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Cheese and olive sandwiches


This morning as I made my lunch I deviated from my usual PB&J.  I made an old favorite, a sandwich my Mom used to make for me way back in high school, cheese and olive.  Cheddar, Miracle Whip and sliced green olives, it sounds like a heart attack on wheat and I suppose it is.  I only eat this once in a very long while and I have no idea why today was the day.  But it sure was good.

It brought back all sorts of memories of my Mom asking us all (and there were four of us!) what sort of sandwich we wanted in our lunch the next day.  I can’t believe she actually made separate and widely disparate sandwiches, one for each of us.  I remember one of my brothers wanted cheese and jelly, which I always thought sounded terrible…of course he probably thought cheese and olives sounded terrible.

I wonder if parents make their kids lunches anymore.  Or do they all buy those little lunchable things…or give them money for hot lunch?  We were too frugal for hot lunch very often…but we got to eat from the cafeteria line on occassion.  I always made sure I wasn’t eating the hot lunch on Fridays because Fridays always meant fish sticks.  Need I say more?

What are your favorite (or not so favorite) memories of lunch in public school?  Today I smiled while I ate one of my all time favorite sandwiches with memories of Mom on the side.

A great combination if I do say so myself.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

14 thoughts on “Cheese and olive sandwiches

  1. Your lunch sounds yummy to me too! So glad that you had your old favourite lunch meal.
    I think that is MOM’s love and it’s so amazing that a mommy can always cater to every child’s different needs, she can always remember everyone’s favourite and non-favourite too.
    I wonder whether there are still many people follow the menu that Tuesday is pancake day, Friday is fish and chips and there is Sunday roast? I just feel that it saves so much trouble from cracking the head on thinking what to cook for that day.


  2. My parents didnt make my lunch in high school. I don’t make my daughters lunch either, she makes it herself. Lunch at school is very different. The have lots of choices. There is the regular lunch and then al la cart. Plus there is a salad bar. Lunch cost a lot now too. Just for a chicken sandwich it’s 2.50. I think my lunch was .35 cents and that was for everything.


  3. I have a lot of lunchtime memories too. My Dad made homemade bread for our sandwiches. My sister and I used to trade our sandwiches at school, because we were desperate for some delicacy called Wonder Bread!

    In high school, my dad made my sandwiches on soft rolls. Everyone would eye my lunch, and say,”Will you Dad make me one?” I ended up bringing 3-4 sandwiches to school to share! There were ALWAYS 2 cookies in my bag….not 1, not 3, but 2.

    Most kids at my school buy lunch, but I do see a few brown baggin’ it.


  4. I love olives but I don’t know about that sandwich Dawn – LOL! I used to buy lunch sometimes if they were having fried chicken or spaghetti. I remember bringing peanut butter and butter sandwiches (yuck!) – don’t know why I didn’t like jelly. I know my sister makes lunches for her two kids – she doesn’t buy the pre-made lunch kits or anything – and they rarely want to buy lunch.


  5. My best school lunch memory is the bottles of milk in the high school cafeteria. Glass bottles, white milk or chocolate, two cents apiece. Can you believe?


  6. Isnt it funny how a food can evoke such memories and feelings? I like plain old peanut butter sandwhiches, with nothing else ;-), and I think my favorite sandwhich from my young life would be egg salad sandwhiches. I am sure my mom must have made lunches, I think…hummm, cant really remember 😉


  7. PS I sure never have given my kids those lunchables and things like that, but boy they sure are attractive to kids –the marketing works, and it would sure be tempting because the kids would beg for them and they look so easy-but boy there really is not alot of food there and very expensive and lets not get started with the nutrition involved!


  8. PJ I remember in kindergarten on Mondays I wore my “lunch money dress” which was blue and had two pockets on the front. In one pocket I would carry the 5 cents milk money that got me a carton of white milk each day for the week. Loved that dress.


  9. or maybe it was 10cents for the week…..


  10. My mom always made us sandwiches for school and it was usually cheese and Vegemite or deviled ham. I remember I got to the point where I hated sandwiches after a while – too much of a good thing 🙂 🙂


  11. When Cole was in grade school, his dad made his sandwich and I added the cookies and fruit (Cole is an only child with doting parents, so yes we both made him lunch everyday—) As time went on, other mothers kept asking what we fixed Cole for lunch because there kids wanted a lunch just like Coles. Uh? I asked what they packed–Organic berries, homemade glutton free cookies, tofu sandwiches garnished with sprouts—and I understood. When the school auction came around, I was asked to donate one weeks worth of lunches to be bid on…who knew a PBJ, banana, bag of lay’s potato chips and a few Oreo’s would sell for a final bid of $1100. Joe and I were proud.


  12. Dawn,

    I love your “lunch money dress” memory. Too sweet.


  13. Kaybeth – $1100 for pb&j? Way to go fund raising!


  14. I was the one who liked the cheese and jelly, but it was not my recipe I think maybe mom talked me into them. I had forgotten that Miracle Whip was an ingredient in the cheese and olive sandwiches, I haven’t had one since high school, if I remember correctly. Maybe I’ll make one and take it to work, I’ve been brown bagging it to work about once a week, Garlic bologna, Jarlsberg cheese, spicy mustard and real butter on sourdough dough bread from the bakery in the grocery, yummm, yummm!

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