Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Watch out world, Katie’s back in town!


Katie here! Let me tell you, I’ve had an adventure! I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, but that’s because I’m under the influence of drugs. These drugs make me feel warm and fuzzy….wait, I’m always warm and fuzzy….well anyway, the drugs make me sleepy and mama just gave me another one so I have to type fast before I lose all motivation.

When I first got home.

This adventure all started back in December when I went in for my usual “you’re a very healthy dog Katie” inspection. Usually I’m in and out of there and good to go for another year. Which is good cause I don’t really like going to the vet. That guy pokes me in very private places, you know?

Anyway, this time when my folks got my bloodwork back my liver numbers were all crazy high. The vet said it was nothing he was worried about, cause “old dogs have leaky livers.” Huh. First off, who is he to call me old? And second off, mama knew better and asked for an ultra sound of my liver and gallblader. And you know what he said? He said mama shouldn’t worry about it because “what are you going to do if you find something, she’s 14 years old.”

Then he sent us home noting I was surprisingly healthy for an old dog.


My first nap at home post surgery.

Mama and daddy weren’t happy about this at all, so when we got home mama and I took a walk up the street to visit a neighbor who had a vet quite a ways away that he liked a lot. Mama had never considered going to her because she was located so far away, but she thought maybe we needed a second opinion.

So in January mama, daddy and I went way over near Lansing and I got poked and prodded some more. The vet talked to my folks over the phone and mama asked for an ultrasound and the vet said “Absolutely!” and did one right then! She saw the beginning of problems with my gallbladder, and put me on a bunch of meds to treat that and my liver numbers.

Can I get something to eat, mama?

Mama and daddy had quite the process figured out for the next three months, getting all those pills into me at the right times but they had it down. And every month I went back over to Lansing and had another ultrasound and more blood work. The liver numbers were going down but the vet was worried about my gallbladder and told mama and daddy to watch me very carefully, and if I seemed like I was in pain they were to get me to an emergency vet in a big hurry. Cause that would mean my gallbladder was getting dangerous.

So guess what? Last Tuesday night I threw up my dinner without fanfare, right in back of mama who was washing dishes in the kitchen sink. She seemed a bit worried, but the vet had changed some of my meds and the folks thought maybe something didn’t agree with me.

Then the next morning I threw up my breakfast, and mama hadn’t put any of the offending medcine in it. She waited a bit and offered me another small breakfast which I gobbled down and promptly threw up. Then I took a long drink of water and threw that up too.

And then, just to make my point, I started quivering.

I’m actually not that unhappy in my cone. But I keep smashing it into the back of mama’s legs.

Mama and daddy looked at each other and started throwing on shoes and coats and grabbing my meds and stuff and the next thing I know we’re in the car and mama and daddy look stressed.

So I end up in the doggie hospital. They took me inside, away from my parents, and mama had tears in her eyes and kissed me on the nose while the nice lady held me,and then I didn’t see mama again for forever! And all the time that mama and daddy were lost they were poking and prodding me and doing more ultrasounds (which meant they shaved my tummy again!!) and I swear no one was feeding me!

They called mama and daddy that evening and told them I needed that bad gallbladder out of there right away, so on Thursday morning some people came and took me away and I got really sleepy and when I woke up my tummy was cold and I didn’t feel well at all!

Sometimes, though, I give mama the stink-eye. Just because I can.

I stayed there for two whole days. Let me tell you, there’s no rest in the hospital! They’re always checking something, and I was hooked up to all sorts of stuff, I even had a tube down my nose. I guess they did that while I was sleeping cause no way would I have let them even try. A tube down my nose is not a look for a princess!

I was sad and scared and I didn’t feel very well, and my tummy hurt and stuff. I thought mama and daddy were lost forever and I was going to have to stay in this place with all these very nice, but nosey people. But one day a lady came along and put a leash on me and we went for a walk and all of the sudden I was outside. That scared me too, cause I didn’t know where we were going, and so far this adventure hadn’t been very fun.

Mama saw me coming out the door, lagging behind the nice lady, and she jumped out of the car and ran up to the front of the building and let me see her. At first I wasn’t sure if it was really her. After all she had been lost for a hundred days! And she was wearing a mask. But then I realized she was there and I started trotting, although wobbly, toward her. The nice lady smiled and said I was a good girl but I didn’t listen to her, I just wanted to get to mama!

This stupid cone doesn’t slow me down getting to my food, no siree!

Then daddy was there too and everyone seemed very happy and very emotional all at the same time and I told mama to hurry up and get me in my chariot cause I needed to go home! So she did, and she sat with me in the back to hold me cause I wouldn’t lay down. I insisted on standing up the whole way, watching the traffic and smelling the air of freedom blowing in the open window.

It was glorious!

And at home I checked out my house and then asked daddy for something to eat and then I flopped down on my favorite pillow and zonked out for a bit and then I got up and asked for more to eat and then I followed my people around and tried to find a comfortable spot and then I got up and asked for more food…and so on and so on and so on.

Mama says it was a very long first night.

But today is day two at home after being sprung from that camp (which doggies, let me tell you, stay away from the doggie hospital camp, it’s definitely no fun!) and I’m feeling lots better. Mama and daddy are figuring out a new set of pills and I’ve been getting multiple small meals. Personally I think they could make those meals a lot bigger, but I’m still working out the new rules around here.

Mama and daddy say they are glad I got rid of that troublesome gallbladder, they sure didn’t want me to die with a burst gallbladder! What a horrible way to go! And now, after I rest for a couple weeks, we can plan a real adventure. One that doesn’t involve anyone prodding me or taking my temperature in unmentionable places, or giving me a bath or making me wear this stupid hat.

Sometimes if I’m really zoned out and if mama or daddy can sit right there and watch me I get to nap without the cone.

Mama says this is too long, so I need to quit. Plus I’m really tired. I think she slipped me another one of those pain pills that makes me feel good, but oh so sleepy. She says she needs a break. I don’t understand why, it’s not like she had her gallbladder out!

And mama says I need to remember to thank all of you for the kind thoughts and comments and prayers you sent. They made me and her and daddy less scared while we were separated. It’s good to know you’re not alone, you know?

So thank you all, very very much.

For now I’m signing out. Another nap looms on my horizon. Darn drugs anyway.

Love, your Katie-girl, still a very healthy senior princess.

This is not a fashion statement designed for a princess, mama!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

53 thoughts on “Watch out world, Katie’s back in town!

  1. All THAT just to get the khool poodle legs?

    Here’s to many more adventures less invasive than THIS ONE!

    Healing Hugz to our favorite Khollie Gril!

    NAK’s Mom

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Katie, I’m so relieved to hear you are doing better and are home from the hospital woth your mama and daddy. I totally agree it’s no place to be…unless you have a nasty gal bladder or other trouble they can fix. So grateful they could fix you!

    I read part of your post to my husband. He has never known a dog who blogs. Let alone a princess.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Katie, I’m so glad they got that pesky gallbladder out of there so you can feel better and get your mama up early and do all the things that princesses do, as soon as you have time to get all well again. Your mama and papa are very happy too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Glad you’re on the mend Katie. Your adventure ended well but it still made me cry. Take care of yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Katie girl!!!! I am so happy to see you! You look great, you sound great, and that cone–pshaw! I think it is called an Elizabethan collar, which sounds VERY royal! You wear it well. Even my kitties sent out purrs when I told them you had posted an update. Take it slow, Katie. Your mama was so worried about you. I think she deserves some naps and treats, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Katie, what a relief that you’re going to be A-OK and back to your regal ways soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Alternative title: How Katie Tried to Give Mom and Dad Joint Heart Attacks.
    Glad she like a Timex watch! With a poodle legs.
    Peter still has his cone on. To help him reach the bottom of his bowls, I’ve taped them to books to raise them up without interfering with the cone.
    Tell Katie that in spite of being high as a kite on drugs, she still writes well!!!

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  8. My gosh, my gosh! Read this post with tears in my eyes. So very glad you are back home, Katie. Rest, eat well, and don’t forget to bark at all intruders.

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  9. So happy Katie is back home and on the mend!

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  10. Katie’s story is so entertaining, but more importantly, thank goodness Katie is on the mend! Prayers for all of you!


  11. AWW, so happy you are home Miss Princess Katie! You look GREAT and hope you heal up fast. Tell your mama and daddy to stay strong and you’ll mend up fast. Sending HUGS! ❤️❤️❤️


  12. we re so glad you are back… and we send lots of POTP over to you…


  13. This is just the best news, Katie! We are so happy that you are back home. What a story you had to tell.


  14. Am so happy you are doing well….we were worried but I think you have a special Reilly angel watching over you too.


  15. The things we do for our dogs! Glad she is back home and can resume her role as pampered princess!


  16. Good job Katie!!!!!! Sooo happy you are doing well and are back home!


  17. So good to hear that the Princess is back in the Castle! I have been thinking about your Mama this morning…it isn’t easy for her either! 🙂 Be a good girl and rest Katie!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. What an ordeal, Katie-girl! I’m thrilled to hear from you that you’re rid of that nasty gallbladder (who needs that thing anyway?!), and that you’re recovering at home. I know your mama and daddy missed you fiercely (and you, them). Rest well, Princess, and who knows? Perhaps the cone-of-shame will become a 2021 fashion statement?!!


  19. Not everyone can wear a cone and still look like a princess. Good job, Katie. Happy to know you’re back home again.


  20. Katie, dear, you are a champion as well as a princess! So glad you are home again!


  21. I am so glad Katie is back home where she belongs. How long does she have to wear the cone they all hate those things? I say the last day add some glitter and stones and take a picture.


  22. Katie you’re doing so well. Faith is watching over you from doggie heaven and thinks your Mum and Dad are doing an *awesome* job of looking after you ❤️


  23. So wonderful that darling Katie is home and doing well! Best wishes for a speedy, speedy recovery.


  24. Glad Katie made it through her gallbladder surgery and is on the road to recovery.


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