn.


  11. We’re living in heartbreaking times and I think the news can make it worse. Our furry companions, getting outside, and gratitude make it easier. And make me smile, too. 🙂


  12. Although it’s good to be aware and better if we can help when we can, but there is no sense in worrying over things that we can’t control. Glad you woke to a beautiful morning!


  13. The news can be quite depressing when I get overwhelmed I always go outside and everything seems better. I love the fresh air, sunshine, and blooming flowers. There are always birds whistling and carrying on. Yesterday in the side feeders there were 7 cardinals in feeders and on the ground, one mourning dove and a blue jay they were all getting along and eating together.


  14. I can’t watch or listen or read the news. It is just too heartbreaking.
    I am so glad that Katie & your garden are there to bring joy and smiles. Your tomato patch looks so exciting! Lots of tomato on your plate soon!


  15. Love the photo ‘After the storm.’ Katie looks pretty good too.


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