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…but change is certain.

Happy Gotcha Day to me!


Hi everybody, Katie here!

I can’t believe another year has flown by and it’s my Gotcha Day again! Yep, March 31, 2007 was the day I came home with mama and daddy. That’s a really long time ago!

My very first walk in my yard!

I have to say I was one cute puppy! Mama and daddy fell in love with me right away. I thought they were OK too, but back then I wasn’t real sure about new people. In fact I stayed shy for a lot of years, but mama and daddy worked really hard to get me more comfortable with people.

Spring has always been my favorite season.

That’s good because over the years tons of people have wanted to pet me, and now I let them even if they don’t have a treat.

Mama has taken me on lots of adventures and I’m wondering what she has planned for my Gotcha Day. I hope she’s figured something out because to be honest, laying around here at home is getting to be a bit boring even though I like to sleep a lot these days.


Last year she completely forgot it was a special day, but that worked out cause we were adventuring down South. This winter we didn’t go anywhere so I think I am due something amazing!

Mama, standing on a big dot is not an adventure!

I will wait patiently to see what she has planned. Well, as patient as any sheltie can be. Which is to say there better be something good waiting for me!

I’m waiting mama…

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

28 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day to me!

  1. Happy Gotcha Day to you and Mamma Katie!


  2. Who could resist that sweet little face? Happy Gotcha Day!


  3. Our Gotcha day is near, too. Our pup joined us in 2010 and we are so blessed by her being part of our family. Truly. Thank you for reminding me. Have a wonderful day!


  4. Happy gotcha day. I hope you have a great day.


    • We ended up napping for most of the day. Worked out OK for both of us. We did go to her park for a little bit but by then it was blowing wind and really cold. So we didn’t stay long. I told her I’d make it up to her.


  5. Happy day, Katie, whatever you do!


  6. It’s wonderful coming home with a new puppy—well, except for potty training, and teaching them not to chew everything in sight, and in our case teaching Taz to obey and not run the opposite direction when we called her. But I bet you were an obedient dog, weren’t you Katie and never gave your mama a bit of trouble. You are beautiful and I know your mama loves you very much. I hope you get a special surprise today on your Gotcha Day.


    • We got Katie when I was in grad school, so I was home more than I had been when I was working. Don’t think I could do puppy again though. What a lot of work! If you didn’t know where she was you were almost guaranteed that she was getting into something she wasn’t supposed to be in. And obedient? Oh no, not our Katie! I told my husband if she was a human she’d be smoking cigarettes in the back ally behind the school as a middle schooler.


  7. Happy gotcha day! Shasta’s gotcha day is two weeks away. We mamas love remembering when our fur babies came home.


  8. Uh oh…Katie, what if the big dot is your adventure? No, I don’t think so. Gotcha Day is huge! I am so glad to have met you and your mama. Enjoy your day, Katie. I just know your mama has something BIG planned for you!


  9. Aw, nothing sweeter than a puppy … or a snoozing senior dog! Happy Gotcha Day to all of you, and yes, Katie, I’m sure your mama is planning something spectacular that befits a princess who’s celebrating!


    • So far she’s been pretty content with our one walk around the yard and the one attempt at a park visit. But it was so cold and blowing snow that we ended up celebrating by taking a nap. Worked out for both of us.

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  10. Happy Gotcha Day, Katie! I hope you and your mama found something wonderful to do today (or if not today, someday soon).


    • I think we’re going to go with the ‘someday soon’ idea. Today was too windy and too cold and the snow was too wet. Neither of us was having that good a time outside. So snoozing was the winning idea.


  11. Happy Gotcha Day to you Katie! You we such a cute puppy!


  12. What a lucky puppy to have ended up with you. I’m sure the two of you will do something fun!

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  13. Happy Belated Gotcha Day sweet girl!! You and Dakota looked sooo similar as puppies! Dakota’s breeder took a photo of him with yellow flowers too, I need to look for it. You are still gorgeous! We love you!!


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